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How to Fix Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen

Many users are reporting a problem with the welcome screen of Xfinity. According to the latest updates this problem is temporary due to a bug. The developers of this device are seriously looking into this matter.

They will debug this system as soon as they can. However, it is difficult to go through this problem till it gets resolved.

How to Fix Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen?

Here is how you can fix Xfinity stuck on your welcome screen.

Restart the Xfinity Box

If you notice that your Xfinity is stuck on the welcome screen here is what you can do. The best idea is to restart your device.

When you are entertaining yourself a stuck window will seem like an issue. However, worry not as a simple restart option will do the trick.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Click the menu button from your remote
  • Scroll down to tap on this button

Detach Device Cable

Xfinity Flex stuck can happen because there are cables attached to your device.

If you are not happy with the screen stuck at one point try the following:

  • Plug out all the cables from your device.
  • Re-plug the cable into the TV.
  • Turn on the power.
  • Here is the surprise as now the welcome screen will be fixed.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Many users who complain of Xfinity flex stuck must check their internet connection.
  • If the screen is stuck it is probably because you are not getting a strong signal.
  • The best solution for it will be to check your router.
  • You can simply connect the internet with your smartphone and check whether you can browse or not.
  • If things don’t work, call up your service provider and they will solve the problem.

Restart your modem

  • If the Xfinity Flex is stuck on the welcome screen you can simply restart the modem.
  • You need to start everything from scratch and cancel any corrupt files.
  • Some of these files can cause a problem with your connection too.

Connect with the WPS Button

  • Another helpful method for solving the Xfinity Flex welcome screen is to connect it with the WPS button.
  • Once you are done with this step, check closely whether the problem is solved or not.

Connect with Xfinity Flex customer care

If you have already tried some of the methods above, try connecting with Xfinity flex customer care.

The team can guide you well and help you look for ways to fix this issue.


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