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How to Change the Upload Quality on YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform where millions of users come to pass their time. And some even consider this as a way to earn money as well.

Because YouTube gives users the opportunity to create videos and upload on their platform and monetize their videos by advertisements to earn money as well.

You can make videos in any genre, yes in any genre of your liking and get paid for those videos as well on YouTube. But in order to get paid you have to make sure that the videos that you are uploading are viewed by many users. Because the larger number of viewers then the larger sum of money as well.

But in order to make sure that your videos are being watched by the majority of the population you also have to keep in mind the content you are creating and also the quality of your content as well. Because if the quality of your content is good, only when it will attract viewers. Otherwise, no one has an interest to watch poorly procured content.

But majority of the time when you are uploading your videos on YouTube, it process in low quality in order to speed up the uploading time.

Which can be troublesome. But worry not because if you are about start your journey on YouTube and want to make sure that your videos are top quality then you have come to the right place in this article I will tell you how to change the upload quality on YouTube.

So stick around till the end to find out the reasons for this poor quality and as well as the solution to fix this as well.

Why YouTube does upload bad quality videos?

These reasons will help you out a lot.

Your computer is corrupted by a malware

One of the common reasons for YouTube’s bad quality videos is when there is malware or virus on your computer.

Which alters the quality of your videos at the time of uploading. To run an antivirus program on your computer in order to detect these viruses and remove them as well.

Excessively compressed videos

When you have changed the formats of your video then this also decreases the quality of your video as well. So uncompressed your videos to increase the quality.

Incorrect encoding

If the initial encoding of your video is 480p, then YouTube is unable to convert it to 1080p. This is why your videos are of bad quality.

How can I change the quality of my videos?

Follow the given steps to learn how to change the quality of your uploads on YouTube.

  • Step no.1: Open your YouTube and go to your profile.
  • Step no.2: Now click on settings.
  • Step no.3: Now go to the uploads and after that upload quality.
  • Step no.4: From the list click on full quality to adjust the quality of your video.
  • Step no.5: This is it. This is how you change the quality of your videos.


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