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How To Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa

Currently, there is no way to connect LG Smart TV to Alexa Google’s virtual (or Ziggy), but there are a few programs that can make them talk to each other.

No matter if you’re using iOS or Android, follow these instructions.

How To Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa?

Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa
Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa

You’ll need to take various actions to link an LG smart TV to Alexa depending on the webOS version it is running.

Nevertheless, to utilize Alexa with an LG smart TV, you might want both the LG and Amazon programs. Yet to interconnect them, you’ll have to take specific actions.

  1. Determine the webOS version you are currently using by visiting any of the websites, based on your webOS version:
  • Settings > General > Devices > TV > TV Information
  • Settings > All Settings > Support > TV Information

WebOS version

WebOS version
WebOS version

Your following actions are based on your WebOS version.

  1. WebOS 4.0: Open the Setting up Television for Amazon Alexa software from your TV’s Home screen and move on to Step 12 below.
  2. WebOS 4.5: Step 12 can be reached by going to Settings > Connectivity > Bind to Device for Voice Control.
Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa
Connect LG Smart TV To Alexa
  1. In WebOS 5.0, go to the Home Dashboard > Settings > Connect to Smart Speaker in the top-right corner if you do have a speaker like the Amazon Echo. From the Home screen, open the “Home Dashboard” app, then select Settings > Link to Smart Speaker on your LG TV. If not, move on to Step 3.
  2. WebOS 6.0: Go to Phase three and take note of Step 11’s instructions.
  3. Install your LG ThinQ application on your mobile device.
  4. If you do not even yet have an LG account, set one up by following the steps in the app. Depending on the platform, you can also log in with your Apple ID or Google account.
LG ThinQ - Complete' skill
LG ThinQ – Complete’ skill
  1. Press the plus symbol in the blank space to begin placing an additional product.

Scan QR

You have three choices on the following screen:

Scan QR: Use your phone’s camera to connect by using a QR code on your TV.

Search close by to locate your TV, using Bluetooth.

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Choose Manually

LG TV Alexa not working
LG TV Alexa not working

Just choose the right Television from a collection.

  • Tap TV under Choose Manually.
  • Your phone and your TV must be on the same network for the app to locate your TV. Tap the name of your device when it appears.
  • Your TV screen will show an eight-digit number; input it into the widget
  • Carefully read the text on the following page, then tap Link.
  • When the TV is recognized with the app, a “Welcome” screen will appear. To proceed, select go to Home.
  • Install the Amazon Alexa app right away:
  • Log in with your Amazon account on the app.
  • Just at bottom of the screen, tap Devices.
  • Click the + symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Add Device.
  • Locate the TV and tap it.
How to connect older lg tv to alexa -thinq
How to connect older lg tv to alexa -thinq
  • Opt for LG.
  • The steps for configuring your TV using the LG app are on the following screen, which you have previously completed. Click Next.
  • Choose Allow to apply for the ThinQ Alexa skill.
  • Log in to your LG profile using the procedure you previously selected.
  • Choose Agree after tapping the bubble to agree to the terms and link your account.
  • A success message should appear on the following screen; select Close to proceed.
  • Choose Explore Devices to have Alexa search for objects it can link to.
  • Your TV will first display in your gadgets section after a banner stating that it has been linked using the ThinQ skill appears.
  • The Plasma TVS energy, brightness, programming, streaming video, and output can all be managed from here using Alexa via the application or a connected speaker.

Why Won’t My LG TV Connect to Alexa?

LG TV Alexa not working
LG TV Alexa not working

When you want the ThinQ or Alexa app to find your TV, you might need to try several times. To increase their likelihood of success, make sure the following:

  • Ensure that your phone and TV are both on the same network. Your TV may be linked through cable or wireless. To be found, your TV must be turned on.
  • You must connect your TV to the same LG account as any other Alexa-compatible devices or smart appliances you currently own from LG.


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