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How to Stop Apple Music From Automatically Playing

This article teaches you how to stop Apple Music from autoplay on your iPhone after a song or album is finished. It also includes some proven tips for preventing the iOS app from turning on by itself when connecting to another device, such as an automotive system, AirPods, headphones, or a Bluetooth speaker.

By default, the iOS Music app continuously plays songs from the Apple Music library unless otherwise specified. It can be frustrating when you want to listen to just one song or album and then go about your day.

How to stop Apple Music from automatically playing tracks?

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, launch the Music app.
  2. Tap the mini-player at the bottom of the screen which shows the song being played. If nothing is playing, start playing one.
  3. Tap the Next icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. When autoplay is turned on, you will see an autoplay playlist in the lower half of the screen and a highlighted autoplay icon to the right of the currently playing song. Tap the Auto Play icon to turn it off.
  5. If done correctly, the Autoplay playlist should disappear immediately and Apple Music will now automatically stop playing music.
  6. You can now return to the main app screen by tapping the Next icon again and then swiping it down to minimize the player.

How to Stop Automatic Apple Music Playback?

Sometimes Apple Music seems to start automatically when connected to a car system, speaker, headphones, or earphones. While the cause is unlikely to be an official iPhone or Apple Music feature, there are still a few things you should try to prevent this from happening.

Place your AirPods in their case: Apple AirPods can detect when you’re wearing them, but they can be tricked into holding them in your hand or even putting them in a dark bag. When you put them in the case, make sure they don’t turn on by themselves and start playing music automatically. 

Take care of your headphones: Similar to Apple’s AirPods, many headphones let you control music on an iPhone and make apps seem like they’re automatically playing on their own.

Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone: If Apple Music keeps playing automatically every time you get in the car, the easiest way to stop it is to turn off your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth to prevent it from connecting. You can also turn off your car’s Bluetooth if you’re not using it for anything else.

Is it Apple Music or Spotify? Many smart cars and speakers have Spotify functionality built in. Spotify could play instead of Apple Music. If your device has a screen, check which app is playing.

Disable forwarding. The iPhone Handoff feature resumes media playback on devices once they have been automatically detected. By accessing Settings and navigating to General > AirPlay & Handoff, you may modify and even turn off Handoff.


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