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15 Best Drones For Kids & Things To Look When Buying Drones

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

Before buying drones for children, parents should learn a little about drones. Best Drones For Kids and drones are flying objects, which can fly high in the sky, take pictures and record videos. Some drones are more efficient as compared to the others because they fly at a high altitude.

The camera quality of each drone is different. When parents are buying drones for their children, then they should carry out a little research to find out, which one would be the best for them.

Parents should consider the following things:

  • Age of their child
  • Area available for flying the drone
  • Drone restrictions in the area
  • Charging time of the drone
  • Skill level of the pilot
  • Whether they will be able to assist the child or not
  • Best brands out there that make drones

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Best Drones For Kids

Headless Mode

When a drone is flying in the air, the user is controlling it with a controller. In a headless mode, no matter what the direction of the drone is, the only thing that the user has to worry about is what controls the press.

Drones For Kids mode gives the user less tension about a drone’s orientation. The only thing that the user has to worry about, is where the drone is going. Drones For Kids is a very helpful feature for kids because, in the absence of Drones For Kids mode, they would be worried about losing their drones.

Hover Mode

In Drones For Kids movie, the drone keeps on hovering at a constant altitude. A child doesn’t have to adjust the throttle stick over and over.


FPV stands for the First Person View. Those drones, which have a camera installed in them, allow the user to see, what the camera is seeing. The user can see FPV from a laptop, PC or even a smartphone.

Everything that is happening in the surrounding of a person, happens in real-time. Drones For Kids is a very exciting feature, especially for kids.


RTF means Ready to Fly. Some drones come with RTF, which means that they don’t have to be assembled. All a child has to do is open the package of the drone, and then fly it. Surely, they have to charge it first and get the battery ready.

Drones For Kids could be good for those children, who don’t have the technical knowledge and will find it hard to assemble a drone. Moreover, Drones For Kids could be time-saving for parents, who don’t want to assemble a drone.


Return to Home is basically a safety feature. Drones For Kids is found in many drones, particularly the ones that are designed for children. If a drone shows a low battery and loss of connection, then the RTH button has to be pressed. The drone will return to the same point, where the controller is, or from where it took off.

15 Best Drones for Kids

DronesShippingPriceCheck Price
Tello Quadcopter DroneFree$99.00Check Price
ALTAIR AA108Free$119.80Check Price
JJRC H36 Mini Drone Free$25.99Check Price
Holy Stone DEERC 170 Free$29.99Check Price
UFO 3000 LED DroneFree$49.99Check Price
Parrot Airborne Night Drone Maclane Free$35.49Check Price
Wonder Chopper RC Stunt Free$22.99Check Price
Eachine E010 MiniFree$22.99Check Price
Proflight Orbit Folding Camera DroneFree$75.99Check Price
Air Hogs Star Wars Millenium FalconFree$124.99Check Price
UDI U818A DroneFree$49.99Check Price
Syma X5SWFree$39.99Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Terra ScoutFree$176.99Check Price

Tello Quadcopter Drone

Tello Quadcopter Drone

Drones For Kids is a very lightweight drone. It is durable, and the design features include the latest hardware and software protections.

It can automatically take off and land and protects the battery. The drone is for children who are above the age of 8, because they would be able to fully understand its specification. The charging time for the product is sixty minutes.

As for the flight time of the drone, it is 13 minutes. It has a camera, which can take 5MP photos and record videos of 720p quality. If a child has a VR headset, then that headset is compatible with Drones For Kids.

The vision positioning system of the drone is of quality and ensures that a child can hover precisely where they want.

The drone comes with failsafe protection.

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It would be wrong to give children a full-size drone because it would be hard to fly it. However, giving them a drone that resembles a drone, which adults use, would be satisfying their curiosity.

Altair’s drone is very stylish and would make the kids feel that they have something important in their possession. There are multiple features, which they can make use of. It is a powerful drone, and parents need to teach their children basics about how to fly a drone.

There are three reasons to buy Drones For Kids. Firstly, it is easy to fly. With the help of one-touch, the drone can take off or even land. Drones For Kids would take the stress away from parents, about monitoring their children.

There is a 720p camera installed in the drone, which produces great picture quality. At a young age, when children are able to capture the visuals around them, they feel very excited. If the camera is good and easy to use, then they would feel happy.

To make sure that other people are not hurt by a drone, the company has installed propeller guards on the drone. The drone can have controlled using a smartphone screen. Drones For Kids means that children can set beforehand, on which route they want to send the drone.

The battery of the drone lasts for 10 minutes.

Drones For Kids is a compact size, which makes it a good choice for young pilots. The problem with large drones is that it can easily intimidate the pilot, and the flight of the drone might not be too stable.

Drones For Kids has 2 rechargeable batteries and a headless mode. The price of the drone is affordable, as compared to many drones.

The high-quality camera is its best feature, and it helps capture footage from a high altitude. However, Drones For Kids might struggle in windy conditions, which is why parents should discourage their children in such a situation.

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JJRC H36 Mini Drone

JJRC H36 Mini Drone

When parents decide to get their children drones, they would want one that is easy to fly. Drones For Kids mini drone is a good starter for kids, who don’t know how to fly a drone.

The best feature of the drone is that it will return to the kid with just one press.

If the parents are worried that giving a kid a drone, would mean losing, it, then they are right. However, when a drone returns to the remote’s location with just one key, they don’t have to worry.

It offers 360-degree rolling special effects on children. Drones For Kids feature makes the drone look more majestic.

It comes with a headless mode, which is specifically designed for beginner pilots. It has an anti-crush design.

Kids are often not careful when they are flying a drone. Drones For Kids is why, when the drone comes with an anti-crush design, then it makes it more durable for outdoor use.

The drone charges in 40 minutes, and it has a flight time of 5 minutes. The package of Drones For Kids mini and durable drone includes the batteries, extra propellers, user manuals, and transmitters.

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Holy Stone DEERC 170

Holy Stone DEERC 170

Not every parent has a drone. Drones For Kids means that when they buy their child a drone, it would be his first drone. Parents should buy a drone that is cheap and easy to use.

The Holy Stone drone is easy to fly, and kids can easily use it. It takes only 45+60 minutes to charge it, and the battery lasts for eight minutes.

Children, without the help of their parents, would be able to easily understand the drone. They will be able to understand how to control it, how to fly it, and how to bring it back.

The drone is equipped with smart technology and comes with a headless mode. With the help of Drones For Kids model of drone, children can expect a stable flight.

There are fun modes for children like the drone can flip and roll.

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UFO 3000 LED Drone

UFO 3000 LED Drone

The unique thing about Drones For Kids drone is that it offers 2 flight modes. It has an LED light attached to it, along with a protective frame. The LED light comes in both green and blue.

As it is designed for kids, the LED lights ensure that kids enjoy the experience of flying a drone. It has 2-speed modes and can flip and roll.

To flip and roll the drone, all a child has to do, is push the button on their remote control. There are two batteries in the packaging of the drone.

The charging time is 30+45 minutes and the flight time is nine minutes.

If children want to perform stunts using their remote-controlled drones, then they can easily do that. Drones For Kids drone would be a perfect gift for birthdays.

Children would be able to share their gifts with other children and have fun.

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Parrot Airborne Night Drone Maclane

Parrot Airborne Night Drone Maclane

There are not many drones that have a night flight feature. It is not necessary that kids and their parents would have the time to have fun with a drone, in the morning or afternoon.

Parrot Airbone is specifically designed for night flying. It contains lights and ultrasound, which makes it easier for the pilot to see where the drone is going.

Drones For Kids way, even if the drone falls somewhere, it won’t be hard to find it. The drone comes with a free fall feature, which cuts the engine if the drone is about to fall.

There is a built-in camera, which can capture a child’s selfie or their acrobatic moves.

The battery time of the drone is 9 minutes.

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Wonder Chopper RC Stunt

Wonder Chopper RC Stunt

The main feature and specialty of Drones For Kids drone are that it is very durable. It is specifically designed for young fliers. There are three-bladed propellers, to make sure the drone receives better thrust. The design of the drone is very eye-catching.

It is colorful and has a user-friendly remote.

Wonder Chopper comes with two batteries so that children can fly the drone longer. The charging time is sixty minutes, and the flight time is six minutes.

As the package includes two batteries, Drones For Kids means that children can fly the drone for twelve minutes. It has 360-degree flips and an adjustable speed. The drone is equipped with LED lights, which would surely excite children.

The packaging of the drone includes a remote control, two USB chargers, replacement blades and practice landing pad. The practice landing pad is perfect for those children, who have never flown a drone before.

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Eachine E010 Mini

Eachine E010 Mini

Drones For Kids is an affordable drone and perfect for a birthday gift. Parents don’t want to spend too much money on drones because as children grow, they might lose interest in them.

Also, spending too much money on something that becomes lost in the bushes, can be a pain. However, Eachine E010 Mini drone is a perfect drone for kids, because of its multiple features.

The weight of the drone is 1.76 ounces, and it has a wingspan of 4 inches. There is a built-in gyroscope and the drone has four channels. It is made of plastic and takes about thirty to fifty minutes to charge.

If parents are concerned that their children don’t know how to fly a drone, then Drones For Kids is the perfect drone to start with.

For entertainment and to further please children, the drone can do 3D flips and rolls. It is durable because it is can withstand many crashes.

As children play with a drone for the first time, they might not know how to operate it. Most children want to do things on their own and not get help from their parents.

Drones For Kids is why, their drone is bound to crash at some point, and Drones For Kids is how they will learn to pilot it.

The negative point of this drone is that it doesn’t have an automatic hover function.

However, the positive aspects of Drones For Kids drone, along with its affordable price, can convince parents to buy it for their children.

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Proflight Orbit Folding Camera Drone

Proflight Orbit Folding Camera Drone

The best feature of this drone is that it is foldable. There are not many foldable drones in the market. When a drone can have easily folded, it becomes compact.

Drones For Kids would be perfect for those families who like to go away fro vacations on holidays and want their children to take something they can play with.

The drone comes with fun features like it has an autonomous hand-free mode, which basically says,’ follow me’.

Children can program the flight paths, and the Drones For Kids feature keeps them entertained. The price of the drone is affordable. It comes with a GPS technology installed. The presence of GPS is what makes advanced flight modes possible.

The drone comes with a built-in camera, which captures the surroundings perfectly. The camera is of good quality and produces videos of 1080p.

If a family is going for a summer adventure, then Drones For Kids would be the perfect thing to take with them.

They can capture their vacation, and later, show it to their family and friends. The battery lasts for 12 minutes, and it can shoot 360-degree footage.

Considering the quality of the picture and video that it gives to the customer, the duration of the flight is long.

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Air Hogs Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Air Hogs Star Wars Millenium Falcon

There are many fans of Star Wars, who would love Drones For Kids drone. If they have ever dreamed about flying the Millenium Falcon, then Drones For Kids is the drone for them.

It is equipped with LED lights and really great sounds. The sound system will take the user back to the Star War movies.

Drones For Kids drone can stand minor crashes because it is made from impact-resistant foam.

The foam gives the drone extra protection, in case it crashes while children are playing outdoors.

The LED adds a really good effect on the Millenium Falcon.

It basically gives it life, when it is flying up, high in the sky. The drone uses 4 rotors, which makes the flight of the drone, more agile.

Children would feel as if their drone is flying in space. Drones For Kids is a perfect gift for boys and girls, who are eight years old or above.

Drones For Kids drone is easy to handle. The charging time for the drone is 75 minutes, and the flight time is eight minutes.

The drone is not designed in a very complex way, and Drones For Kids makes it easy for children to understand it. The packaging of the drone includes a remote control, a USB charge cable, and a user manual.

Parents would be happy to get their hands on a product, which their children can fly easily. They wouldn’t want something that is expensive, and that would crash and burn right away.

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UDI U818A Drone

UDI U818A Drone

Drones For Kids is a quadcopter designed for kids.

It is both inexpensive and durable. The drone is made for the purpose of educating children, about how they can fly a drone.

Many children don’t like to seek assistance from their parents, because they want to do something on their own.

Drones For Kids is why, parents need to make sure that when they are buying a drone, they are not buying something very expensive and non-durable.

UDI drone is compatible with VR headset and FPV. It comes with a headless mode. To make things easier for kids, who are first time pilots, the drone comes with a return home function.

There is an HD camera installed on the drone, which takes good quality pictures. There are protected propellers and plastic parts, which can stand impact if children are playing outside.

To take photos of one’s surroundings, all a kid has to do is use the controller. There is a photo button, which can easily take pictures. There is a video button, which can start and stop recording, anytime a kid wants.

To capture the surroundings of the user fully, the drone comes with a 360-degree flip. Moreover, there is an LED light in the drone, and kids can control the light system using a controller. The controller helps in switching the light on and off.

The LED light makes the drone look very realistic. If a child has a VR headset, then he can easily synchronize it with the controller. A VR headset really brings life to the drone. Flying the drone will become a really intense and entertaining journey for a child.

The charging time for the drone is 120 minutes, and the flight time is 9 minutes. Both beginners and experts can use this drone.

Drones For Kids is because the drone has two modes. In the packaging of the drone, the customer will find a controller, two batteries, a USB battery charged, an SD card, a data cable, and spare propellers.

A child can easily learn how to fly a drone, using the instruction manual that comes in the package. The USB data cable in the package is very helpful.

When children take pictures or record videos using their drones, then they can transfer data to a laptop or a computer.

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Syma X5SW

Syma X5SW

Drones For Kids is a quadcopter for kids and is one of the best drones that parents can buy for their children. The drone can roll 360 degrees and comes with a headless mode. The drone legs are designed longer so that they will be able to land properly.

There is a 0.3MP camera attached to the drone, and it can provide the children with real-time transmission.

Perhaps the best feature of the drone is that it supports both Android and iPhone devices. It can connect to Wi-Fi; all the user has to do is install the Syma application. When the drone connects to an Android or iPhone, then there is no need for an SD card.

The feed that the camera records, directly uploads to the smartphone.

Syma’s design makes it appropriate for all pilots. Their skill level doesn’t matter. The drone comes with a USB charger so that the user can charge it with convenience. It has an HD camera, which is one of the many highlights of the drone.

Drones For Kids camera produces great results for the user.

The charging time of the drone is 120 minutes and the flight time is 7 minutes.

The package of the drone includes a battery, a USB charger, extra propellers, a phone grip, a screwdriver, and a remote controller. Syma is convenient to use, and it can do wonders for those kids, who are flying a drone for the first time.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Terra Scout

Nerf N-Strike Elite Terra Scout drone amazon

The main purpose of this drone is to shoot targets. With the guidance of adults, children can use Drones For Kids drone to shoot targets that are 45 feet away. Perhaps, the best feature of Drones For Kids drone is that it can walk on any kind of terrain.

The head of the drone can rotate up to 360 degrees. Nerf N-Stroke can move in all directors, and it comes with a blast angle. The blast angle is easily adjustable.

The drone has a camera, which can record live feed. Drones For Kids feature would surely excite children because they love visuals and they would love a drone that comes with a good quality camera. The weight of the drone is 9 pounds.

The material of the gun is plastic, and it is made of 4 channels.

Nerf guns are pretty popular nowadays; children love nerve guns. When a parent buys this drone for their children, then they would surely feel excited.

If parents think that their childlike Nerv guns, then Drones For Kids would be the perfect present for them. The drone can move 215 feet, in just a minute, if it is operating on a full battery.

The user will have to put in an SD card, in order to take photos and record videos. The gun part of the drone comes with 18 darts.

While a kid is flying the drone, he can target the darts anywhere, and have fun. Drones For Kids would be a fun way to test a kid’s eyesight and see if he can shoot specific targets.

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Hubsan Nano Q4 SE

Hubsan Nano Q4 SE

Drones For Kids is a quadcopter and is perfect for those with little space. Children can fly Drones For Kids drone indoors, where there isn’t much space. Keeping in mind the security issues, not everyone has permission to fly drones outside.

The drone comes with a controller, making it easier for children to fly it. It comes with a six-axis stabilization system, which makes the flight smoothest. Hubsan’s drone can flip and roll in the air; all a kid has to do is push the throttle stick on the controller.

Drones For Kids is a portable drone and has a fast-charging time. The battery of the drone lasts for three minutes, but it has a quick charging time. It will not be much of a hassle for the kids, and they will enjoy flying it.

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Top Race Dragon Drone

Top Race Dragon Drone

The special point of Drones For Kids is that it comes with a protective ring. Parents should buy Drones For Kids for those kids, who have never flown a drone, ever. There are two batteries of Drones For Kids drone, and the charging time of the drone is 20-30 minutes.

Top race dragon drone weighs 1.2 pounds, and it has a 6 axis gyro. The material of the drone is plastic; there are four channels in the drone.

Drones For Kids is one of the best starter drones for children. It comes with adjustable three-speed modes and has a headless mode.

Children can perform stunts using Drones For Kids. The rings add protection to the drone, and Drones For Kids makes it safe from crashes.

Not every kid who handles the drone will know how to fly it right away. Drones For Kids is why the protection ring will come in handy.

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Things to look for when Buying Drones 

When parents decide to get their children drones for their birthday, then they should consider what kind of drone would be best for them. Following are some of the elements, which they should keep in mind.


Durable Drone

A child might be flying their first drone, and it is bound to crash every now and then. Drones For Kids is why parents should get a drone that is durable. Plastic drones are durable and can survive many crashes.

Moreover, when buying a drone, parents should look for one that comes with spare parts. In case a part does get damaged due to a fall, it would be easy to replace it.

Drones that come with propellers, usually get broken first. Drones For Kids is why most of the drones reviewed in Drones For Kids article, comes with extra propellers.


controller Drone

Drones, which are cheap, usually come with a controller. There are drones that can have controlled with apps, but they are expensive. Parents who are buying drones for their children, under the age of ten, should get a remote-controlled drone.

They will be available at an affordable price, and the parents won’t have to suffer even if the drone breaks down. However, if a child has experience in controlling drones, then getting one that can have controlled using an app, is preferred.

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battery Drone

To save money, parents should look for drones that come with chargeable batteries. There are brands, which sell drones with more than one battery, and Drones For Kids can be very useful for the user. If one battery is getting charged, then they can still use the second battery.

Children are low on patience, and if they have to wait for long so that a battery can charge, they will get bored.

Camera Quality

Camera Quality of drone

The camera quality of a drone should be good. Children and adults like to capture pictures and record videos. If a family is going on a vacation to an island, and they are taking the drone with them, then they would love to see good quality material later.

If the pictures and videos come out good, then they can show them to their friends and family.


There are some areas where drones are not allowed to fly. Parents, before they buy an expensive or an inexpensive drone for their child, should check their area rules and regulations.

It is best that the kids fly drones in an area, where there are fewer people. As children are in the process of learning about drones, they can hit any person with it, and that could be bad for their parents.

It is best to read the user manual and seek guidance from an adult before a kid embarks on Drones For Kids adventure. Drones are fun to fly, but they shouldn’t be a bother to someone. The drones discussed in Drones For Kids article should never be flown under the water.



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