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3 Best Methods to do Reverse Video Search

If you want to go to the source of the video you have found or if you want to relevant information regarding the video then worry no more because I have mentioned the top 3 reverse video search engines which will help you to find out all the relevant information and the authentic source of the video.

Let’s begin!

What is a reverse video search?

Now you must be wondering what a reverse video search is. Well, it is basically a way to search all the web pages in order to find the relevant one where your item has appeared.

Suppose you have a video which is your item and now you want to find the source of that video so you will do this to find the authentic source or webpage where the video has appeared.

These search engines use the pixels and the colors of your video to find the relevant item online. Though the process does not always show you the accurate result it is worth the try.

Why do a reverse video search?

Why it is important and why should I do it? If you are wondering about the same thing let me answer your question. If you are a content creator and you want to see whether someone is using your video with your consent and has not given credits you can use the reverse video search to find that out.

Reverse video sharing is also useful in finding full-length videos if you do not have them already. And it is also helpful in finding the related content to the video you currently have. So if you are looking for videos in the same genre as your current video then you can do this to find them out.

Top 3 methods for reverse video search

Method 1: search it with Google

Google image is a great search engine for finding the relevant source of the image.

Now it does not support videos but you can do a reverse video search by taking a screenshot of the video and uploading it on Google image to find the relevant source of the video.

Method 2: Do it with Shutter stock

Shutterstock as the name suggests is one of the widely used and largest stock video platforms. And recently it has launched its reverse video search as well. Follow the steps below to do the reverse video search on Shutterstock.

  • Take a screenshot of the video.
  • Navigate to the Shutterstock website and go to its footage option in the menu bar.
  • There you will find the option of search by image click on it. And upload your screenshot there.

After that Shutterstock will show you all the relevant videos.

Method 3: Search it with Berify

It is a highly effective tool for doing reverse video searches. It follows the same process as above.

  • Go to the website, create an account and upload the screenshot of your video to begin searching for the authentic source and relevant information about the video.


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