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How can I add apps to my Sony TV without Google Play

In this article, you know how to add apps to my Sony TV without Google Play, you can only download apps that are suitable for TVs. They may be different from apps from smartphones and tablets.

Let’s begin!

Android TV

In Android TVs, Google Play, or the Search for apps on Google TVs, only the show apps are supported by the TV.

  • First, you are sure an internet connection or a Google Account is needed to install the apps.
  • In your mobile, if you do not have the Google Account, and you want to create a new shared account.
  • Then you create a new account by gaining access to the Google homepage. Now you suggest that you create a Google Account on a mobile device or a computer.

How can I add apps to my Sony TV without Google Play?

About paid apps: Here are many apps and paid apps. If you want to buy a paid app, then you prepaid a Google Play gift card code or the credit card info you have required. Now you can buy a Google Play gift card from many retailers.        

Developer app                Google and the other

Family OS.                      Android

Working place.                ( Google TV and SDK were removed in June 2014 )

Starting Release            October 6, 2010; 12 years ago 

The target for Marketing the Smart TV platform

Success by Android TV. Official website.  

Can I use Sony TV without Google?

You enjoy some functions on the Android TV smoothly without a Google account you logged in. Now you can watch TV programs, and movies and can enjoy all of the Sony applications like the Video & the TV on the SideView app, and you see home network functions for the music app, album app, video app, and network app, etc.

Install the Google Play Store on my Sony TV

For inputting button option using the remote control. 

  • First, on your remote control, you can click the Input button.
  • And now Select + Edit which is located and select on the Google Play Store app.
  • Then google play store app will be added to the available options and you can now approach it by clicking the input instruction on your remote and selecting the Google Play Store.

Download the many apps on my Sony Smart TV

With the help of the remote control, click on the HOME button > and now select the Google Play store app in the apps group. Take note of the Android 8.0 and a few Android 9 models. If the Google Play Store is not in the Apps of the group, then select the apps, and pick up the Google Play Store or get more of the apps.

Sony Bravia an Android TV

Google app or Android TV is some TV that the user of Android and the Operating System ( OS ) from Google. Android TVs have been involved as part of Sony’s TV list – up since 2015, and Google TV was established starting in 2021.


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