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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada on Roku TV

Disney plus error code 401 restricts its users from smooth streaming. Subscribers can’t enjoy Disney plus content without getting it fixed. It happens when cache and data need to be cleaned.

These corrupted data and cache stop other apps from working smoothly. Sometimes it occurs when too many users are streaming. It makes the server down which leads to 401 Errors in the middle of streaming.

Besides this, there are numerous reasons for this issue. But the good news is it can be fixed with a minimum effort.

One can fix it by restarting Disney plus or updating streaming devices.

In this article, the top ways are discussed to get rid of this 401 issue.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada on Roku TV

Anybody can face this 401 Error code. The top 10 easy ways are discussed below to get it fixed.

  • Sometimes, Roku users in Canada face this 401 issue. They can fix it by restarting the Roku device. Restarting the device improves performance. It is more likely that the issue will be solved quickly by this technique.
  • Users can face this situation if their internet connection stops working. It’s better to check the internet to get it fixed.


Updating your Roku or Disney plus app is another solution to curb the issue.

  • If a user encounters this issue in the middle of streaming, he is advised to watch another movie or series. This will help a user to see whether this issue is with one movie or all the content.
  • Another way to fix it is to log in and log out of your Disney plus Canada account. This might help to solve the problem. The same can be done with a Roku device to suppress the issue.
  • Due to massive load, service gets downed sometimes. It is recommended to check the Disney plus server. If it’s down, only the company can fix it. The same goes for the Roku server.


  • There are so many Roku devices on the market. Some Roku devices are not compatible with Disney plus in Canada. It’s reasonable to check if a Roku device is compatible with Disney plus or not. If it is not compatible, a user has to buy another device to start streaming.
  • To fix a device compatibility issue, a user can delete and reinstall the app. He can turn the device on and off for satisfactory results.
  • Clean cache and data could also help users to stop 401 issues. For cleaning the cache, go to the setting. Check the installed apps on the device. Go to the storage and clear the cache.
  • If none of these methods works, it is better to contact Disney plus. They’ll solve the issue if they have it on their end.


Disney Plus is a popular app in Canada. It is similar to Netflix, and Amazon prime. Users can enjoy movies and series like Marvel, Pixar, Star wars, and a lot more.  Occasionally, unexpected errors occur that interrupt users such as 401 Error. But it can be resolved with simple techniques.


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