How to Cast Peacock to TV from iPhone

It is a new streaming device given by NBC Universal. It comprises all the NBC Universal-produced content from sports to dramas and comedy.

What makes Peacock stands out from the rest of the streaming services is that it is absolutely free but it does have annoying ads if you want to get rid of them then you can buy the premium subscription of a Peacock which is free of ads.

How can I cast a Peacock to TV from an iPhone?

There are several ways through which you can cast Peacock to TV from iPhone. Below I have mentioned a few of them.

So check them out if you are curious about how to cast Peacock to TV from an iPhone.

  1. One of the widely used methods to cast anything from an iPhone to a TV is with the help of airplay.
  2. Another way to cast Peacock to TV from an iPhone is with the help of an app called
  3. Another way is to simply install the Peacock application on your TV to stream Peacock on your TV.

How can I use AirPlay to stream Peacock on TV from an iPhone?

  • Step no.1: Open the Peacock application on your iPhone. And select the content you would like to stream on your TV.
  • Step no.2: On your device‚Äôs menu you will find an option of AirPlay which will allow you to connect your device to your smart TV where you would like to cast the content.
  • Step no.3: Now simply press play and your content will start casting on your TV. You can control it through the menu of airplay given on your device.

That is it. This is how you cast Peacock to your TV from an iPhone. It literally takes you three simple steps to stream your favorite shows from Peacock to your TV with the help of your iPhone.


Can I stream Peacock from my iPhone to my TV?

Yes absolutely. With the help of AirPlay and also an app called a cast, it is possible to stream Peacock on TV.

Can I AirPlay work in Peacock?

Yes, you can, it is possible to airplay Peacock if you are using any iOS device.

Why am I unable to stream Peacock on my TV?

The reason you are unable to stream Peacock on your TV s because it is currently available for only mobile devices and computers. So in order to stream it on your TV, you have to cast it with another device either a mobile device or your computer.

How can I cast Peacock on my TV?

If you are using an android device then with the help of Google Chromecast you can cast the Peacock from the Peacock app on your device to your TV. Just make sure that both of your devices are connected over the same internet.


You can cast Peacock with the help of airplay if you are using an iOS device and if you are using an android one then simply use a Chromecast.

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