5 Ways To Download Google Meet for PC and Mac?

Ever since the pandemic, online apps like Google Meet and Zoom have gained immense importance.

This is mainly because people need a reliable platform to communicate with each other. They need a platform that won’t take much time loading, and directly forms a connection with the other party.

Whether it is a business meeting or a school class, Google Meet has been very reliable for students and teachers.

Before learning how to download Google Meet on PC and Mac, it is important to first learn about the many features of Google meet, and the pros and cons of using it. There are so many features available to those who download and use Google Meet.

Number of Meetings

A user can connect with as many people as they want to, at the same time. Video conferencing is a widely used tool of Google Meet.

Anyone who has a Gmail address, can easily set up a Google Meet account and talk to about 100 participants in a single meeting.

Automated Captioning

During a live meeting, the Google speech recognition tool will caption a meeting. In case someone doesn’t understand anything, or there are deaf people joining in a meeting, this feature can be very helpful.

The closed captions for meetings are available in the English Language.


Whether it is PC or Mac, Google Meet is a compatible service and can be downloaded on any device. People can download Google Meet on their cell phones, and have video conferences on the go.

The organizations that need support during conferences, Google Meet hardware will surely provide a solution to them.

Preview of Video and Audio

Most people feel embarrassed about how they look on screen. Before entering a meeting while using Google Meet, a user can adjust both their camera and microphone, to see how they sound and look like.

In fact, they can also get a preview of who else has already joined the meeting.

Layouts and Screen Setting

Google Meet can automatically switch the layout of video meetings so that the user can see on the screen, those participants who are the most active.


There are several controls that users can benefit from in Google Meet. They can pin participants, mute both audio and video, or mute a particular person at a conference.

The users who have education accounts, only they have the authority to mute or remove others present in a group.

Screen Sharing

This is perhaps the most useful feature of Google Meet. This is specifically beneficial for those students or colleagues, who are in the same group and are working on a project together.

When a participant shares his screen, then the other participants can clearly see what the person is doing, or read the content that the user is showing them.

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As everyone already has a Gmail account, signing up for Google Meet is very easy.

This is a good way to connect with friends, colleagues, students, and family.

The screen sharing feature is very helpful, as it saves time. Instead of explaining to people what you are doing, you can easily show it to them.

The video chats are very quick to connect.

Google Meet is very easy to set up. Even if someone has never used an app like this before, they won’t face any problems.


Sometimes, the screen freezes, but that is mainly because of a weak connection

The quality upgrades that similar apps offer, Google Meet doesn’t

Some users feel that there should be more features in the app

Some people don’t have Gmail accounts, and have only 1 account, like Yahoo or Outlook.


How to Download Google Meet for PC and Mac?

Google Meet for PC

For PC, the following are some of the ways to download Google Meet

Bluestacks Emulator

The user has to first look for Bluestacks and download it. Open the Bluestacks emulator on PC, and then use your Google Play account to log in.

There, they can search for the Google Meet app, and then click on install. It is a fairly easy method.

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MEmu Emulator

The second method is to use MEmu Emulator on PC. After it is downloaded, then open the emulator and download the Google Meet app from it.

You will find it in APK, which is from APKpure. When you go to the MEmu Emulator, you can click on the APK tab. After that, click on the Google Meet APK, and you can easily download it.

Out of these two methods, the best and easiest method is to download the Bluestacks Emulator.

Nox App Player

There are other emulators that the users can use to download Google Meet. For example, the fourth method here would be downloading the Nox App Player.

If the user goes to this site, here, and installs the player, then they can drag their Google Meet apk file to it, and run it without any hassle. This player has a very easy to use interface, and there will be no problems in running it on PC or Mac.

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Game Loop

The fifth method is to download GameLoop, which was previously known as Gaming Buddy. When the user downloads this emulator, he can not only run Google Meet but play games on it as well. The apk is very easy to download, and the page can be reached here.

These emulators are the only way for people to download Google Meet on their PC or Mac, otherwise, they will have to open a browser and the Google Meet website.

Out of these emulators, I would advise the user to download the Bluestacks Emulator, because it is very easy to run, and there is nothing complex about installing and using it. While other methods might be confusing for the user, this method would be plain and simple.


How to Unscramble Digital Cable Channels?

Do you ever miss your favorite shows due to the loss of your TV channel? It may be due to unsubscribing or descrambling of that cable channel.

The reason is that your cable subscriber buys a cable box which allows the cable customer to watch the cable channel of their own choice, as well as it also permits the user to watch on-demand movies and TV show.

Here, in this article, we will discuss how to use a cable box to descrambling your favorite TV channels.

What is cable descrambling?

A cable descrambling is a process used to decode a cable television signal, as a result of which, signals display on your television. Usually, cable descrambler device uses for this purpose.

Ordinarily, your local cable subscribers buy a cable box from the cable company, as they need to sign up for digital or regular cable operation. This cable boxes allow cable customers to watch and pay, according to how much they view.

  • Additionally, cable customers can also watch on-demand programs that you like, as well as they can also purchase their desired movies and television shows.
  • Cable subscriber selects the channels based on the subscription process.
  • As a result of that, although most of the cable channels remain scrambled, whereas, others descramble.
  • Sometimes people tempt to buy cable descramblers despite they know it will not be beneficial for them.

They decoded cable programs illegally without payment. Although, now a day it is quite simple to decode descramble cable broadcasts through finding the product that allows bypassing the encryption of a cable company. It will allow you to watch television shows without payment, but it is an illegal way of decoding a cable channel.

How can an Illegal Descramblers Catch?

People who illegally find the way to descramble cable TV may catch by the government through a number of ways. For example:

  1. While performing service, a cable technician can easily detect any pirate descrambler.
  2. Police might search out and sue the company from which you illegally bought the pirate boxes. If you are using this cable box to descramble the cable channels, you may be trace out by the police. As police also search out the list of all the customers along with your name.
  3. An illegal or unsubscribe cable box may detect by the cable company through the advanced technologies. This technology also detects the presence of an illegal cable box in a home. Therefore, you should not have any illegal cable boxes.

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How can you unscramble a TV channel?

Unscramble Digital Cable Channels

A cable box can be set up without any help from a technician. Here are the simple steps to set unscramble a TV channel.

  • Step 1: First, you need to connect your cable antenna to the appropriate radio frequency (RF).
  • Step 2: Second, you need to port the cable on the “Antenna In” at the backside of the digital converter box which catches the TV signals.
  • Step 3: Next, then connect the coaxial cable that attaches with the digital converter box to the “Antenna Out” the RF port on the converter box.
  • Step 4: Similarly, plug the other end of the coaxial cable into the RF port that labeled as  “Antenna In” on the TV.
  • Step 5: Now connect the power cord attached to the converter box to the electrical wall outlet.
  • Step 6: Once you connected, turn on the power button.
  • Step 7: Finally turn on the television.
  • Step 8: Set your desire channel to Channel 3.
  • Step 9: Keep your television on Channel 3. While keeping it on Channel 3 change the channel from with the help of a converter box.
  • Step 10: The volume of the television sound can control from the television, as well as from the converter box.

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Unscrambling is a simple process of decoding. It needs to subscribe to the cable box to enjoy unlimited watching of TV shows, movies, and serial how much you want.

It also permits you to watch all the TV channels according to your choice. There are many illegal methods to unscramble the channels which may result in embarrassment. So keep you cable box unscramble legally! here is a more helpful way. here


Who Wouldn’t Want a USB Security key for their PC or Mac?

Having a key for your systems, like PC or Mac, might sound odd but it could make the whole system safer. The user can use a USB drive for their PC and Mac, and this gives the system an extra level of physical security.

When the USB security key isn’t present, then that would lock the PC, and when the USB is plugged in, then the system will get unlocked.

In these times of uncertainty, when it is very easy to steal data from computers, who wouldn’t want a USB security key for their PC or Mac?

Why use a USB Security Key?

There are several reasons for choosing a USB Security key. Passwords might be able to protect the data online, but they are not very effective when it comes to keyloggers.

When you make a USB security key for your PC or Mac, you can rest assured that the data of your computer won’t be lost.

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How does it work?

If someone wants to make a USB security key, then all they need is a USB drive and a security key app. They have to install the app on their computer, then create a security key.

When the computer is on, the app will scan the USB port of the system for a device, which holds an encrypted file. If the file is not there, then the computer will lock unless and until the USB security is inserted in.

The main problem that users face with the security key is that, when they login to the computer, the key software will take some moments to launch and then secure the computer.

If someone has your password, then they will have a few moments to snoop on your files.

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How to create a Security Key?

To make a USB security key, you can use USB Raptor, because it is free. There are other apps as well, but you have to pay for them.

  • The first step is to go to the USB Raptor project, which users can found at Source Forge, and then click the download button.
  • The second step is to save the USB Raptor software on PC.
  • The software can unzip from the location of the folder, and then the user can run the application.
  • Click on ‘I agree’ when you see the terms of service. Then type the password in the encryption field that appears on the screen.
  • The next step is to select the USB drive, which you have input for the security key, and then click on the ‘create key file’ option.
  • After enabling the USB Raptor, and then go to advanced configuration.
  • There, the user has to click on the upper right corner of the app. Here, the user should check all the boxes, like starting the USB security key when the system tray starts.
  • The next time the user opens their PC, the USB security key would be activated, and their data will become secure.

This way may help: here


How to change folder color on Mac?

Whether you do this to dress up your desktop a bit, make Finder easier to use, or want to use color to easily identify certain types of folders, you can do it in just a few moments.

Here’s how.  Apple provides several ways to customize your Mac’s desktop and its icons, including changing a folder’s look.

Do you have many folders on your computer? Do you have a variety of file types in your PC? Have you ever lost your file when you are in a rush? A lot of folder on your desktop looks very massive.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find out the right one that you need. It takes a lot of time to search out your desire folder or file. Sometime you may lose your file or entire folder mistakenly when do not mark them to distinguish.

If you are facing all these problems, there is a solution why not you give a color code to each of these folders, so that they categorized into different groups.

Additionally, the Mac operating system allows a customized color scheme for your folders. This feature offers to add some fun color, according to your choice.

If you have a question in your mind that how to change folder color on Mac. Don’t worry! This article will guide you every necessary step to change the color of your folder in the Mac operating system.

Change folder color on mac

Changing is not very hard. It just takes a few minutes to give a unique color to each of your folders. Here are the simple steps listed below to change the folder color on Mac.

  1. First, you need to go to that folder you want to customize, right-click on the folder, and then select “Get Info.”
  2. Click then on the folder icon that locates next to the folder.
  3. Click on the “Edit” option on the desktop Menu bar.
  4. Select then “Copy” option.
  5. Next, open the “Preview app” on Mac by searching it on the search bar. Another option to open the preview app is to go through the applications.
  6. Go to the Preview Menu bar, and click on “File.”
  7. Select the “New from Clipboard” option that will appear on the file window. It will result to create a file that looks similar to your folder.
  8. Select the “Markup tool” in the file.
  9. Click on the “Adjust Color icon” in the Manu bar. This icon seems to be a triangle with a curved line throughout it.
  10. This will open a popup box of the “Adjust Color“.
  11. Once the popup box opens, look for the slider towards the bottom of this popup box. Hold the slider that is next to the Tint, and move it to either side to adjust the color of the folder.
  12. When you have abject the color, look for the “X” button in the upper left corner of the window, and then click on this “X” button.
  13. Copy this folder by hitting the combination keys of command + C on your keyboard while selecting that colored folder which you recently did.
  14. Go back to the Folder Info box from the earlier steps.
  15. Click on the “Folder” icon.
  16. Paste the copied folder here by hitting the combination key of command + V on your keyboard.
  17. Now your folder will have a new color.
  18. Click on the “X” button on the “Folder Infobox which results in safe your folder as that new color.

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You can easily change your folder color within just a few minutes. This handy how-to will be very helpful to give a unique color based on a case by case basis.

Coloring of folder an amazing and full of fun activities to make a folders notable stand out on your PC. It also cleans your massive desktop by cluttering it.

Your desktop looks very colorful and unique by this funny activity. Here is a stepwise method to modify the color of folders. What technique do you apply to change the color of the Mac folder?


How to Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus?

Usually, office work has lots of Instruments, and software to run. It requires to ensure that all the user’s devices are secure.

Turning on of Windows Defender antivirus, which is a built-in protecting tool for malicious software, could be a help to protect your devices. Here are a few methods that can use to enable this protecting tool.

What is a windows defender?

Windows Defender is an anti-malware software of Microsoft for all the Windows operating systems.

Windows Defender now has become a fundamental security component of all the latest versions of Microsoft’s operating system. However, initially, it was launched for Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Operating System.

Windows Defender offers multiple sets of antimalware tools. This antivirus tool enables windows 10 as a default when it installs and boots up.

Sometimes peoples subscribe to various cybersecurity packages or they buy third-party antivirus software instead of the Windows Defender. Actually, they lost time, as well as waste money on these so-called offers.

Why you need a security tool?

If you have invested your money on the subscription of third-party security software, then you might turn off Windows Defender. As, in such a situation, Windows Defender could cause a problem with the third-party security software, when it works at the same time with other antivirus tools.

However, Windows Defender could be your first choice, when the third-party antivirus edition has become expired or outdated. Additionally, in the case when the subscription runs out, so you need to switch on back the Windows Defender security tools.

How to turn on the Windows Defender security tool?

There are only few steps you need to change on the security settings to access your Windows Defender security tools or to solve any troubleshooting to enable this default program.

Window defender security program works through two different default steps. First is enable the Window defender, while other is the turning on of real-time protection, finally, you need to check the update of antivirus definition.

  1. Turning on of Windows Defender

The simple steps to turn on the Window defender antivirus are listed below.

  1. Go to the Start button from the keyboard, and open the Control Panel by searching it in the search bar below the start Manu.
  2. Now go to the Administrative Tools, and then Edit group policy.
  3. This will result in opening a new window of the Local Group Policy Editor.
  4. Next, then open the Computer Configuration, and go to the Administrative Templates.
  5. From the Administrative Templates enter into the Windows Components, and then Windows Defender Antivirus.
  6. Look for the setting of Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus which will be located under the folders of other settings.
  7. Open Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus.
  8. Set it to disable.
  9. Turning one of the Real-time Protection

Verify that the Real-time Protection has turned through checking on the Windows Security.

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How to enable the Windows Defender security tool?

Go to the Virus and threat protection settings and confirm that both Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection are switched On. If you do not find these options, do the following steps to enable them:

  1. First, go to the window Start, then open the Control Panel by searching it on the search bar at the bottom.
  2. Open the Administrative Tools, and go to the Edit group policy. This will display a new window of Local Group Policy Editor.
  3. Here, you need to go to the Computer Configuration, and then Administrative Templates.
  4. Now, go to the Windows Components, and then Windows Security.
  5. Click on the Virus and threat protection.
  6. Open the Hide the Virus and threat protection area setting and set it to Disabled.
  7. Now, the real-time protection has turned on your PC
  8. Update your antivirus definitions

Ensure that, the antivirus definitions in your PC are updated. You can confirm it by going to the Window Start and look for the Windows Defender Security Center.

  • Select the Protection updates, as well as the Check for updates to ensure the protection.
  • This will confirm that your device is currently being up-to-date, and has protection against viruses.

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If you do not see this option here, then you need to follow all the steps which are listed in the turning on the Real-time Protection.


How to Clone Your MAC Address?

Every network interface has an option to change the address through the media access control (MAC) address.

A network interface card has a factory with a distinctive MAC address connected with the MAC address of the hardware. So, you can clone the MAC address of one device to be similar to the MAC address of another.

What is media access control?

Cloning of a media access control (MAC) address is also called changing the MAC address. You need the Cloning of a MAC address, whenever you want to set the MAC address of a device WAN port to change to the same MAC address associated with a different device or your PC.

Mostly routers or a network card permits to set a custom MAC address to override the hardware’s MAC address.

When you need the cloning of the MAC address?

This MAC address cloning usually is done when an Internet connection is associated with another MAC address. However, you can contact the network service by switching the MAC address, but it is a more convenient way that you have to clone the MAC address of the original device.

  • For example, sometimes the MAC address of your computer card is ISP’s register when your service has previously installed. In such a case, the ISP does not recognize the MAC address from the WAN port of the device even the router is placed behind the DSL modem or cable modem.
  • So, you have to configure your device, so that IPS recognizes the MAC address. Now, you need to clone the MAC address of the WAN port of the device to be similar to the computer MAC address.

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How can you change the MAC address?

There is a simple method through which you can clone your MAC address of Window, as well as a router.


  • Step 1: Click the Window button on the keyboard with the MAC address you wish to clone.
  • Step 2: Type “Cmd” into the search box at the bottom of the menu or the left-bottom of the desktop and hit the Enter key
  • Step 3: Once you type Cmd, Command Prompt icon will appear, click on it.
  • Step 4: Type “ipconfig /all” into the Command Prompt window and then hit the Enter.
  • Step 5: Under the Ethernet adapter field of the Command Prompt, look for the Warless LAN adopter Wi-Fi.” There will be a MAC address next to the Physical Address field on the right side, copy this MAC address.
  • Step 6: Again, click on the “Start” key on the keyboard with the MAC address that you need to change.
  • Step 7: Type “Device Manager” into the search box at the bottom of the menu, and go to the device manager.
  • Step 8: Right-click the “Wireless Network Adapter,” and right-click on it and then select the connection you want to clone.
  • Step 9: once you select the desired connection, a window will appear, go to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Step 10: look for the “property” section, select “Network Address” in the provided list of properties.
  • Step 11: click on the button left of the text box, and type the copied MAC address into the text box.
  • Step 12: click on the “OK” button to save your settings.

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  • Step 1: Type the local IP address that you use in connection or “” into the Web browser address bar, then hit the Enter key. Ask for the default IP address to the router documentation.
  • Step 2: Here, type the password of your router into the password box and hit the Enter key to log in. You may try “admin,” or ask for the default password for the router documentation, in the case when you don’t know the password or forgot.
  • Step 3: Click on the Status page, look for the physical address or MAC address that associate with your router’s WAN interface.
  • Step 4: Now, you have to plug out the old router from your computer, and plug in the new router to connect your computer.
  • Step 5: Go to the WAN settings on the router, and then type the MAC address of the old router into the new router physical address or MAC address box.
  • Step 6: Finally, click on the “Save Settings” button. Enjoy the Change!


How to Take a Screenshot Surface Pro 3?

Screenshots essentially have the capability of everything that happens to your desktop or smart screen at any time by just clicking the keyboard’s Print Screen key.

Here is the solution for everything about the screenshots, whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop device, a touch or type cover, using a surface pen, or the tablet itself. This article has a comprehensive walk-through, after that, taking a screenshot on your Surface is not an issue for you.

Why do you need to take a screenshot?

Taking a screenshot has become a common need of everyone, who is using smart devices and desktop devices. There is a lot of reason to record the Surface of the device.

For example, taking an image of your desktop, capturing the photos during a video conference, snapping your friends and relatives funny faces photos while a Skype session, forwarding your conversation with someone on the chatting apps, sharing of your screen from a game, saving the pictures from someone’s WhatsApp status, recording an accessible story of online programs or resources, or many more.

There are many methods to take screenshots on your Surface, but it depends on the nature of the devices and the Windows operating system.

How can you take a screenshot in Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 devices?

There are a lot of methods to take a screenshot, here, in this article you will learn the basic, simple and highly featured ways to record the screen of the Surface 3, as well as the Surface 3 Pro devices.

Method 1

  • Holding down the Windows logo of your Surface 3 devices on the front. At the same time push the volume-down button. It is the quickest way of taking a screenshot.
  • While recording the screen, it will little dim, and then the screenshot saves in “This PC” as the Screenshots folder under your Pictures library.

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Method 2

  • One of the advance feature screenshots on the Surface 3 devices in which you can enjoy an immediate option of image cropping.
  • You have to just double-click on the top button on the Surface Pen.
  • Result in taking a full screenshot of the desktop of device that will save to the One Drive cloud in the Screenshots folder on but this method also gives you.
  • You will see the greyed-out edition of the screenshot image on your screen.

You have to use the Surface Pen to drag the pen tip from one side of your desired screen’s part that you need to capture to the opposite side of the screen’s part. Once you leave the pen tip, your screenshot will display on the new page in OneNote.

Method 3

You can take the screenshots by using Snipping Tools, as Surface 3 devices support this Window’s built-in screenshot program.

  • It is the most functional way of recording the device’s screen.
  • First, you need to go to All Apps. Next, then either type the “Snipping Tool” into the Cortana or you may search the “Windows Accessories folder” to open the program.
  • This program has a vast variety of taking a screenshot, such as taking screenshots of, either the full screen or just the select part you wish, as well as the screenshot of an active window.
  • Furthermore, you have a wide range of file formats to save your screenshots, such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, or HTML files. You can save them anywhere in your device, where you want to save.

Method 4

  • Another common method of taking a screenshot on the Surface 3 devices is to hold down the combination keys of Windows + PrtScn on your device’s keyboard.
  • The screen will record and saved to This PC in the Screenshots folder under the Pictures library.

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Method 5

  • If you have installed Microsoft one drive in your Surface 3 devices, you just need to click the PrtScn only.
  • The screenshot will save to OneDrive in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library.

Method 6

  • If you want to record the screen of only the active windows on Surface 3 devices, you need to hold down the combination keys of Alt + PrtScn.

In this case, the screen will save again to the One Drive in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library.


How to Poke a Friend on Facebook?

“Poking” is a convenient and habit-forming activity that’s people like to do for passing their time. Facebook offers this simple feature to remain connected with friends. Everyone can poke to their friends in a very simple way.

It just needs to send an instant notification to friends listed peoples. In a poke, people write their names and add “poked you.” When you send this statement, your friend will get the option to remove your poke or poke you back. Learn how and when someone can poke to their friends within just a few minutes on Facebook.

Here, in this article, we are discussing everything about the poking how to poke a friend, why someone pokes their friends, what are the simple steps, etc.

What is the poking a friend on Facebook?

You should know everything about the poke before poking someone for the first time. Poking a friend means the following:

  • Sends a notification to your friend’s ID and tell him, for example, “Jams poked you.”
  • Allow your friend to poke you back, ignore your poke or dismiss the poke.
  • Send your poke on your friend’s poke page.
  • Your poke is visible to only your friend, you are poking too. Except for your friend, no one else can see your sent poke.

Why people poke each other?

Do poking means get the attention of your friends? The poking request of friends is a little bit tough to explain. It means a lot of different things. Poking your friends on Facebook is like poking your friends in real life.

Yes, it’s a more convenient way of getting someone’s attention in your life. But people often poke a person to tease him, sometimes let someone know that you’re thanking him or her.

Sometimes peoples use poke when they are missing or loving someone. When you want someone to send a message to you these all depend on the situation in which someone is doing poke.

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How to poke a friend on Facebook?

Poking need to follow the simple step. It just needs to open your Facebook account in a browser and follow along!

  1. Visit your friend’s FB profile. First, you need to just visit the Facebook profile of that person you want to poke. Search his name into the search bar top of your profile, then visit your friend’s page. You can click his name in your news feed. Keep in mind, you can only poke your friends, and can’t poke on the Facebook pages of those people who aren’t on your friend’s list.
  2. Click on ellipses or “” option. At the top-right of your friend’s profile, there is an option with ellipses or three dots there on the right of the cover photo, beside the “Massages.” Click on that option.
  3. Click on the “Poke” option. This will result to send a poke notification to your friend’s Profile. Your friend has the option to poke you back or delete your poke without replying.
  4. Visit your Poke page to see who has poked you. Facebook offers his users to view all of the pokes on the Pokes page. You can see the pokes that you sent to your friends, as well as the pokes that came from your friends, at once This Poke page has the address: This page also shows how many times and when you’ve poked with a friend.
  5. Poke back your friend. You can also poke your friend back by using the buttons on the Poke page. On your Pokes page, there will be a blue “poke” button appear next to the friend’s name who sends you to poke notification. You can poke them back by clicking on this blue button. This option is a more convenient and automatic method to poke many people at once without visiting their profiles.

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The poking of people is a simple habit adapted by Facebook users. Everyone can easily poke to any of their friends, remove the incoming poke from their friends or poke them back through the simple and easy steps, which have discussed above. Sometimes people poke your friends when they are free and nothing to do, but usually, it has some reasons, which depends on the time and situation.


How to Tell if Someone is Using your WiFi?

Whenever, you notice your web browsing is slowing down or your Netflix streaming is not running properly, you have to check out your wireless activity.

As there is a chance of stealing your Wi-Fi.  You might have got your neighbor mooching off your internet. If you want to confirm that someone’s stealing your Wi-Fi in real or not, and update your security setting, you have to read the full article.

Why does someone steal your Wi-Fi?

Besides the fact that peoples usually mooch off the internet connection to save their money. But there might be some other reasons, such as they might connect to your Wi-Fi because they want to access your shared folders or they might be using your internet connection to do some illegal activities.

No matter what, what is the reason? But you may suffer from difficulties, other than the slowing down of your internet connection. For example, you may get a complaining letter from your ISP company due to these all the BitTorrenting that truly you aren’t doing.


Every wireless router has an indicator light that tells, someone connected on the internet or not, hardwired network connectivity, and wireless internet connectivity. If you want to know, someone is using your internet or not.

You have to shut down all wireless devices and look at the indicator light if the wireless light is still blinking. This means there is some other wireless activity.

Network admin

You can find out your wireless network activity with the help of the router’s administrative console. So you need to change your router’s security settings.

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How can we identify the wireless activity on the Windows system?

  • First of all, you need to log into the console.
  • So, you have to go to a web browser window and type your router’s IP address.
  • Routers often have default IP addresses, so you cannot change anything in settings.

Another method to find this IP address on Windows is through the command prompt.

  • Go to the command prompt by pressing Window + R button or type cmd in the search bar.
  • A window will appear, then typing ipconfig on this window followed by pressing Enter key.
  • Your IP address will be next to the “Default Gateway” or “IPv4 Address.”
  • Next, then type this IP address in a browser window, so that you will prompt to log into your router.
  • Change your default router’s security setting.

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How can we identify the wireless activity on the Mac system?

  • On the Mac operating system, you need to open the System Preference, then go to Network.
  • You need to toggle over the active connection which is indicated by a green light.
  • Under the “Status,” search for the numbers. Otherwise, click on the “Advanced” option and go to TCP/ICP and seize the number which is next to “IPv4 Address.”
  • Next, then type this IP address in a browser window, so that you will prompt to log into your router. You have to change the router’s default security setting.

You can check this happening by this application.