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How to Tell if a YouTube Video is Demonetized

First, let’s take a look at what monetization is.

When your YouTUbe videos contain ads and when anyone watches that video and they have to watch that advertisement as well. Which will generate revenue. This entire process is known as monetization. When there is a monetary gain in the videos you create.

Now let’s take a look into why your videos are demonetized and how can you tell that you are videos are demonetized.

What is demonetization?

What is demonetization

Demonetization occurs when the content you are creating and then uploading to your account is not advertiser friendly, which means it contains offensive content or content which does not align with the YouTube guidelines.

And when your videos are demonetized then it means that you will not be getting any monetary gains from the videos you create.

There are several reasons why you are facing such issues. I have listed down a few common reasons why your monetization is disabled for your YouTube account.

Monetization is disabled for your YouTube account

  1. You have uploaded offensive content to your account. Your content is involved harassment, cyberbullying, or any offensive content which is not in alignment with the guidelines of YouTube. Or your videos contain unkind content which is demeaning to certain communities.
  2. Before uploading content you have selected the wrong audience. And the video you have made is not appropriate for the audience you have chosen. For example, you have added children to the audience list but your video contains content that is not age appropriate.
  3. You have used a lot of profanities in your videos. This is also one of the reasons why your videos will get demonetized. Your language is not appropriate enough. Now you must have seen people using profanities in their videos all the time but there is a limit to which they can use slur words. So you should keep that limit in mind before using profanities.
  4. Sexually explicit videos also get demonetized on YouTube. So make sure that your videos are not sexually explicit. And they are in alignment with the guidelines of YouTube. Your videos have to be family-friendly.

How to Tell if a YouTube Video is Demonetized?

Tell if a YouTube Video is Demonetized

Now that I have given you enough information regarding what demonetization is and why it occurs. Now let’s take a look into how can you tell whether your YouTube videos are demonetized or not.

When there is a green dollar sign near your videos then it means that your videos are monetized and you will receive the revenue it generates. And when that green sign turns yellow then it means that your videos are demonetized because it has gone beyond the guidelines of YouTube.

There is also an option for a second review of your videos if you think that your videos are appropriate.


I have given all the sufficient information one needs regarding the monetization and demonetization process of YouTube. I hoped it answered all your queries.


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