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How to Watch ESPN Plus on Roku Device in Canada

ESPN is a popular streaming service. Sports lovers love to watch sports on ESPN. Canadians can’t access ESPN  because it is blocked in Canada.

It makes it difficult for sports fans to watch their favorite shows. However, VPN allows Canadians to stream on ESPN.

Through the Roku device, people can access this streaming service. They need a Roku device and ESPN Plus subscription to access the content.

After paying a minimum subscription fee, Users can watch trending and on-demand content without any restriction. YouTube and Hulu are other sources to watch ESPN.

How to access ESPN in Canada?

A Roku device user can easily access ESPN in Canada. There are 6 simple steps to download ESPN on a Roku device.

Using a stable Internet connection makes streaming smooth.

  • As ESPN is blocked in Canada, the first step is to get a premium VPN. Download and install the VPN, and change your current location to New York, US.
  • The next step is to go to the ESPN Plus website. Create an ESPN plus account. Hit the sign-up for creating new.
  • After creating an account, it is time to choose a subscription plan. A minimum subscription will give access to all premium content. ESPN plus charges $6.99/mo or 69.99/yr. A user can select a plan according to his convenience. ESPN + offers a free trial for users. If a user doesn’t like ESPN +, he can cancel his subscription at any time.
  • Go to the Roku Home screen. Search the ESPN app on the Roku app store. Add an app to the Roku device.
  • Use your login credentials after installing ESPN.
  • Now, Enjoy live streaming on ESPN without any restriction.

Download ESPN Plus content

Some users like to watch content after downloading it. But ESPN plus does not offer its users to download content on Roku devices. Users can not watch content online. However, ESPN plus content can be downloaded on the mobile app. It’s restricted. All content can not be downloaded.

Only a few shows and documentaries are available for offline viewing. This available content can be easily downloaded on the app, and users can watch the content later on.

Which Roku devices are suitable to watch ESPN plus content?

There are so many Roku devices on the Market. Some are old Roku devices and some are new devices.

The good news is ESPN plus content can be watched on all the old and new Roku devices. But some Roku devices are not compatible with ESPN plus.

These are Roku Hd 2500×, Roku 2 Hd 3000×, Roku 2 XS 3100×/Eu, Roku Lt 2400×/Eu, Roku Lt 2450×, Roku streaming stick 3400×, and Roku streaming stick 3420×. Make sure you use a Roku device that is compatible with the ESPN streaming service.

ESPN is not available in Canada but through a VPN, users can stream on ESPN. People can access ESPN on a free trial.

Later on, they can cancel it when they do not need it. Users can enjoy watching sports, shows, documentaries, and other trending shows. Make sure to use a reliable connection to avoid buffering issues.


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