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What is about: blank and how to fix it

Here the condition of the “about: blank” describes not anything additional than ab the empty page in your browser tab, in case you must use more apps such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or a few other types of browsers.

Then the page comes into view with the label of the about blank in one of the other address bars and the tabs page in the title. You have most likely spotted this empty page popping up from time to time when you are clicking on the link or opening a new tab or window.

So now what does: blank mean? Is it malware and a bad link or even a bad internet connection?

About: blank (How to fix it?)

About: blank and how to fix it

Firstly, you remove the about: blank page that depends on why they get shown on your web browser.

  • If you have already set browser settings to open the blank pages, you must go back into the browser settings and undo all of the changes.
  • Now you get the blank pages again and again and then you need to stop the malware or the viruses. Each of you can try to clean the cache memory on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and the browsers you use.

Why is the about: blank useful?

This is used by most people as their homepage as it provides them with an empty page as they open in the browser.

  • Now you just need to go on the browser settings and then change the option of the open to the “about: blank” as an alternative to one of the other web pages and now this will be set as your homepage.
  • Additionally, if you have limited bandwidth or display the internet connection and the setting of the about: blank as your failure to pay the homepage could help you save a lot of the period of opening the browser.

How to remove the about blank on your device?

It is very easy to remove the about blank from your browser

  • First, you can open Chrome and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the browser.
  • Now you select the “setting” option from the menu.
  • In this setting menu, you click on “On startup”.
  • You choose the option that says “Open a particular place or set of pages”.
  • Here locate the entry from the about: blank and you can remove this as it is a start page.

In this way, you can remove this.

Remove this page from the Safari app.

  • Open the safari.
  • And you can click on the safari menu.
  • Now you can select “Preferences” from the menu, in the Preference window you can click on the “General” tab.
  • Then you look for the homepage hear the setting and remove this page.
  • Here you type in the URL of various that you need on the homepage.


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