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How to Clean Shark Robot Vacuum Filter

Shark robot vacuum cleaners are a popular choice among many households. It helps clean the dust particles and debris from your house. There are high chances that the filter of your vacuum cleaner traps it inside.

All the dust particles that come out of your carpet and hard floors can deposit into the filter. If you don’t clean it properly it will deteriorate the quality of the cleaner.

The fine dust and dirt can stick inside the motor making it difficult to function correctly. When the filter is clogging it is important to clean it regularly. Here are some easy ways to do it:

Clean Shark Robot Vacuum Filter

Shark cordless vacuums have two different filters. The first filter is located at the front of the motor. It is also known as a pre-motor filter and contains foam and felt filters. Another one is known as the post-motor filter.

This is a plastic device that is located between the filter and the dust container itself. You can simply clean it with a sponge and remove the dust from inside. All you need is to remove the foam and reach out to the filter.

Wash the filter housing

The shark vacuum consists of a dust canister. If you remove it from the backside the filter will expose fully. Two different types of filters are easily washable. You can simply wash or rinse them with hot water.

It will remove all the unnecessary dust. When the cleaning is done you can leave it to dry quickly. Make sure that you don’t use soap as it can further clog the vacuum and cause issues.

The suction of the vacuum cleaner should remain intact or else the vacuum will not work efficiently. Shark recommends that you clean the pre-motor filter at least once a month. The post-motor filter should also remain clean. However, even if you do it once a year it will be totally fine. If you use your vacuum frequently and heavily, cleaning it more often is a necessity.

Remove hair

Hair is common in every home whether it is the pet or an owner himself. It will easily stick inside the vacuum making things difficult. If hair gets stuck inside the vacuum roll, wheels, or brushes you are in trouble.

Many new shark vacuums come packed with their comb. However, you can use a blade tool to clean the hair off without much effort. In some cases, you can even use a pair of scissors to get your work done.

Check the wheels

It is important to check the wheels of your vacuum and clean them regularly. There can be some dust particles under the wheels making things hard. You can easily clean dust, debris, or hair from the wheels.

It will improve the efficiency of your work. A clean home looks good and for that, your vacuum needs to work perfectly.

Maintain the quality by cleaning filters

There is no doubt that you need to clean the filter after 5 cleaning sessions. You can gently remove the filter and start cleaning the dirt. Make use of a soft brush or a tool that doesn’t affect the delicate filter from the inside.

If you see that the filter has become wet there are many ways to clean it wisely. When you see a lot of residue on the filter it’s about time you replace it.


We have given some simple tips and tricks to clean your shark vacuum. These ideas help clean the filter and maintain the efficiency of your machine! If you find these tips helpful don’t forget to comment below.


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