Exploring USB On-The-Go (OTG) Support in the Redmi 13C

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, the Redmi 13C stands out as a versatile device that goes beyond the conventional.

Among its array of features lies the capability to support USB On-The-Go (OTG), a functionality that enhances its usability in myriad ways.

(OTG) Support in the Redmi 13C

OTG empowers the Redmi 13C to act as a host device, allowing seamless connectivity with external peripherals such as USB flash drives, keyboards, mice, and game controllers.

This transformative feature opens up a world of possibilities, turning the smartphone into a multifunctional tool for productivity, entertainment, and beyond.

Enabling OTG on the Redmi 13C is a simple process.

  • You need to follow up setting area in mobile.
  • Go to about phone.
  • You will see additional settings there.
  • And the OTG option will be showing over there.
  • Just hit that option.

You should try alternative

  • Users need only acquire a compatible OTG adapter or cable, readily available from various retailers.
  • These adapters typically feature a micro-USB or USB-C connector. Seamlessly integrates with the charging port of the device.
  • On the opposite end, a full-sized USB port awaits the connection of external peripherals.
  • Once the OTG adapter is connected. You will see a new notification.
  • The Redmi 13C intelligently recognizes the peripheral and switches into OTG mode automatically.
  • A notification promptly informs users of the successful activation, indicating readiness to connect external devices.
Does Redmi 13C Support OTG

The applications of OTG are diverse and practical. For instance, users can effortlessly transfer files to and from their smartphones by connecting a USB flash drive. This functionality proves invaluable for individuals needing to move large files or documents without reliance on cloud services or data networks.

Moreover, OTG opens avenues for enhanced productivity by facilitating connections with input devices like keyboards and mice. With this capability, the Redmi 13C can transform into a makeshift workstation, empowering users to tackle tasks with efficiency and comfort, even on the go.

Does Redmi 13C Support OTG?

Yes, it does.

For gaming enthusiasts, OTG support enables seamless integration of compatible controllers, elevating the gaming experience to new heights of immersion and enjoyment.

Does Redmi 13C Support OTG

Whether conquering virtual worlds or engaging in multiplayer battles, the Redmi 13C equipped with OTG ensures a seamless and responsive gaming experience.


In conclusion, the inclusion of OTG support in the Redmi 13C underscores Xiaomi’s commitment to providing users with devices that excel in both performance and versatility. By harnessing the power of external peripherals, the Redmi 13C transcends the boundaries of a traditional smartphone, becoming a dynamic tool for productivity, entertainment, and creativity.

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