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18 Best Pokémon Cards 2024 You Should Know

It’s easy for anyone who has ever played and has the best Pokémon Cards trading card game to know that you have an infinite number of cards at your disposal.

A lot of people can be very anxious to know where to start if you are learning how to make Pokémon TCG. Deck

Are you one of those who loved to watch a Pokémon cartoon TV show or one of those who still watch it?

To be very honest, I used to watch this Pokémon TV show as well when I was younger. Well, this article is mainly for teenagers and kids or the parents whose children love Pokémon and love to collect, trade, and play with these Pokémon Cards.

Well, if you are new to all of this and you don’t know what these Pokémon cards are what to do with them, don’t you guys worry at all. In this article of mine, I will try to cover up everything you need to know about these Pokémon cards.

Younger kids tend to just collect these cards and trade them as well. As time passes and they learn to read and write, maybe then they will want to play the trading card game as well.

18 Best Pokémon Cards 2024 You Should Know

Charizard (4/102) – Basic Pokémon Card – Base – Shadowless – Holo

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This Pokémon gaming card namely the Charizard Card is the one for all the people who are more nostalgic collectors. Image source: here

Regarding the power, this Charizard card has Energy Burn. Energy burn is just fine, it is not anything, particularly a special power.

This card lacks one thing, which is in stopping power. This card makes up for nostalgia and terms of rarity.

There are only a few of the trainers in this world who may very well remember getting this card out of the pack as a kid and then later swapping it with a friend of theirs.

Do you know the craziest and the best pokemon cards to invest in things about this card? Let me tell you then. If you are after an officially graded PSA 9, then this Charizard card will cost you over $6000 to buy! Yes, $6000!

This makes sense that the value of this card is almost certain to go higher as time moves on and more this card moves out of circulation.

Pokémon Card Japanese – Luigi Pikachu 296/XY-P – Holo – Promo

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This Pokémon Card Japanese Luigi Pikachu is one of the rarest cards which is considered a must for all the collectors out there.

In Japan, there were two versions of this Pokémon Card Japanese. One was regular, and the other one is this I am talking about. This card was a Full Art XY – P promo card in the Luigi Pikachu Special Box back in the year 2016.

This is the reason why this Pokémon game card is so rare.

Pokémon Card Japanese – Mario Pikachu 294 / XY – P – Holo – Promo

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This is another one of the rarest cards ever. As you can see with the Luigi Pikachu card, the Mario Pikachu Pokémon card is also super rare.

This Pokémon game card is been deemed rare in rarity. This means that this card is considered one of the rarest.

The most major difference here in this Pokémon Card Japanese in terms of rarity is that this game card comes from the predictably named Mario Pikachu pack of cards.

As both of these cards were very difficult to get hold of, especially on the West side of the globe, you can expect both of these Pokémon game cards to continuously rise in price as time passes on and on.

Pokémon – Shining Tyranitar (113) – Neo Destiny – Holo

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This Shining Tyranitar card is from the Neo Destiny expansion. This card will give your opponents some severe headaches.

The Destructive Fire of this card is just great, but the Mountain Crush can be a real pain to manage.

If you are worried about the next draw of your opponent, you just have to simply play Mountain Crash and keep flipping the coin until you get tails.

Your opponent will have to discard the top card in their deck for each head you land with this card.

Despite all the qualities it has, this is a really good-looking card I should admit. Even if you see an image of this card on the internet, it won’t do justice to the great artwork done on the card. To witness the real beauty of this card, you will have to see it in person.

Mew Star

Best Pokemon Cards

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I am not sure about the reason why this Mew delta species card is marked by a gold star next to its name. This Pokémon game card is so expensive.

Do you know what is unique about the delta species card? These cards provide Pokémon with some irregular typing. Mew is a psychic-type character, but this game card makes it more of a water type, which can throw an opponent off very easily.

Mimicry attack on this Pokémon has the potential to ruin the day of your opponent, considering that you will copy Pokémon’s action of one of your opponents.

Rainbow Wave of this Pokémon allows you to do hundreds of damage potentially to your opponent, only if you can keep Mew alive long enough and attach some energy card to it that is enough for it.

Pokémon Card Japanese – Koga’s Ninja Tricks

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This Pokémon game card namely the Pokémon Card Japanese – Koga’s Ninja Tricks is super rare.

Do you know the reason why this card is super rare? Just because this Pokémon Card Japanese – Koga’s Ninja Trick card has a swastika on it.

I will leave this pokemon card on this only.

Pokémon – Reshiram (114/113) – Legendary Treasures – Holo

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This special Reshiram Pokémon gaming card is officially deemed “Ultra Rare”. This simply means that there are very few of these cards in circulation.

You will have to act very fast when you see this card and add it to your great pokemon card collection as soon as possible. There is no doubt that this card is a bit of a weird one, but this Reshiram (113/114) Holo card is stunning in a strange way.

This card is much rarer than a Pikachu that somehow defeats the Rock Pokémon of Brock.

M Gengar EX

Best Pokemon Cards

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This Pokémon game card namely the M Gengar EX card boasts 220 HP, but this is not everything, the real attraction about this card is the Phantom Gate.

Using this move in your Pokémon card game will allow you to choose one of the Pokémon’s moves of your opponent and then use it against him and his pokemon.

This is a huge potential and a move full of benefits for you if your opponent is having glass cannon Pokémon either active or on the bench.

You will have to use this M Gengar EX card very wisely and try not to be blinded by the fluorescent coloring of this M Gengar EX.

Pokémon – Rocket’s Suicune EX (105) – Team Rocket Returns – Holofoil

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The Rocket’s Suicune EX Holofoil is said to be one of the best pokemon cards to sell.

It is not only just jaw-droppingly beautiful, but also the Icy Winds is great for putting Pokémon to sleep, whereas the Hyper Splash does an extra 40 damage if the Pokémon which it hits is a second stage in the evolution chain.

It is OP (overpower), and it is very striking. To be honest, it has almost all of the things which you want from a Pokémon card.

Charizard Star

Charizard Star

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This is yet another one of the most expensive cards in this list which is another of the delta species. This is a dark type Charizard which is definitely for the hardcore collectors only, and if you are one, waste no time and get this Pokémon card for yourself.

It is a great card if you have got the money to buy this card. The main attacks of this card are Dark Swirl, which does 150 damage.

You have to discard all of the energy cards which are attached to Charizard, but you also get to discard three from your opponent’s active Pokémon, which will then put him or her in the hot water.

M Blastoise EX

M Blastoise EX

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This Mega Blastoise EX card is just as powerful as its starter brethren, which are the Venusaur and Charizard, which makes it a force to be reckoned with. It has an HP of 220 HP, which is a fleshy amount.

The real power of this card comes from the Hydro Bomb, but it does 120 damage and 30 damage to two of your opponent’s benched Pokémon. That is just amazing and smashingly cruel.

Except for the battle power of this card, Mega Blastoise EX looks great, and again it features Japanese characters.

Pokémon – Computer Search (137/149) – BW – Boundaries Crossed – Holo

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This Pokémon Computer Search Card is busted.

Just imagine pulling the two flop cards. With the Computer Search card, you can easily put those flop cards back in your deck and choose a completely different card that you like.

It is not yet that you get any random card. You get to select whichever card you want from the deck and that is absolute madness.

As you can guess probably, every Pokémon man and his dog wants this card.

The reason is that at the end of the day, we are all scum and we all play to win at any cost.

Xerneas EX

Xerneas EX

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This card is a Fairy-type card, it is only weak to steal types (an underused Pokémon type), which means that it is likely to survive tons and tons of attacks.

I love the way that Xerneas takes up the entire card, more importantly breaks out of its display. As for the breaking out is concerned, Xerneas EX offers the attack Break Through, which does the damage of 60 to an active Pokémon and 30 damage to a single benched one.

It is the perfect movie to use between the bouts of X Blast, which does the damage of 140.

Pokémon – Alakazam – Ex Crystal Guardians – Holofoil

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Hoo-boy can you inflict some of the chaos with the Alakazam EX Holofoil from the Crystal Guardians expansion.

First of all is the Psychic Select, which lets you drop any of the discarded cards into your hand. And then the second one is the favorite of mine, Skill Copy.

On the whole, you discard an Evolution or Basic card, then you can choose one of that card’s attacks. The Skill Copy and then perform the attack.

This is a devious and sneaky, sneaky way of keeping your opponent wondering and surprising them with an attack out of nowhere.

Pokémon – Wigglytuff (16) – Jungle – Holo

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If you ever played the Jungle Set, the Wigglytuff Jungle Holo was that one card that ruled over them all.

A lot of the most popular picks (in Jungle it was the Scyther, for example) had 70 hp or less.

What it means is that this over-powered Wigglytuff was one of the strongest Pokémon cards for sale out there and all thanks to its power of being able to one-hit KO a large number of cards.

M Venusaur EX

Best Pokemon Cards

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This card Mega Venusaur EX card may only have one attack but it is a powerful one.

The Crisis Vine does the damage 120dmg, which might not seem a lot, but it also paralyzes and poisons almost all of your opponent’s Pokémon, and that is insane.

With having 230 HP, it will be difficult for your opponent to take the M Venusaur Ex down in only one hit, considering that they get one free turn when your Venusaur mega evolves.

There is another great thing about this card which is the beautiful art, which is complete with Japanese characters. The Mega evolutions are fun in the Pokémon video games, but they are just as great in the Trading Card Game, too.

Armaldo EX

Best Pokemon Cards

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In the video games, Armaldo is not that special by any means, but in the Trading Card Game, it is a great card that shines with an EX card.

Its Poke-body, Dual Armor, provides it two types (grass and fighting) so long as it has reacted energy card attached to it.

The Spiral Drain does the damage of 40 while at the same time healing the Armaldo, and Vortex Chop takes over from the resistances.

With having 160 HP, the Armaldo EX is a great wall, a staller, and an attacker, all of that in one package.

Charizard G Lv. X

Best Pokemon Cards

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The Charizard is already a great Pokémon. But actually, it is a fan-favorite Pokémon, considering its important fire-breathing dragon first generation starter.

What is there not to love? What makes this Charizard even greater than before in the Trading Card Game is that this is Charizard G Lv. X card.

By attaching it to Charizard G, you have the feature of using any of the previous attacks, Poke-body or Poke-Power, just like the Rayquaza C Lv. X.

Charizard G Lv. X’s Poke-Power makes this to move energy cards onto your Charizard, which is a great set up Malevolent Fire, which does an amazing 150 damage. This Charizard card is also pretty in looks.

You would be thinking why would your kid collect these cards, right?

Well, the only reason behind collecting these cards is to build a powerful deck of whole 60 cards so it will help you win some Pokémon card game battles against other trainers (other kids with cards).

It is not necessary that your child might play the Pokémon card game because I have seen lots of kids who are just interested in collecting the cards which they like the most valuable ones.

Each pack of these game cards is different from each other, so if your kid has none of them, you might want to buy him to get your kid started with a theme deck. A deck is a pack of 60 cards that comes in a small cardboard box or a metal tin as well.

These decks also come with a coin as well as cardboard markets which later can have used in card gameplay while deciding which player goes first or while counting the damage done to each of the players.

These Pokémon game cards also come in booster packs of 10, in tins, or blister packs as well.

These Pokémon game cards are released every time a new season of this Pokémon TV show is released out for the public. This means a new TV show season, a new series of game cards.

New generation

All the kids that are interested in these Pokémon gaming cards refer to these new cards are a “new generation” or “new series”. All the new series gaming cards usually match with the latest titles of video games and the storyline as well. AmazeInvent

Right now at this very time, Pokémon gaming cards are in the eighth generation which is released just a month ago in February. All of these newer cards collection is named “Sword and Shield” on the box of these cards.

The latest generation gaming card set contains over 200 new cards for all the Trainers to increase their decks. The second last generation i.e. the seventh generation gaming card set is called “Sun and Moon”.

Types of Pokémon Cards

There are three different categories of gaming cards in this game that you will find in any deck you buy. The following are the three types:

Character cards

Each Pokémon has a particular type, in this trading card game, there are 11. There are types such as Fire, Water, Psychic, Metal, or Dragon.

Each one of these Pokémon Cards will also indicate to you and your opponent how evolved your character is and what powers does it have, whether that character is in its basic form, Stage One form or Stage Two form, it will be visible to you in the upper left corner of the card.

You will see some shiny cards, yes they are the ones that kids probably won’t. Those shiny cards are the Legendary Pokémon that do not evolve and are some of the most powerful cards in this Pokémon cards game.

Energy cards

Xerneas EX

Energy cards are the ones that are needed to power up your Pokémon throughout the game, and you will always find these basic Energy cards in any set of trading cards you buy.

There are Special Energy cards available as well, which will provide your Pokémon a different kind of boost, but it depends on what type of Pokémon you are using this Special Energy card on.

Trainer cards

Trainer Cards are the ones that you use for the items, for supporters, and for stadiums that you can use during any battle you fight.

Any particular special rules on these cards (only if there are any) are indicated at the very bottom of the card.

Whether you are a diehard Pokémon fan who loves to collect these Pokémon gaming cards for the beautiful artwork to make, or you are a regular tournament player who builds some exceptional killer and powerful decks, this Pokémon gaming card hobby can attract not only teenage collectors but collectors of all ages.

Something is tempting and attractive about booster packs to buy them.

Buying them, ripping them off to open, and then watching which Pokémon you got, all the while praying and hoping to get a cool legendary Pokemon, an EX card, or hoping to unbox a holographic version of your favorite rare best Pokemon cards to collect.


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