How to Unlock Phone From a WIFI

Unlock Phone From a WIFI

In case your phone is locked from a Wi-Fi network, worry not because there are ways through which you remove that lock from your phone. You can either alter your phone’s MAC address or you can ask the Wi-Fi representative to unblock you manually. Worry not because in this article I will explain all the … Read more

How to Block Someone on COD Mobile

Block Someone on COD Mobile

All of your days could be perfect for you, and suddenly, someone just decides to ruin them. Sure, you should have seen it coming, but nobody ever wants to expect the unexpected. There’s no need to worry though; there are plenty of ways that you can block a certain player on your account! Whether they’re … Read more

How to Remove Friends Except List on Facebook

Remove Friends Except List on Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that caters to over three billion users worldwide. Facebook allows users to connect with friends and family, share photographs, message each other, and manage their social life. Despite being one of the most famous social media platforms today, people are constantly afraid of it being taken from them. The … Read more

How to Watch ESPN Plus on Roku Device in Canada

Watch ESPN Plus on Roku Device in Canada

ESPN is a popular streaming service. Sports lovers love to watch sports on ESPN. Canadians can’t access ESPN  because it is blocked in Canada. It makes it difficult for sports fans to watch their favorite shows. However, VPN allows Canadians to stream on ESPN. Through the Roku device, people can access this streaming service. They … Read more

[SOLVED] Update YouTube on PC

Update YouTube on PC

If you’re looking to update your YouTube account on your computer, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can use the YouTube app on your computer, or you can use the YouTube website. There are different ways and steps to take for each, so we’ll go over each in more detail. … Read more