5 Best Android TV Browsers In 2024

It’s hard to believe that the first Android TV came out. In the years since then, the platform has changed a lot. It is now a fully developed TV experience that is similar to the Android experience on phones and tablets.

The browser is an important part of this filling out, even though it might not seem so important on a TV. But if you’ve ever tried to stream material from a streaming service using an app that wasn’t supported, you know how important it is.

A browser also turns a regular TV into a real Smart TV because you can do most of the things you do on your laptop or PC in a browser, so you can also do them on your TV.

5 Best Android TV Browsers In 2024

Google Chrome

Best Android TV Browsers

Google Chrome is the greatest TV browser. Chrome is a strong and feature-rich product, as one would expect from Google. However, it differs from other browsers in that it is by far the most well-known and frequently utilized. It works on all devices, and we use it daily for both business and leisure reading.

Chrome on Android TV apps is pretty much the same, but what’s more, it has features that keep your passwords, bookmarks, and suggestions in sync across all of your devices, so you can browse easily no matter where you are.

Firefox from Mozilla

Firefox Android TV Browsers

Firefox from Mozilla is one of the best browsers you can use instead of Chrome. This is an open-source browser called Firefox. It has a lot of features, such as an ad blocker, a powerful browser engine, and even a tool that lets people who use Mozilla on both their phones and computers keep their data in sync.

Firefox is safer and more private than Chrome, and it’s our choice for users who are very picky.

TV Bro

TV Bro Browser

When looking for an app that makes watching from less common services easier, especially ones that don’t have their own apps or only use third-party apps, you might want to check out TV Bro.

This app has common features like tabbed viewing, downloads, and easy navigation. But it goes one step further by having an ad blocker built in and better support for HD streaming from within the browser. It’s also well-made, and you can use a normal Android TV remote or even an attached computer mouse.

Puffin TV

Puffin TV Android TV Browser

Puffin TV is a subscription-based television website. You may test it for free for seven days, and there are also low-cost daily, weekly, and monthly options.

You should pay for this browser because it provides one of the greatest web browsing experiences for the best Android TV. It also has a special Puffin TV Remote app for simpler navigation, the ability to push URLs, and support for video formats that can be played back directly from the browser, making it an all-in-one solution.


DuckDuckGo Android TV Browsers

The only thing DuckDuckGo is a browser for is privacy. It does, in fact, offer “the most comprehensive online privacy protection in one app,” as the description says.

This is the browser you want if you want to stay anonymous online while still using the internet’s benefits. It was built from the ground up to protect your privacy, stop data harvesting, and lessen ad-targeting. Some of the built-in security features are private search, safe email, anti-tracking for apps and websites, better encryption, and a lot more.

Other Ways to Use Android TV to Browse the Web

There are a few other Android TV apps you can use if none of the ones listed above work for you.

Link to Steam

You can get to your Steam library and play games on your TV with the Steam Link app for Android TV. But you can also stream your desktop to your TV and use it to browse the web.

After putting the app on both devices, link them up to the same network. After that, open the Steam Link app on your Android TV and connect it to your PC by following the on-screen prompts. You can use your Android TV remote or a game controller to move around on your desktop and browse the web once you’re linked.


The GameStream feature on an NVIDIA Shield lets you connect to your Windows PC and use any desktop browser you want.

You can do this because the GeForce Experience app on your PC lets you add any game to GameStream by hand. This is the Remote screen Connection app. If you add C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe, you can quickly see your computer’s screen.

Make a Screencast

Android TV boxes already have Chromecast built in. Hence, Chromecast lets you mirror your computer screen on your TV, so you can use any PC browser you have set up.

The lag is bad when you use Chrome cast to open a browser on an Android TV. While it might not be perfect for some jobs, it’s more than enough for streaming videos and listening to music.

Which VPN for Android TV is the best?

We looked at a lot of different options and compared their pros and cons. The Puffin TV Browser seems to be the best choice for your Android TV. You have to pay for it, but it’s clean, quick, and has just the right amount of tools and usability. You can also get it from the Google Play Store and install it that way.

That being said, if you want to browse easily without having to pay for a contract, Open TV Browser and Browse. These are two more browsers that work well on Android TV. They don’t have big names, but they have everything you need in a TV web browser, and even more.


A good browser is necessary for a great Android TV experience and can completely change it for the better by letting you connect with and change things more easily. Get a great browser today and take charge of your TV experience.

There are a lot of great features to keep an eye out for, such as night mode, simple interface, incognito mode, high contrast mode, QR codes, voice instructions, voice search, download manager, and some apps that come pre-installed with more features.

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