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How to Send a Bulk Email Without Showing Addresses

In this article, you will know how to send a bulk email without showing addresses to multiple receivers. We will see the main points in managing this aim by using Gmail and point of view.

Now and then we need to send emails to more than one person. It is a very easy job, e.g in Gmail, all you want to do is enter all of the names into the To field. Now Done. In whatever way, there are many times when we do not need to appear all of the addresses to our receiver.

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In the arrangement to grow to clicks in your emails, we approve in addition to your email effort with the push of the notifications.

A bulk email has always looked good as one of the very effective paths to reach as many people as accessible without too much effort. When you are sending out bulk emails, there are various key features that you need to pay attention to. In the end, many of the bulk emails have a key objective, making the new chance.

How to Send a Bulk Email Without Showing Addresses?

Regardless if it is trying to make new relationships with the people in your manufacturing or sending a no-permanent offer, then you need to make sure you are coming to have the best outcomes.

Sending out a bulk email takes a lot of work to get right as there are a few items you should keep away from, such as hiding the receiver who will be receiving this email.

These steps are as follow to send bulk email without showing addresses

  • First, you Compose a new email by clicking the Compose option within Gmail or holding the Ctrl + C.
  • Now you type the “email subject” in this field.
  • You copy the text into the email field and you involve the email signature.
  • Then you click the “To” option button more than the email subject.
  • Now you can have your email address in the “To field” option.
  • You can Copy all the email addresses from your list of receivers.
  • Click on the “BCC” in the “Gmail” of the Composer.
  • Then you paste the email addresses in the BCC field, your Gmail will now automatically unconnected all of the addresses so there is no need for you to add any commas.
  • You check the copy of your email subject and the satisfaction of Gmail.
  • Finally, click on the Send button or timetable.

Follow the next steps 

  • First, you make a New Email.
  • You enter “Undisclosed recipients”.
  • Now you enter your Email Addresses.
  • Next, you Compose a Message and Send this.
  • Gmail restriction.
  • Then bulk Email Service benefits.

Send a Bulk Email Without Showing Addresses

  • First, you Compose a new email in your desktop application or the latest online version of Outlook.
  • Now you type the email subject in the subject box.
  • Now you copy the BCC button at the top corner of the email.
  • In your list or sheet, you can copy the email address.
  • And paste the addresses in the BCC field, now you can type your email address in the To field.
  • Now you check your email for any fault.
  • Then you finally press the Send button.

In this article, we provide you 5 steps by using to send emails without showing the address

  1. First, Sign – up for the Saleshandy.

First, you create an account Saleshandy dashboard. It takes a maximum of two minutes to do.

  • Then you attach your Saleshandy account to Gmail.

Now you connect your account with the Email. In the course of signing – up as a replacement the registering, then you choose to continue with Google. First Go to Settings > Email Accounts > and Added Email Account.

  • Then you create a sequence & compose your email.

Then connect successfully attach your account, in the left side of the corner, and click on the Create Sequence, next drafting the email in the path you like > after Compose your email > then click on save. 

  • Add your prospects list.

Now add the prospects to which to send this email sequence. Now click on the Add Prospects then can either import a CSV file or find & add.

  •   Finally Activate your sequence.

After finishing the above 4 steps your email sequence is ready to be sent. Now you click on the top-right corner with the Pause button to activate your sequence.


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