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How to stream Peacock on LG Smart TV

In today’s fast-paced world, streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu are a must-have for entertainment seekers. However, not everyone has access to these services; instead, they rely heavily on traditional television (TV) channels for their viewing experience.

This can be problematic for people who live in rural areas or those who have limited internet bandwidth, among other reasons. Luckily, there are now several ways to watch Peacock on your smart TV platform.

Let’s begin!

Streaming Apps for LG Smart TV

Can I stream Peacock on my smart TV?
Can I stream Peacock on my smart TV?

LG smart TV sets come with a wide range of built-in apps that allow users to easily browse and choose from an extensive library of over 100 live and recorded shows, movies, and sports events.

Users can also customize the settings of their favorite live shows, movies, games, and more. The app store is packed with popular titles for different genres, making it easy to find anything you might need. Whether you’re interested in news, comedy, or romance, you’ll find something to match your preferences.

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How to Get Started With Peacock Service on LG TV?

Is Peacock available on LG smart TV?
Is Peacock available on LG smart TV?

LG smart TV users can get started by downloading the Peacock app on their smartphones. Then follow the steps below if you want to use Peacock on your LG device:

Launch Peacock on your Android or iOS device. Alternatively, connect your LG smart TV to a larger display via HDMI cable.

  • Connect to any compatible Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Echo. After connecting, go to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Peacock.”
  • You’ll see all your existing Peacock subscriptions listed under “Subscriptions” > “My Subscriptions.”
  • Click on “Add” next to each account and select the one you wish to add Peacock to.
  • Choose between “Free-to-Use” or “Premium,” depending on how much you’d like to spend on Peacock services.
  • Once done, click on “Save Changes” and then continue to “Settings.”
  • Make sure to check the box marked “Set As Default.” Select “Peacock Offers” for each account you want to keep using the service.
  • Select “Free-to-Use” for the first time if prompted.
  • When you’re ready to stop paying for Peacock services, simply close them all at once.

Finally, restart your LG smart TV and enjoy the benefits of Peacock. By following these simple steps, you can stream Peacock on your LG smart TV anytime, anywhere—with no commercials.

Best Way to Experience Peacock on LG Smart TV

The best way to experience Peacock at home is through a screen size that is small enough to fit comfortably within your living area. If you’re looking to stay connected while watching favorite shows or movies, smaller screens are ideal. Also consider investing in a projector if possible, since large-screen projectors may be too expensive for some.

Before purchasing a new projector, look for one that is light enough to cast the image without disturbing the rest of the room. When choosing a projector, avoid choosing models with large lenses or bulky frames. Instead, opt for ones made specifically for movie viewing, such as overhead lighting or dimmable lights. If you want to learn more about installing a projector, check out our guide to selecting the right projector.


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