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How to Add feedback in Google Forms [ Quick Guide ]

During the time of COVID, Google forms came really handy in filling out forms with people online. Especially students who were conducting research for their thesis. They turned to Google forms to collect data from their participants.

And Google forms are also helpful in collecting data from participants from another state because you can simply send the link to them and their physical presence is not necessary.

Google forms are also necessary for companies that sell products. So they can send Google forms to their customers to get feedback from them.

Feedback is also important when you are a teacher because you can get feedback from your peers about your learning styles and get an insight into what needs to be changed and what you are doing right.

Why peer feedback?

add feedback in Google forms

Peer feedback is really important, especially in encouraging the students to use their voice and do great communication.

Feedbacks are an important way to get an insight into their strengths and where they lack so that they can take necessary measures to overcome that weakness.

And it is also important to know what to add to your feedback. What the other person requires you to add? Mostly in feedback, you are supposed to reflect on the activity you just performed.

And then compare it with the process of the entire activity being performed. And then give feedback in a constructive way so that it can be useful of the individual who will read it to improve its overall performance in future activities.

Peer feedback is basically observing the performance of your peer in order to give them an insight and let them know where they can improve more. And then you can later ask your student to give feedback either by hardcopy forms or you can try Google form to get feedback.

In this article, I will tell you how to add the section of feedback in your Google forms with the steps given below.

How to Add feedback in Google Forms?

add feedback in Google forms

You can create a Google form for feedback that can contain all the prompts and questions which your student can use while writing their own feedback. This can give them an idea about the information needed to add while writing down the feedback for their peer.

And feedbacks are not only limited to peers. A teacher can also give feedback on their student’s work through Google forms.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add feedback in Google forms:

Google Docs

  • Highlight the portion you would like to give feedback on.
  • Now in order to add feedback, go to the toolbar and click on add comment.

Google Docs

  • Now type out your feedback in the comment box.
  • Now click enter to save your feedback.


Giving and receiving feedback is a great way to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and in this article, I have covered how to do that in Google forms.


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