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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Send GIF on Snapchat

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are animated images that are used to communicate and express feelings, emotions, jokes, and ideas. Gifs are associated with moving images with no sound. But it can also be found in still images.

Texting with gifs helps add expressions that can’t be conveyed through simple text as simple text fails to precise feelings and emotions.

Most social media platform supports gifs including Facebook and WhatsApp. But now Snapchat supports this feature as well.

Why did Gifs become popular?

Send GIF on Snapchat

GIFs generally involve some slight motion that is accompanied by text. The motions give standout ability among static images. The reason why gifs became popular is that the animation process is simple and produces highly expressive effects.

This article includes steps on how to send Gif on Snapchat and the same method will apply to both Apple and Android devices. Let’s proceed further!

How to Send GIFs on Snapchat Snap?

First, download the Snapchat application on your mobile phone and log in to your account.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Click on the camera icon to take a snap or upload an image from your mobile gallery.

Camera icon

  • Then tap on the sticker icon to feature gifs.

Sticker icon to feature gifs

  • Search and select a GIF from the GIPHY section, and click any gif to add it to your picture. To pick out a gif of your choice you can also type a word or phrase within the search box.

GIF from the GIPHY

  • Drag the gif and place it in your preferred location. You can also adjust the size.
  • Lastly, click the send option to send the snap to a friend or post it to your story.

How to Send GIFs on Snapchat Messages?

You can also send Gifs on Snapchat texts if you do not want to use the in-built Snapchat Gif.

For Android

If you want to send GIFs on Snapchat messages on an Android phone then you need to install the Gboard app and set Gboard by default.

  • Open the chat of the person you’d prefer to send the gif to.
  • Tap on the gifs option

Send GIF on Snapchat

  • You will see a variety of gifs. Select the gif of your choice and send it to your friend.

For iPhone

You will need the Giphy keyboard to send gifs on Snapchat iphone. For that follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the chat room of the person you wish to send a gif to.
  • Press the Globe icon on your keyboard and choose Giphy from the list.
  • Select the gif and click on send to send it to your friend.

How to Send GIFs on Snapchat from Camera Roll?

Sometimes you find a gif on the internet and save it to your phone so you could send it to your friends later. To send gif on Snapchat from the camera roll follow these steps:

  • For this, you download the gif and open your mobile gallery to select the gif which you want to send.

Send GIF on Snapchat

Send GIF on Snapchat

Now you can post GIFs easily.


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