10 Best Auto Clicker Apps 2024 for Android

Auto-clicker is software that assists with automating snaps or taps or even different functions. Google’s versatile working frameworks Android represents most of the cell phones on the planet, with purportedly 2.3 billion dynamic clients.

Thusly, in this article, we will talk about the best 10 auto clickers for Android.

To all the guys who are here, you guys probably know what the best auto clicker apps are for Android whether with root or without root, and why you need to use this application for yourself, right?

I assume that there are a lot of people who don’t know anything about this auto clicker application, so for all those people who are new to these.

You don’t have to keep wondering about it anymore because in this article I will tell you what an auto clicker application is why do you want to use this auto clicker software for your good.

Auto Clicker Apps

Auto clicker is a type of software or you can say a macro that can be used to automate the clicking purpose that you do manually.

These applications can be triggered to generate the input that is recorded earlier in the settings or it can be generated from various current settings that you used already.

This type of software can be pretty simple as programs that conjure up mouse clicking on the device that you want to trigger it on.

More complex of these applications can be as general, but often they are custom-made to get used to one particular program only and they involve memory reading as well.

This software or tool whatever you name it is also called an automation software program, these may also feature enabling quick response conditional reactions.

I hope you get it, and if you don’t let me tell you in simple words that this is a computer application or you can say a program that allows the user to automate his tasks, which includes clicks or taps as well.

Also, some developers have come up with programs that can enable one to automate quite a lot of functions on your android device.

Why Should You Use Auto Clicker Software?

There is not one, not two, but a lot of reasons to use these applications.

Do you want to know one of the most basic reasons? Well, it is that users can use them to complete some tiring, repetitive, boring, and deadly tasks easily. This means that it not only saves you time but your energy as well.

As you guys know that there are several games available on Android devices that require pretty fast screen tapping to play, for this type of task, such pieces of an automated computer program can be very helpful for all the gamers to avoid the pain and headache of tapping.

Another point I need to make is that Auto Clickers are much more accurate than human fingers to be very honest.

It is not like this software is only designed to do this particular tapping stuff only, some of these applications can do more than just auto tapping.

There are many reported cases that many scammers make use of these tools for some fraudulent activities like clicking on ads and all.

So it is very important to note for each and everyone who is reading this article that such type of click frauds are highly punishable and could put anyone of use into a major problem.

Please do not use this application for any kind of these fraudulent activities, and stay aware as well.

Now, as you guys know what these macro are and why you should be using them, allow me to start reviewing the 10 best auto clicker apps for ios.

10 Best Auto Clicker Apps 2024 for Android

Automatic Clicker

Best Auto Clicker Apps

The application of the name itself is Automatic Clicker, it is one of the oldest and the best screen tapping software out there in the market even at the moment.

This application does great wonders for gamers who demand accurate, fast, and repetitive taps.

It allows all the users to set up a particular location on the screen that you need to get tapped at predefined intervals without even requiring root access of a smartphone.

It is free software and it works pretty smoothly on full-screen applications. With this software, all the gamers out there can keep the game active without even being active themselves.

With the help of this program, any user can set the auto tap feature and then just sit back and relax to see the automation feature spread out there.

As a piece of the great features it provides, this program allows all the users to stimulate single and double taps respectively. One of the best features it has is that its developers have pledged to keep all its features free of cost.

Though, you will have to see some advertisements for sure, so they come in the way at times, you will have to manage them.

  • It allows customization

  • This one has a pretty friendly user interface

  • It is compatible with both mobile and web games as well

  • It can click on any part of your screen

  • This one comes with ads

  • Complaints are filed for bugs

  • Program force closes at times

Download: here


Best Auto Clicker Apps

Here this application is another auto tapper for all you users that does not require any root access to the android smartphone you are using.

This app allows all the users to automate numerous functions without even the need of touching the screen after you initiate the clicker.

All the users can control the clicker while using the gestures or the programmable buttons as well.

However, there are some uncertain blocks that this program only works if the Tasker app is installed on the Android device you want to trigger the auto-clicking services on.

Once you are done doing this, you can use this program to activate the full version of AutoInput for your android smartphone. More visit: AmazeInvent

What more is, that it allows multiple tools to execute automation on your Android device.

Although, it has its limitations and does not automate the second layer of functions, such as it does not tap buttons within an application.

  • The paid version is sturdy and robust

  • It provides various automation features

  • It requires support from a third party application

  • Several bugs are reported

  • Free version has low number of features

Download: here


Auto Clicker Apps

This program here is one of the latest applications to feature in this list of mine.

There are two versions of this app, the basic version that is free to use, and the pro edition version that comes with a small subscription fee in which users can unlock various other features.

What more interesting is, that the basic edition is more than just being enough for simple clicking tasks for games.

Once this software is on the Android device, all the users will have to agree and grant it permissions to function accurately further.

You will have to grant this application with accessibility consent to allow it to make taps or clicks on your Android device.

All the team behind this application named Tapping is pretty much active and updates this app at regular intermissions.

It is a user-friendly application that makes it pretty much easy for all the users to understand the interface it has at the very first glance.

More about it is that it provides in-depth configuration settings to suit the requirements of every user. Any user can set the tap feature very accurately for his / her Android smartphone without any complications.

For all the gamers outside, this is a dream come true. As it works wonders for all the gamers out there who require some fast and accurate taps.

What more is, that it comes with a moveable control panel, allowing all the users to set the position on the screen of their devices.

This software comes with time interval functionality, where all the users can set only the gap of time between the taps that will be terminated but also the length of each click that will happen.

One of the most interesting functions of this Tapping application is that it provides permission to set multiple pointers anywhere on the screen of the user.

Users can set the actions, and then just sit back and relax to see the automation function unfold in front of their eyes.

  • Tapping is currently the best auto clicker apps for iphone tap application in the market

  • It has a clean and modified user interface

  • Control panel offers more control

  • It is Free version has no limitations

Download: here

RepetiTouch Pro (Root)

Auto Clicker Apps

This tool here that I am reviewing right now is used to automate clicks and simultaneously record and replay the number of screen touches that any user performs.

It comes with a control panel that is draggable and customizable as well.

Just as similar to the Hicromacro Auto-touch Macro that I have mentioned above, this also requires all the users to root their Android devices to make this software work.

You guys probably know that rooting a smartphone allows that user to configure and alter all the features that were not approved to the users by default before the root.

Once you are done rooting your phone, you will be the master of all the features and can make any changes you want according to your needs.

  • Floating control panel
  • Required the user to root the device

Download: here


Best Auto Clicker Apps

Here in the last on this list, I have a macro-based auto clicker application for you. Beyond only auto tapping, this app is also capable of automating some of the operations on your Android device.

The best one among its features is that it comes with more than a hundred pre-programmed actions. It also has a pretty amazing user-friendly interface and works impressively smoothly even with some complex functions.

This software is no doubt one of the best auto clicker apps for android no root out there in the market and often is found as a favorite among gamers.

You can also use it to automate several tasks such as battery optimization, internet connectivity purpose, and creating sound profiles as well.

All the users can also make use of the plug-in and scripts to customize this program much further. It has a free version that allows the user to get most of the great functions without paying a single penny.

  • This one has a vast amount of pre-loaded actions

  • It covers most of the necessary automation actions

  • It has clean user interface

  • Installation process is a bit challenging for some users

Download: here


Best Auto Clicker Apps

This software is a script-based auto tap application. The user has to run the scripts for the program to perform actions on the Android device. The best feature of the software is that it does not need the user to code.

What a user has to do is just record your actions and then set the conditions to run the script.

Fascinatingly, the application has strong community support, in which users share their code or their ideas. More to it, the developers of the app also provide support.

The basic edition of the program is free of cost, whereas the pro version has multiple choices. As for the paid version, you can get from a one-month license, six months, or a one-year license.

This program is a perfect choice for gamers who want to avoid awkward and tiring clicking.

The application provides the users to automate the different types of actions without the need to write a piece of code.

The software also provides several advanced features and functions such as drag and drop functionality and time interval clicking.

  • The user does not have to code.

  • It has an active and trusted developer team in addition to community support.

  • This works great and perfect with most apps and games.

  • The recording feature is very easy to use.

  • The free edition of the software allows the user to run only one script.

Download: here



The Automate software is a flowchart-based application where one has to set a predetermined flow of blocks to perform the specific and particular actions on the Android device.

Each of the blocks is visually represented, therefore, it is made easy to edit the flowchart.

The software best suits when a user wants to schedule a click to automate some of the features.

More to add, this program will also be able to perform second layers functions such as launching an app and perform a function within that app. Besides, applying automatic actions is very convenient.

The best part of this software is that the free version has no ads. The free edition also provides the users to set 30 blocks, which is more than enough to automate the basic tasks.

The app offers you an extensive list of actions that one can execute on an Android device.

Amazingly, the software has in-app active community support which shares several custom flowcharts.

  • The built-in list of building blocks increases the possibilities of automation.

  • It has a clean user interface that is very easy to use.

  • The user has complained that the app force stops at some times

Download: here



Granting the accessibility services to the app will allow the features to enable such as control of the user interface on-screen content.

Similar to the before-mentioned Automate app, this Automagic app uses flow that consists of conditions, triggers as well as actions. This makes it very easy for the user to set their flow.

  • The graphical interpretation of the flows makes it easy to visualize and edit the flow of automation actions.
  • The users have reported that at some times, this app does not detect Wi-Fi connections.

Download: here

Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro

Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro

Thousands of users have downloaded the famed app from the Play Store.  In this, users need to root their device to use the Hiromacto Auto-touch Macro software.

This app also allows you to record multiple taps, and then you (users) can view them later repeatedly. It has a very friendly user interface and experience.

In this amazing software, one can use a simple scripting language to perform the powerful and robust features on the app.

  • It is very simple to use and suitable for amateur users.

  • The software is great for gamers who only want a simple auto-clicker and not an advanced automation app.

  • One of the major drawbacks of this software is that it needs root access.

  • This is also one of the reasons why the users are rating this app poorly.

  • The developer team of this program is no more active.

Download: here

Droid Automation

Droid Automation

This is an application that is easy-to-use automation software.

It is not a perfect tool for clicking games, but it is also good to perform different types of automation.

It is a favorite app of many ads that have over a hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store.

The software has quite a few built-in tasks to choose from. To automate, the users only have to create triggers, and then choose functions from the stacked library.

The program can also work great for gamers. It can make their life much easier by automating continuous taps in games.

  • It has a clean and easy to navigate user interface.
  • The app does not have any ads.Not a quality.

Download: here

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