10 Facebook Messenger Scams

Facebook Messenger Scams
It is very easy to fall prey to a scam nowadays, especially on social media websites. The scammers come up with such enticing and attractive offers, that no person can resist and Facebook Messenger Scams.There are many Facebook scams, which have happened since its appearance on the internet. This article will discuss 10 scams so that readers get to know how scams work, and how they can stay away from them. 10 Facebook Messenger Scams Account ViolationWhen Facebook users don’t Read more [...]

How To Install the Android SDK

Install the Android SDK
Android SDK is a software, which comprises of development tools that can develop Android applications. This software helps users to develop applications, which can run on an Android platform and Install the Android SDK.Android SDK software has the required libraries for software development, a debugger, emulator, relevant documents for APIs, source code and tutorials.When Google releases a version of Android, it also releases an SDK. If developers want to write programs using updated features, Read more [...]

How To Download Task Manager Mac

Download Task Manager Mac
People have been using Windows for a while now. Everyone knows how to exist programs that do not work or crash in the middle of a session and Download Task Manager Mac.However, there are new Mac users, who don’t know how to handle the tasks which stop working. Moreover, while the Windows version is known as a task manager, the Mac version is known as Activity Monitor.Activity Monitor is not different from a task manager and functions the same way.However, the user interface of an activity Read more [...]

How To Do Remote Desktop Connection for Mac?

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac
The remote desktop connection is a type of technology, which allows a computer to connect and control another PC.The other PC has to be in a remote location, and the first computer can control it with the help of the internet, or a network and Remote Desktop Connection for Mac.Remote Desktop Connection for Mac piece of technology was introduced by Microsoft.Controlling a remote desktop connection is possible with the help of a terminal service, called Remote Desktop Service. Remote Desktop Read more [...]

(Tips & Guide) How QR Codes Are Generated

How QR Codes Are Generated
In this post, I will explain How QR Codes Are Generated with step by step and I want you to keep reading till the end for getting the idea. What Is a QR Code?QR codes, another way to say "speedy reaction" codes. They are square-formed highly contrasting images that individuals can sweep. Utilizing a cell phone to become familiar with an item.These encoded squares can hold joins, coupons, occasion subtleties, and other data that clients should take with them for alluding to later. How Read more [...]