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Change Amazon Language: The Complete Guide

Is English not your native tongue? And you are having difficulties in navigating your way around Amazon app? Here we will know to change Amazon language.

Is it hindering the way you make an online purchase on Amazon because you do not understand English?

This can be frustrating when all the applications and sites are set to English by default.

Since English is an international language, why every application and website is set to English by default but that does not mean that the language on the application or websites can be changed.

Because there are certain applications and websites which does allow their users to change their language settings to the one which they prefer the most.

Similarly, Amazon also allows its users to change the language setting from the website or directly from the Amazon app as well. But keep in mind that Amazon does not cater to each and every language, so there might be a chance that Amazon does not support your native language.

But still, it is worth trying out to see whether Amazon supports your language or not.

And in this article, I will tell you ways through which you can change the language setting on Amazon either through the desktop or directly through your Amazon mobile application.

So keep on reading till the end of this article to find out how.

But before let’s take a look into what is Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Did you know that Amazon initially started as a book-selling company?

Yes, you heard me right.

In the initial year of Amazon, it solely did business in regards to books. But as the business grew, it expanded its sales to millions of other products as well such as beauty supplies, jewelry, gourmet food, garden supplies, pet supplies, furniture, kitchen items, daily lifestyle necessities, and almost everything an individual might need in its day to day life.

Basically, Amazon deals in almost everything and it has a very wide range of products to choose from.

And Amazon also offers so many exciting offers and sales on its products as well. And if you are a frequent user of Amazon then it also personalizes your homepage based on your previous purchases.

So it tracks your purchases and only shows items on your homepage which might appeal to you. Isn’t that great? So Amazon personalizes the buyer’s experience on their application or site.

Customer tracking is one of the strong points of Amazon because it helps them to keep their users hooked on their page and also pushes them to make a purchase as well eventually.

Amazon also allows third-party sellers to use the platform to make their sales as well. It has allowed so many small business owners to use Amazon in order to grow their sales.

So basically Amazon is a very big e-commerce platform whose aim is to give the best user experience and it is also a great platform for third parties such as small businesses to sell their goods here as well.

Now let’s take a look into how to change the language on Amazon.

How to Change Language on Amazon?

Just because your Amazon language is set to English by default, it does not mean that you cannot change it.

Amazon is an app that is used worldwide, which also means that people from different countries who do not speak English use it too.

So Amazon has kept this in mind and has given its user the chance to change their language on the app and on the website as well.

It is all about its aim to give its user the best buying experience and also to personalize its homepage according to their taste and that too not only in the items they would like to purchase but also in the language they prefer, apart from English.

So further in the article, I have highlighted both the methods, for the website and for the app on how to change the language on Amazon.

So keep on reading and follow the step-by-step guide on how to do it. Because it is not complicated at all and anyone can do it.

And it can be done with a few simple taps.

So keep on reading.

Amazon Website

If you are using Amazon on your desktop then the following steps are used to change your language setting from English to any other language.

Keep on reading.

Steps to change the language on Amazon through the website

  1. Go Amazon website and log in with your Amazon account in case you are not logged in already.
  2. You will find a flag icon on top of your screen.
  3. Navigate to that.
  4. The flag icon is right next to the search box on the homepage.
  5. Once the flag icon is located, tap on it in order for the language drop-down menu to appear.
  6. Now from the language drop-down menu, search for your preferred language. Keep in mind that the languages option on Amazon is limited by the region.
  7. Once you have found your preferred language, simply tap on it to change your Amazon language from English to the one you have chosen.

There might be some cases where you cannot see your desired language on the language menu.

If that is the case with you as well then simply change your region. This can be done through the following steps.

  1. Go back to the language drop-down by tapping on the flag icon next to the search box.
  2. There you will find the option of changing country/region.
  3. From there you can choose your preferred country/region.
  4. Once selected, tap on go to a website.
  5. This will prompt Amazon to open a new tab and that new tab will contain all the regional languages of your selected country/region.

This is how you can change the default language settings of Amazon through your desktop.

Amazon App

If you are using Amazon on your mobile app and are confused about how to change the language there.

Well, worry not because now you can change the language through the mobile app with the following steps mentioned below. Keep in mind that the following steps are applicable to both android and Ios devices.

Steps to change the language on Amazon app

  1. Navigate to your Amazon app on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the three lines which is the Amazon menu.
  3. And from the Amazon menu, navigate to the
  4. From the settings go to country and languages.
  5. Now from the list of languages, select your preferred language. And unfortunately, if you are unable to find your preferred language on the list then you can try changing your region.

This is how you can easily change your language settings on Amazon mobile app. And it is applicable to both Android phones and iPhones.

Where does Amazon get its products from?

Amazon is an e-commerce website. This means that it allows third-party business to sell their products on Amazon’s platform. And then some portion of their profit goes to the Amazon, while the rest goes to the original owner. Amazon also allows small businesses to use Amazon’s platform to grow their business as well. All a seller is required to do is, set up a seller, add all the relevant details, add their products and then start selling them.

Does Amazon personalize the homepage?

Yes absolutely, if you are a frequent user of Amazon then it will keep track of all your past purchases and your search history. And then it will personalize your homepage with all the relevant items which will appeal to you and that also align with your past purchase and search history. It is Amazon’s aim to give its user a great buying experience on the site.

My Amazon is in English, can I change it to my native language?

Yes absolutely. It is Amazon’s aim to give its user a great buying experience on the site. This is why Amazon allows its users to change their language to their native tongue as well. All you need to do is tap on the flag icon and then choose your preferred language from the language drop-down.

How can I not find my native language on the Amazon language drop-down?

Try changing your region on Amazon in order to get all the relevant regional languages.

Can I change the language settings through my mobile app?

Yes, absolutely you can. Go to the menu and then to the settings and from there tap on country and languages and then change your language from the list of provided languages.


Amazon is a great and widely used e-commerce website that caters to the needs of its users. This is also why you can change the language settings on Amazon to your preferred language as well from the above-mentioned methods.


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