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How to Find and Delete Facebook Watch History [ Quick Guide ]

Scrolling on Facebook has become a great pastime because it keeps you occupied with a lot of interesting videos related to sports, live events, shows, entertainment and so much more. You can find and delete Facebook Watch history in a quick way.

Facebook has an entire world of entertainment that we watch to pass our time and in the process, we get to learn a lot of stuff as well.

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But the only drawback in my opinion is that whatever you search up on Facebook, it tends to keep the search history saved. This means that if anyone else were to use your Facebook then they will know what kind of content you have been looking at.

So if you are someone who worries about their privacy then this can be concerning for you. But worry not because there are ways through which you can delete your Facebook watch history now, whether you are using it on a browser or on your mobile phone.

So stick to the end of the article to find out how to find and remove Facebook watch history through your browser or your smartphone.

What is a Facebook watch?

It is where you are able to gain access to all kinds of content and it gives you the option to engage with the content as well by liking or commenting on it. There is also an option of personalizing your watch so that only videos in particular genres that you like will show up on your Facebook watch.

Your watch timeline shows all the videos from the pages that you have followed. So if you do not like what you see on your Facebook watch then you can simply unfollow the pages and follow news ones, whose content you will like more.

Now let’s learn how to delete Facebook watch history.

Delete Facebook Watch History on Desktop

If you are using Facebook on a desktop then this is how you delete the watch history of Facebook.

Simply follow the steps given below to find out how to delete your Facebook watch history from a desktop.

  • Step no.1: Either log into the Facebook app on the desktop or open Facebook in a browser.
  • Step no.2: Tap on your profile on the top left.
  • Step no.3: You will see three dots under edit profile, click on it and you will see a drop-down list. From that list select an activity.
  • Step no.4: Then click on the action and other activities. Then from there select videos, you have watched.
  • Step no.5: Now click on the three dots and click on delete to delete it from your watch history.

Delete Facebook Watch History From Mobile

  • Step no.1: Log in to your Facebook with the Facebook app.
  • Step no.2: Click on three lines icon and then scroll down to setting and privacy.
  • Step no.3: From there click on your Facebook information and from there go to the activity log.
  • Step no.4: Go to filters and categories > logged actions and other activity > videos you have watched.
  • Step no.5: Click on delete by clicking on three dots. And this will delete your watch history.


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