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How To Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV

To improve navigation or make room for your LG TV storage, you might want to periodically uninstall apps from LG Smart TV. We do offer a tutorial for understanding how to close applications on LG TV in addition to this article’s coverage of how to entirely delete applications from the LG TV.

With LG smart TVs, replacing or uninstalling apps is simple. This brief explanation will walk you through the process!

How To Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV?

Hide apps on an LG smart TV
Hide apps on an LG smart TV
  • Click the Power button.
  • Go to the application you want to uninstall.
Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV
Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV
  • Whenever the appropriate app is displayed, hold down the remote’s Selection key for a lot longer.
  • The app’s Trash can icon will show; choose this.

According to the model of the LG TV and the Internet OS version you are using, these steps may change. Even though their LG Smart TVs have trouble loading applications, some owners have been removing software.

We offer a more thorough guide on how to disable apps on various LG Smart TV versions below.

Web OS 6.0 LG TV app removals (Newer LG TV Models)

Delete apps on an LG smart TV
Delete apps on an LG smart TV

Follow these instructions assuming your LG TV is presently using the most recent LG Web OS 6.0.

  • Access the Home Screen.
    • The home screen is the greatest location to start because you can usually retrieve any LG TV apps from there. Click the Center symbol on the LG Smart TV controller to enter the home button.
  • Locate and choose the app you wish to remove.
    • Mark the LG TV app you want to remove on the Main Screen of your device.
  • Click the Select button repeatedly.
    • Users will now see the Modify Apps screen when your long-press the choose button. A trash can symbol should appear above the selected program when it loads.
  • Remove your LG TV App
    • The application will be deleted from your LG TV as long as you pick the garbage can icon while it is highlighted.

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Remove apps from older LG TV models

Hide apps on an LG smart TV
Hide apps on an LG smart TV
  • Access the Home Screen.
    • By hitting the Power button on your device, go to the home screen.
  • Go to the application you wanted to uninstall.
    • Holding down the OK button will bring up the edit mode menu.
  • Remove the application.
    • The X icon will now appear above the app, click it to delete it from the LG TV.

What can encourage you to remove an app from my LG TV?

Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV
Uninstall Apps From LG Smart TV

Let’s explore more closely. Individuals have a variety of reasons for removing programs from their LG TVs.

  • You stopped using the app.
  • Your LG Smart TV needs more storage space.
  • Arrangement of your apps
  • You want your LG smart TV’s performance to improve.

Contact LG Support

The time may have come to think about calling LG support to look into this further if none of our suggestions have assisted you in being able to erase apps from your LG TV.


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