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How to see deleted messages on Messenger iPhone

In this article, we discuss how to delete messages, we want to know about Facebook itself in depth. It gives a pair of techniques to help you manage to delete Facebook messages. If in your apps you do not have achieved the Facebook chats, then you need to download them online by choosing a timeframe.

If you have classified the message, then you will have no solution to the problem of getting them back because they have only been secret in one of the other sections of your system memory.

How to see deleted messages on Messenger iPhone?

Deleted messages on Messenger iPhone

If you delete the message by mistake from Facebook Messenger then you look like a disaster because Facebook does not have an option for recovery.

One of the usual methods is to download copies of the Facebook files to restore the deleted texts. Additionally, un-archiving the archived texts to restore the messages that look like to have been deleted from the messenger in your chat history. If it does not work well then you use the third-party software can get back all messages through iCloud and iTunes.

Here we discuss step by step:

  • Firstly, in your messages section tap on the edit option on the conversation page. If you wanted previously to turn message filtering on, then the Edit button does not show. By your choice, you tap the filter on the conversation page.
  • Click on the show recently deleted.
  • Now you select the conversations with the message in which you want to restore.
  • Then click on the recover option.
  • Now tap on the recover message or the recover [number] messages.

In computer

  • In your Facebook app, you click on three horizontal dots at the left corner on the top side of your messenger screen.
  • Then you will see a list of the messenger options.
  • Now you click on the Archived Chats.
  • Here you will look at a list of all the chats in which you have archived.
  • Now you click on the three horizontal chats in the front of the chat.
  • Then you will see an option of the Unarchived and click on it, and then finally you will be restored to your inbox.


On your iPhone, you recover deleted messenger messages for free, in which you can unarchived secret or hidden messages or download the message history into and out of the messenger app.

Or if you need to recover your deleted messenger messages permanently, then it’s approved to use FonePaw iPhone Data Recover. It gives different methods for recovery messages or comprehensive scans to help you effortlessly recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages on the iPhone.

Can I recover deleted messages on Messenger?

First, you recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger by downloading them and checking them in your old email notifications. If you use Android, then you may be recover them by seeing them in the cache of the messenger app. Here you can also be checking your archived messenger or want to know the person you were messaging with for the copy.


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