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How can I check my social security Status

In this article, I will tell you how to check my social security Status before we get into that. First, let’s take a look into what social security is and what it means and how can you claims it.

Let’s begin!

What is social security?

Social security is a program developed by the legislation of our government which means that it provides us security in terms of our income when someone belongs to old age, disability, or maternity leave. Other medical facilities are also included in the social security program.

It is a right of every individual living in a state because everyone deserves the security of income while facing any unfortunate events in their life.

How can I check my Social Security Status?

And if you have requested social security and you are wondering whether your request has been processed or not.

Well, this is how you can check your social security status. All you need to do is create an account with your social security and then you can track the information given below through your social security account.

  1. The date on which you filed your request.
  2. The present location of your claim.
  3. The scheduled date and time of your hearing.
  4. If you have any incomplete information on your application then you can edit it too.
  5. The location of your servicing office.
  6. The official publication of your interest.

All you need to do is create a social security account and then you can track your social security request status through that.

What is social security?

Social security is a source of income that an individual gets in the face of any disability, retirement, or when someone is on maternity leave. And the benefit you get with your social severity is used to sustain those who are legally dependent on you. Like your spouse, kids, and your parents.

How does social security work?

When you are an employed member of society then you pay taxes and then these taxes are added to your social security. And then this is given to those who are retired, disabled, or on maternity leave. And once you retire you can also enjoy all the benefits of a social security program.

How can I receive my social security benefits?

To receive the benefits of your social security program, first, you need to be eligible for it and secondly, you need to create a social security account online to fill out the application, and then you can later use this account to track the status of your social security request.


The social security program is started by the government of any state and it is established to provide benefits to those who are retired or disabled or unable to work. And the benefits received from this are used to help those who are legally dependent on you like your spouse, kids, or your parents.


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