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How to install Google Play Store in Windows 11

In this article, we describe how to install Google Play Store on Windows 11. If we have the latest version of Windows 11, then you know about the native Android emulation in which you will know about the run of the Android applications without requiring you to install the third-party app.

Here charcuterie is officially used on the Amazon app store and for the Android apps. This Amazon app is also good because it has a more limited app choice.

How to install Google Play Store in Windows 11?

Install Google Play Store in Windows 11

Now here is a speedy guide to this.

  • Firstly in your system install and download the Google Play Store on your Windows 11 here you require a tool called PowerShell Windows and the Toolbox which has been proposed by the How to Greek.
  • Then you install the Google Play Store now you first visit the GitHub
  • Now you scroll down to the how-to-use part and here you can copy the code under the Easy Start Command
  • Here you run the PowerShell Windows on your computer as an Administrator. You go to the start menu, and search the tool now then click in the Run as Administrator.
  • You need to paste the code that copied the code in the PowerShell and now click on the Enter button.
  • Wait for a short time, and you can click on the Install Google Play Store for the Windows 11 option accessible at the lowest part of the page.
  • This will return to the place of the Windows Subsystem for Android with the latest package, and you enter ‘P’ to go forward.
  • Then you will get a new bit.ly link which you can copy and paste on your browser app to download a ZIP file. Now it is downloaded and then you enter the track of the file in the PowerShell.
  • Once you are all done, you will find the Google Play Store on your PC option Start Menu with your more apps.
  • Later when opening you can sign in with your Google Play account in the Play Store app and now you will enjoy the download app from it on your computer Windows 11.


Lastly, you know how to download the Google Play Store on your PC. In this, we will now work as conscious. You need to open an app and sign in with your Google account to download it. Here are the compatible with Windows 11 different characteristics, and you may be pinned to the taskbar place. But few of them work more successfully than one of the others. In this way, the Setting on Windows 11 is complementary.

Why install the Google Play Store app?

On your device, you can install games, apps, and digital content from the Google Play Store. Now and then you can also use immediate apps that do not need installation. Few satisfied are accessible at no charge, and few you need to purchase.


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