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60fps on Facebook: The Complete Facebook Streaming Guide

Netizens these days love to live stream on different platforms. Everything you need to know about 60fps on Facebook while streaming.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that helps to connect people online.

With the frequent use of social media and the internet, it has become quite common for all of us to connect via live streaming. People love to go live and communicate with their friends and family online. However, it is vital to make sure that the quality of your live stream is good.

The unclear live stream is not a good option and this is why people like to use the most suitable streaming settings for live videos on Facebook.

If you want to hold a live video stream on Facebook, then you must change your settings to 60fps.

Many people don’t know how to set their video streaming settings the right way. In this guide, we will be sharing some useful tips and steps that will teach you to stream on Facebook in 60fps.

Understanding Live Streaming Settings On Facebook

Understanding Live Streaming Settings On Facebook

There are many technical aspects surrounding live streaming, and this is why every streamer needs to know about the right live streaming settings. You must choose the best live streaming settings for live streaming on Facebook.

The best settings for live streaming may not be the highest quality settings as there are other factors that you should consider as well.

Apart from the video quality, the bitrates, encoding, and latency are also important.

Before you can decide on the best live streaming settings to do your live videos need to know what goes into it.

Here are a few technical aspects of live streaming that Facebook streamers should be aware of.

Video quality

60fps on Facebook

Video quality is one of the most important aspects that make an impression. Within video quality, there are 2 things that you must focus on. The resolution and frame rate are important to stream clearly on Facebook.

The size of the video on the screen and the pixels of the video also makes the video clear.

The high resolution would be 1080p, and this means that the screen must have 1920×1080 pixels. In technical terms, it is also referred to as HD (high-definition), SD (standard-definition), and 4K.

A video has various images in a sequence. Every image comes in a sequence and is called a frame.

The frame rate of the video is 30 and this means that the second has 30 images. It is better to have more frames as this will make the video smoother.

With a low frame rate, the video will be choppy. It is ideal to stream at a higher frame rate (30 fps) because that will give your video a cinematic look.

Bitrate – Internet speed

SpeedTest Website Bitrate – Internet speed

While live video streaming your internet bandwidth should be good. It is best to test your internet speed at Speedtest because that will allow you to find out about the upload speed. Bitrates also refer to how much data is sent within the live stream.

  • Your video bitrate and your audio bitrate must be 20% less than your upload speed.
  • You should always keep in mind that the high resolutions are suitable when it comes to a live stream.

Always test things before you are going live because this will help you to put up a good quality video. The live streaming applications come within the presets so it is important to know what it is.

Encoding & Latency

Encoding & Latency

Encoding is taking the video information in the right format. It also means translating it to a different one. An encoder software, like ManyCam, will allow you to determine the encoding power.

Some internet videos must be slow to very fast, and some might be high quality or high speed. The will help you to achieve the quality live stream that you wish to get.

The fast encoding means that the quality will be less quality your video and will be easier.

It is best to choose a slower encoding preset, as this will make the video of better quality. Apart from the settings, it will also help you to prepare your live streaming platform. Facebook will refer you to this delay as live streaming latency.

If you are looking for real-time interaction with your viewers, then you should set your settings right.

The lower latency is a better option, and you might experience more playback buffering. If this is not your priority, then having a normal latency will help you to reduce the buffering.

Best Live Streaming Settings for Facebook

The number of users of Facebook is increasing every other day.

There are a lot of people who like to use Facebook as it offers reliable features. You can have many new friends while using this social media app.

If you are looking for the best live streaming settings for Facebook here are some of them:

60fps on Facebook

  • Recommended Facebook bitrate is a maximum of 4000 Kbps (4 Mbps)
  • Max resolution will be 1080p (1920×1080) resolution, at 60 fps.
  • I-frame (keyframe) must be available every two seconds throughout the live streaming
  • Your title must have lesser than 255 characters or else the stream will not run through successfully
  • Users must have H264 encoded video and AAC encoded audio-only
  • The limit of live stream is 8 hours only

Facebook has a lower quality streaming as compared to YouTube or Twitch. It accepts the maximum video resolution of 1080p. While on YouTube you can easily gain a resolution as high as 4K / 2160p.

The above-mentioned are the recommended settings on Facebook. However, it may not be a suitable option for live streaming settings for you.

It depends on the equipment you are using or what your internet speed is at the moment.

If you want to achieve a good quality in the live stream run a few tests beforehand. You need to know if the setup is working best for you or not.

Facebook Live stream latency

If you try a stream at a low quality, wait and see how your video turns out. Here it is also important to analyze the quality of your stream.

It gives an idea of your streaming and even the delay between what the camera is capturing.

You can see what is displayed to the viewers (latency). It becomes easy to get away with the problem of lower-quality streaming. This will travel faster than what your connection has to offer.

Moreover, your viewers can enjoy high-end streaming even when you are not putting in much effort. When your viewers have a good real-time experience they will come back repeatedly on the channel.

If you want to display images and videos of a higher quality keep your internet speed higher. Sometimes even when the bandwidth is at its peak there can be possible delays.

You may get to have a little more latency which is not a bad thing. All of it will mean that the experience will not be in real-time mostly.

With lower latency, things may not turn in your favor. The biggest advantage here is that it will reduce the playback buffering from the viewers.

Set Up OBS studio to stream Facebook Live

You can use auto-configuration while running everything for the first time. OBS allows you to greet with an auto-configuration wizard.

You can probably use it as a basis. However, you will need to change a lot of setting later. For this purpose choose to optimize for streaming as the recording is secondary.

Adding Scenes

You need to concentrate on what your views will be looking at.

  • Go to your main window and check out carefully while adding the scenes.
  • Your scenes will hold multiple sources which will appear during your streaming sessions.
  • By creating a lot of scenes you can have a different background from the beginning to the end.

Creating Sources

  • Adding sources is simple and you just have to click on the + sign next to it.
  • First, setting it up will help you capture the game in many ways.
  • For this very reason, you can use the gaming capture feature.
  • It will help broadcast all the full-screen games on Facebook Live.

If you are downloading some additional overlays make sure you keep checking the last box.

  • Otherwise, click OK while in some other cases you may have to use another option.
  • For capturing the game you have another set to use.
  • Window capture is suitable for both broadcasting games that you play in the browser.
  • The next source is to add a video capture device. In the properties of the window, you can click on the correct webcam.
  • The recommended settings will be FPS to 25 or 30 while the best resolution will be 720p.

Pro Tips

When you are live streaming your videos don’t connect the Wi-Fi to your PC. Try to use an Ethernet cable for more stable and reliable streaming.

If you already have a stable connection and want to have a browser-based live streaming solution choose Facebook.

You need to have a computer, web browser, and webcam and you will be ready to stream now!


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