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How to use VLC to record streaming video

VLC is a multimedia player which is also cross-platform and it is compatible with windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It is used to play any format of the video one can come across.

Stay tuned because in this article I will give you a complete guide on how to record a streaming video using VLC and much more.

How to enable a VLC record button?

Yes, you heard me right. VLC has a record option a user can use to record anything they like. VLC does not particularly advertise this feature but it is present follow the steps below to find out how.

  1. Navigate to VLC on your computer.
  2. Go to the view option in VLC.
  3. There go for advanced options.
  4. There you will find the VLC record button which will be next to the play button.

How to use VLC to record a video?

The recording process of VLC is user-friendly and does not have many complicated functions. All you need to do is make sure that the record button is clicked on VLC. After enabling the record button on VLC.

Just follow the steps given below to start recording any streaming video.

  1. From the top menu of VLC go to the media.
  2. On the media, menu scroll down and choose to convert/save.
  3. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a capture device Simply tap on it.
  4. And on the capture device, select capture mode dropdown, and from that select
  5. From the desired frame rate for the capture choose which frame you like the best.
  6. Now click on the convert/save option on the bottom right side of your screen.
  7. Now choose a name for your file and choose where you would like it to be saved.
  8. Now click on save to save your file in the chosen destination.
  9. Now press start, to begin with, your recording.

How can I record the network stream?

Streamers here me out. Would you like to record your screen with the help of VLC in just a few easy steps?

Follow the simple steps given below to record your stream with the help of VLC.

  1. Go to the VLC on your desktop and select the media menu there.
  2. Now simply scroll down and click on open network stream.
  3. Now open the browser of your choice and copy its URL.
  4. Now paste that copied URL to the given option in VLC Please enter a network URL.
  5. Okay, now click on the record button to begin recording your stream.
  6. And once you are done recording. Go to the VLC’s videos folder to find your recorded stream.


If you were curious about whether you could record any video on VLC or if VLC even had a record option. Well, I hope that now all your queries have been answered with this article.


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