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How to Use Instagram Highlights to Promote your Brand

Instagram Highlights are a feature on Instagram where you can save your stories after they have vanished after 24 hours and lets your users access them whenever they want. It appears on your profile under your bio in small rings.

If you are an owner of a brand then you can use these Instagram highlights effectively to promote your brand name as well. And in this article, I have mentioned a few ways how to do that.

Broadcast your different products and collections

You can assign each highlight to different aspects of your business and promote each of your products in your Instagram highlights. Do perfect photos of your products and add them to the respective highlights. You can also add all the respective details of the products and add them to these highlights as well.

Add important announcements

Instagram highlights are also a great way to give access to your followers to all the latest announcements that you have made on your Instagram stories.

And then add it to your highlights. So that those who missed the initial post and refer to these highlights to catch up on it later.

Showcase upcoming events

If there is an upcoming event lineup then you can use your Instagram highlights to promote those events as well by adding all the valuable information regarding it like the date and time, the venue the theme, and everything that you find important should be added to these Instagram highlights so that your viewers can be them later.


You should also allow your users to ask you questions related to your brands and then later save those stories to your Instagram highlights.

So that when a new person visits your brand page they can get all the relevant information regarding your brand they can through those highlights.

Actually, Instagram Highlights to promote your brand in a quick time.

Add your customer reviews

If your brand is about selling a product then you should make a separate highlight for all your customer reviews and add them to your Instagram Highlights to promote your brand. Because people tend to check the reviews first before making any purchase.

So if you have them already on your page then it would be easy for them to see them before buying your products.

Introduce your team members

Adding the details about the people who work for you is also a great way to engage with the views.

So make a highlight and introduce your team members there and mention all the relevant information for example their position, their qualification, and anything that you find useful to add.

Behind the scenes

You can also show behind the scene clips to your viewers to let them have an insight into your work and it also makes them feel like they are a part of it as well.

So it is a great way to establish a community where your customers feel like they are a part of it.

Do Instagram polls

You can add Instagram polls to get your customers’ references as well and you can also check what appeals to your customers and what does not.


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