Top 15 Social Media Platform Everyone Must Know About it

Social Media Platform

In the world of the internet, smartphone apps have been playing a key role in providing entertainment to people. Let’s have the best social media platform in 2022. You can easily download any type of entertainment app from the app store. Your mobile phone might possess so many of these apps right now. It is … Read more

Android vs iOS Which One is Best for Nowadays

Android vs iOS

Last updated: April 21, 2022 If you are going to buy a new smartphone there are plenty of chances that you will get to choose between two Operating Systems which are iOS and the second one is Android. Android vs iOS? These two platforms accounted for 99.7 percent of all new smartphones shipped in 2017, … Read more

10+ Best VR Headset For Movies of 2022

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that enables you to experience an artificial environment with the help of software that makes the human brain see and sense something that is not real. Although Best VR Headsets are not something new it’s not something you shouldn’t get excited about because it’s worth trying. The controller in … Read more

19 Best Protective iPhone Cases 2022

iPhone Cases of 2020

A good case is a wise investment for your iPhone. So, you should choose one of them from the best protective iPhone cases in 2022. Even the least expensive iPhone is pricey, and the right case will offer protection against scratches, dings, and cracks especially when you drop your iPhone a lot or you work … Read more

Longest 8 Best Battery Life Phones [Sep 2022]

Best Battery Life Phone

Using smartphones has become an addiction these days. Here are the 10 best battery life phones in 2022. With time, new technologies and features are being introduced to your smartphones every day. But large battery capacity is something everyone wants to have that follows Longest Battery Life Smartphone. Battery life is the most important thing … Read more

8 Smartphone Common Battery Myths 2022 You Need To Know

Common Battery Myths

Last updated: April 20, 2022 Smartphones have become something we love so much these days. It has become something we can’t live without. Common battery myths in 2022. Smartphones have been around for more than a decade. It has evolved during times with Blackberry, iPhones, and many others which offered more than just stereotyped texting … Read more