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How to Factory Reset LG TV [ Quick Tips ]

This is helpful if your TV begins to freeze up or if you just want to wipe all of the information and settings from the TV. Here we will discuss how we can factory reset LG TV. All TV settings are returned to their default state after a factory reset.

Channels, log in details, system and app settings, installed apps, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options, and privacy settings, all will be deleted along with all customized settings.

How to Factory Reset LG TV?

Factory Reset LG TV

Your TV will be restored to its original state.

Try Rebooting/ Restarting

First, if you haven’t, try restarting your power. Normally, a power reset doesn’t remove default settings like the one below the warning.


  • Your TV’s “Power” button is on the side or the bottom. After 10 seconds, press to restart. Don’t carry on to the following step.
  • If not, you should adhere to these instructions.
  • By employing controls analogous to a TV joystick, you may access the menu and settings options.
  • Then, choose a reset option using the television remote. To start the reset, enter your TV’s password.

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Factory Resetting

Is there a reset button on a LG TV?
Is there a reset button on a LG TV?
  • By doing this, you can return your LG TV to its original, pre-installed factory settings.
  • Your online account has been changed, and any applications you uploaded have been removed. You’ll need to log back into each app separately after your TV starts working properly.


How do I force a factory reset on my TV?
How do I force a factory reset on my TV?

Your TV remote’s menu icon should be pressed.

To factory reset your LG TV:

  • Go to All Defaults (Advanced) > General > Factory Reset. On the TV, you will be excitedly asked to input the code.
  • The TV will be restored to factory defaults after the code is entered.
  • Be wait while this process is complete.
  • Just like a new TV, the television invites you for completing the initial configuration.


Before you reset your TV, reboot it. The TV can be restarted to solve many problems. A factory reset will delete all settings you may have made to your TV in addition to resolving storage and software issues.

Are there reset buttons on LG TVs?

Press and hold the OK button on your LG TV for around 5 seconds, then let go to complete a soft reset without changing the display or sound settings.

What should I do if my TV won’t turn on?

Try disconnecting the cord from the power source and switching on the TV if that doesn’t work. Before reconnecting and turning on the switch hold on for 30 seconds. This approach is called a soft reset. After that, restart your device and test its operation.


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