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How can I change My shipping address on USPS

Are you planning to move? And worrying about all the address change chaos? Are you clueless about the process of changing the shipping address and looking online for help? Well, you have done the right thing.

Seeking online help is very useful because there are a lot of kind people out there who are willing to help you with anything that you are struggling with and there are a lot of online forums where you can ask any query that you might have people will guide you through it.

And similarly today we have come up with a post where I would tell you how you can change your shipping address on USPS.

So stay tuned till the end of the article to find out how to change the shipping address on USPS.

How to change the address on USPS online?

  • Step no.1: Visit the official site of USPS Change of Address.
  • Step no.2: Select the time period of change of address. Whether it is a permanent change or a temporary one for two to three months.
  • Step no.3: You are supposed to pay an identity verification fee which is $1.10.
  • Step no.4: Complete the online form with all your correct and authentic information.
  • Step no.5: After completing the online form. USPS will send you a confirmation code in order to ensure whether you want to go through with your request or not.
  • Step no.6: After submitting the online application, USPS will send you a welcome kit that contains coupons. And this will arrive you at your new submitted address.
  • Step no.7: And after that, all your emails will be forwarded to you at your new address one by one.

How to change the address at the post office?

  • Step no.1: Find the local post office around you.
  • Step no.2: There you are supposed to request a mover’s guide packet which is absolutely free.
  • Step no.3: And that packet contains a form that you are supposed to submit in order to change your address.


This is a complete guide on how to change your shipping address on USPS. I have explained both the online and walk-in methods of changing your address at the USPS. And if you have any further queries you can also visit the official site of USPS online to get more information.

I hope you find this article useful.


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