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How to Connect Steam Deck to TV

The Valve Steam Deck is a top-notch hand-held machine. now not handiest does it allow you to play most of your Steam library on the pass.

It is properly thanks to the internal AMD chips slotted into it. but, at the same time as the Steam Deck will especially be used while you need to sport at the go.

There are times when you may either need to use. It is a hard and fast tool for your desk or top speedy get a little play time in on the large television display.

We’re going that will help you with that by detailing the steps for connecting the Steam Deck to the TV or reveal the reason for allowing you to each use the Deck as a transportable device in addition to a static one.

How to Connect Steam Deck to TV?

Here I am going to describe the steps that will help you to connect steam deck to TV.

Let’s begin!

  • Firstly you connect a USB-C hub or USB-C to HDMI adapter to your Steam Deck.
  • Then, Find an available HDMI port on your TV and connect an HDMI cable.
  • Now Plug the other end of the cable into your USB-C hub or adapter.
  • And Turn on your TV and select the HDMI input.
  • Turn on your Steam deck.
  • And finally, the Steam Deck display is mirrored on your TV.

Use a USB-C to HDMI adapter

Then attach the Steam Deck on your show of desire, all you need is an easy USB-C to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable.

You could choose one up at a number of shops, but no matter which you go, we recommend running a reliable brand like Anker until the Steam Deck Dock releases.

Check your Steam

Deck subsequent to the show you wish to connect it to.

  • Join one of the HDMI cables to TV or display.
  • Plug the USB-C cease of the adapter into the Steam Deck.
  • Join the free HDMI cable to the opposite end of the adapter.

Your Steam Deck needs to understand the display. If it does now not, cycle throw your television or display’s inputs and wait some seconds until you find out the right one.

It is able to now not be the most sightly answer with the adapter and cable hanging, however till the Steam Deck Dock launches, it’ll do.


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