How to Download All Phones from Google Photos at Once

Are your Google photos overflowing with photos that you have been saving since 2011? And now you are panicking thinking about how to download all phones from Google Photos at once on your phone? The amount of time it will consume?

The amount of effort it will require? This thought can be panicky because downloading thousands of photos will surely consume way too much of your time and it can even be impossible in some situations.

But did you know that there is an option through which you can download all your Google photos in one go instead of downloading each one of them separately? Yes, there is, and if you did not know this before well now you do.

And in this article, I will tell you how to download all your Google photos and videos in one go and save it to your device storage where you can easily access them even when you are offline.

Let’s take a look at how to download multiple photos from your Google photos at once.

How can I download multiple photos from my Google Photos?

  • Step no.1: Go to your Google photos and select the photos or videos you would like to download by tapping on the tick mark in the left corner of each photo and video.
  • Step no.2: Once you have selected all the photos and videos you would like to download on your device, simply press shift to download them all at once. This will start your downloading process.

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How to download all phones from Google Photos at once on my computer?

It is not as easy as it sounds and not at all straightforward as the above-mentioned method of downloading multiple photos or videos. But it is not impossible.

To download all your Google photos and videos at once you will go to have to take help from a third party called Google takeout. This will help you download all your data at once whether it is your Google search history, hangout history, Google photos, and anything related to your Google data.

Follow the steps given below to carry out the process.

  • Step no.1: Go to Google Takeout and click on deselect all.
  • Step no.2: Now scroll down and tap on Google photos. So that only you’reGoogle photos get downloaded to your pc.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on all photo albums included to download all photo albums.
  • Step no.4: Once you are done selecting, tap on ok.
  • Step no.5: Now scroll down and tap on the next step.
  • Step no.6: On the export option you can select how often you would like to download your photos.
  • Step no.7: Now select whether you would like a zip folder emailed to your or another cloud storage.
  • Step no.8: Once you are done with all the selections and settings click on create the export.
  • Step no.9: This will start exporting your files.
  • Step no.10: Now download all your export files to get the data on your computer.


This is how you download all phones from Google Photos at once on your phone.

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