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How to Delete Reviews on Google

Have you left a review under someone’s product or anything and you are regretting it? Or you have changed your opinion about something now you wish that you could delete your review?

Or are you someone who thinks that a particular review under your product is unfair and inappropriate?

If yes then worry not because in this article I will tell you how to remove your own review and also how to deal with inappropriate reviews under your post.

Is it possible to delete Google’s review?

There are occasions when people leave a bad review in spite or in jealousy.

So it’s good to know that you can actually delete a review if you feel like the review was unfair and it should not be there. Because Google gives you the option to delete a review from the record.

But nonetheless, the process of deleting a review on Google is not easy as it sounds. And it is not like you can simply just go to the site and delete it yourself. But instead, you are required to request a delete to Google if you want any review to be deleted from your record.

So let’s take a look into what types of reviews can be deleted if you request Google to remove them.

Types of reviews that Google will consider deleting

  1. When someone posts a review to manipulate things. Especially when someone posts multiple times. So Google will consider it spam and will delete it.
  2. Reviews that are not related to the post that has been published.
  3. When people promote problematic things through their reviews, like gambling, guns, pornography, etc.
  4. When the review is problematic in nature.
  5. Something which is offensive, sexually explicit, and offensive to children.
  6. Harassments and usage of profanities.
  7. Being dishonest or pretending to be someone else.

These are the conditions under which Google deletes a review if you requested a delete.

Now let’s take a look into how to delete a review that you as a person have posted on someone’s post.

Steps to Delete Reviews on Google

For this, you are supposed to use your computer because these steps cannot be carried out through your mobile device.

  1. Navigate to Google Map.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, you will find three lines. Click on it. That’s the menu section.
  3. Now go to the
  4. And from there navigate to
  5. Now tap on the three dots next to the review you wish to delete. And then select delete to remove it.

You have successfully deleted a review from Google.

Now let’s take a look into how you as an owner can flag a review that you think is unfair.

Steps to flag a review of your establishment

  1. Log in to Google my business.
  2. Now select the appropriate location.
  3. Now from the menu select
  4. Now look for the review you would like to flag and tap on the three dots and mark the review as flag as inappropriate.


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