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How can I Stream in my TV without Wi-Fi

Do you not have Wi-Fi available but you do want to watch content on your smart TV? Well, worry not because if you have your phone then you can simply use it to connect it to your TV and watch anything you want on it.

Stay tuned till the end of the article to find out how. 

How can I Stream in my TV without Wi-Fi?

Screen Mirroring

Advantages: it is pretty easy to use and is also not so complicated to connect. There are also not any cables laying around plus an easy method to connect your phone to your TV without any internet connection.

Disadvantages: once your phone is connected to your TV you will not be able to use your phone and the screen is also on the whole time which will drains your phone battery. Plus your phone notifications will be visible on your TV screen.

Screen mirroring is a great option if you do not have Wi-Fi available for your TV. This is basically connecting your phone with your TV.

Follows the steps below to learn how to do the screen mirroring.

  • Step no.1: Make sure your TV supports the option of screen mirroring.
  • Step np.2: Switch on the screen mirroring on both your laptop and your phone.
  • Step no.3: And that is it. All you need to do is connect both your phone and TV with screen mirroring and you are able to stream shows and movies on your TV without any Wi-Fi.


Advantage: it is also easy to use. And it does not drain your phone battery because your phone can stay off throughout. And it also does not have any cables laying around.

Disadvantages: not every TV supports screencasting options. So if you have a model which does not then this will be problematic for you.

Screen casting is kind of similar to screen mirroring. The only difference is that there are three devices involved which are your phone, your TV, and a casting device.

Follow the steps below to learn how to do screencasting.

  • Step no.1: Connect a casting device to your TV.
  • Step no.2: Select a show on your phone that you would like to watch on your TV.
  • Step no.3: Then simply start casting the video on your TV by selecting the device from the list of casting.

This is it. You have successfully cast the video on your TV without any Wi-Fi.


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