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How to Delete Multiple Folders in Outlook

Deleting single folders in Outlook is easy but when it comes to deleting multiple folders in Outlook then it can be a little head-scratcher but you should know that it is not impossible.

It is a bit tricky but not impossible. And the process to do that is not at all complicated and very much to follow as well. And in this article, I have mentioned methods on how to do that as well.

So keep on reading to learn how to delete multiple folders on Outlook in one go.

Learn how to delete subfolders of a particular folder

Follow the steps below to learn how to do that.

Step to follow

  1. From the mail, choose a folder whose subfolders you would like to delete in one go.
  2. Now tap the alt and F11 keys simultaneously to open Microsoft visual basic.
  3. Now tap insert and then module. And now paste the following module there.

Sub Delete_All_SubFolders()

Dim oCurrFolder As Folder

Dim oSubFolders As Folders

Dim i As Long 

On Error Resume Next

Set oCurrFolder = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder

Set oSubFolders = oCurrFolder.Folders

For i = oSubFolders.Count To 1 Step -1



End Sub

  1. Now click on F5 in order to run the above VBA module.
  2. Once you have run the above VAB module, it will delete all the subfolders in one go.
  3. Tap on the account whose folders you would like to delete.
  4. Then select a new folder and name it
  5. Now drag the folder you want to delete into the temp
  6. A confirmation box will appear. So tap ok to confirm the action.
  7. Now do the same process for all the folders you wish to delete.
  8. Once you are done moving all the folders in the temp Simply choose delete folder to delete the temp folder.
  9. Click yes to continue the deleting process.

You have successfully deleted all the folders from your outlook in one go.

How do I delete my folders on Outlook?

In order to delete folders on Outlook, open your Outlook and go to the folder you would like to delete. Now do a long press on the folder and select delete from the options. Your folder will be then deleted.

Can I delete multiple folders on my Outlook?

You can either delete all the folders one by one by simply selecting the folder and then pressing delete on your keyboard. Or you can also do one thing that makes a new folder and add all the folders you wish to delete there and then delete that new folder. This one will delete all your folders in one go successfully.


Deleting multiple folders on outlook is a bit tricky but not impossible and in this article, I have mentioned all the ways through which you can do that.

I hope you found it useful.


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