10 Photo Editing Apps to Bring Out the “COOL” in Your Photos

In the age of smartphones and selfies, everyone wants to look awesome and perfect. But we struggle with even clicking selfies or photos every day. Sometimes the lighting is not perfect, the other times it just does not seem to turn out as you want it to be. So, this photo editing apps will help. You might not like the contrast, the orientation or sometimes it is just the background that simply does not match the clothes you are carrying. You might want to add something that will catch the eye Read more [...]

Your No-BS, Straight Guide to Grow Your Instagram Followers

It is not that easy to grow more popular and get more followers when it comes down to Instagram in 2019 as compared to two or three years back. If you really want to give your account a boost and grow it, you would a very competitive place, owning lots of smart and creative brands and over one billion users. You would have to work smarter and harder in order to advertise your brand, stand out from the rest and get more followers. Here we have shared a few tips that will you get more followers Read more [...]

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Sites in 2019

As it is in human nature to socialize with people up to an extent. Some people are seen to be quite active while others socialize on a specific level. People look for ways to connect and network with each other. People have been socially active on the internet for years now, which has been made possible by the advent of social networking sites and Social Media Sites in 2019. As you might have noticed that the most famous social network sites have evolved during the past years, and they will carry Read more [...]

Top 15 Social Media Platform Everyone Must Know About it

In the world of internet, smartphone apps have been playing a key role in providing entertainment to the people. You can easily download any type of entertainment app from the app store. Your mobile phone might possess so many of these apps right now. Social Media Platform is having good Android apps. There are said to be 3.2 million apps on the Google play store and 2.2 million of these apps can be found on iOS as well. These stats are the evidence of people's interest in downloading, using and Read more [...]

Android vs iOS Which One is Best for Nowadays – Amaze Invent

If you are going to buy a new smartphone there are plenty of chances that you will get to choose between two Operating Systems which are iOS and the second one is Android. These two platforms accounted for 99.7 percent of all new smartphones shipped in 2017, according to IDC, and that percentage rose even higher last year. Microsoft has thrown in the towel on its Windows Phone, BlackBerry makes Android devices now, and there are very few other options worth considering. And must know Android vs iOS Read more [...]