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10 Best Headphones for PS4 2024 – Buyer Guide’s

So you’re smashing it on the PS4, however, something is missing. The gameplay is fast and responsive, you’re rank is expanding, you’re in the zone.

Yet, you’ve never truly been amped up for the sound. It’s somewhat dull and tinny. You hunger for the blast of the bass and the practical feel of a balanced sound experience.

What you need is the best ps4 headset available. Playing through the screens on your TV may not generally be an alternative.

The people in your home will thank you, and you can encounter the qualification that a first-rate notch ps4 headset can give you.

The best headphones for ps4 and pc will give you stunning sound, enduring solace, a reasonable mouthpiece, and pre-request a pizza for you. Alright, everything except for the pizza.

Having the correct sound experience in a game can have a significant effect.

It permits you to hear everything that is going on around you with supreme lucidity and precision. It will give you an upper hand when you are playing FPS games on your ps4.

What’s more, hello, how fulfilling would it be to hear the passing cry of a rival when you fire a rocket toward that path.

In any game, regardless of whether it is an FPS game, sporting event, or dashing game, having the top-notch sound adds to the experience in a manner that is completely vivid and fulfilling.

We comprehend that energy can get a bit overpowering. You may think the correct activity is to run out and purchase the first ps4 headset you find.

10 Best Headphones for PS4 2024 – Buyer Guide’s

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

best Headphones for PS4

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Numerous headphones nowadays can’t stay aware of the innovation of games and motion pictures. Image source: here

At the point when you’re messing around with stunning surround sound, the headphones should have the option to deal with that. The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum ps4 headset contains PRO G drives.

They are made with a flimsy work material instead of a daintily stepped plastic. This implies the sound can go through it rapidly, as a higher volume, with progressively bass, without twisting the sound in any capacity.

The surround sound is Dolby 7.1. one of the most developed variants of surround sound has a 3d soundSCAPE and is one of the most reasonable and comprehensive types of sound accessible today.

Light Sync RGB permits you to pick the redid lighting in the headphones.

It is likewise conceivable to adjust the lights to some other light match up gadget.

You can browse up to 16 million unique hues. The MIC is completely clear, the structure is inconceivably agreeable, and you can transfer altered sound scenes. These are headphones that have everything.

  • Pro G Drives

  • Lightweight

  • Light sync innovation

  • Customizable

  • Dolby 7.1

  • Not bad.

  • It has no even any voidness thing.

Why did We like it? This is extraordinary compared to other ps4 headsets available. It has been structured with all the advantages at the top of the priority list.

You get astonishing sound quality, solace, and plan in this headset. The sound is genuinely vivid and gives you extraordinary compared to other sound experiences you can envision.

Version TECH: for Gaming

Best Headphones for PS4

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This is one of the most agreeable ps4 headset accessible. Particularly for individuals who like to mess around for quite a long time.

You will have no issue setting this headset on your ears and getting a charge out of the experience.

This is one of the best spending plan ps4 headsets you can purchase also.

Contrasted with headsets that have a lot more significant an a lot more significant expense, the Version TECH sound system gaming headset will coordinate in quality and solace.

It doesn’t accompany remote ability yet, in any event, that way you don’t need to stress over the battery running out. The headset is good with different consoles if you ever need to switch up the gaming console.

At that point, you can proceed to play with your companions on their frameworks and not stress over passing up the sound experience you are utilized to. The sound comes through unique 50mm drives.

This gives you an exceptionally exact and exact experience to truly drench you in the gameplay. The earphones are additionally commotion.

Dropping and will assist you with focusing in on what is increasingly significant. Inline microphone controls let you explore calls, volume, and skips with convenience and straightforwardness.

  • Superior solace

  • Inline MIC controls

  • 50mm drivers

  • Highly perfect

  • Noise – isolation

Why We Liked it – Comfort is a ruler with the highlights on these headphones. You have an inclination that you never need to take them off.

The 50mm drivers give an exceptional listening experience and the sound will be exact and exact. See more spending gaming headphones under 100 bucks here.

AVANTREE 40 hr Wireless Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth

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In case you’re an enlivened gamer who needs to communicate their emotions, this could be the headset for you.

Bluetooth 4.0 permits you to keep up a strong connection to your console. You won’t be fastened to the console by that annoying link.

The Bluetooth connection and battery life will keep going for as long as 40 hours without interruption. APTX Codec will give you a top-notch sound system sound.

They are extremely simple to combine as they use NFC matching innovation.

For the occasions when the battery needs a brief period to itself, you can connect the link to tune in a wired mode.

Auto exchanging among calls and music permits you to remain connected to everything significant. The over-ear cushions are extremely delicate and give you a degree of solace you need.

  • High loyalty sound

  • 40 – hour battery life

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Easily explore music and calls

  • Comfortable

  • Take time to connect.

Why We Like It – Going remote is an incredible inclination. Regardless of whether you don’t have to turn and yell, not having the link hanging down between your legs is only a liberating feeling.

They likewise are entirely agreeable. Wearing these headphones for a considerable length of time is no issue.

The ear cushions are extremely delicate and the headband is lightweight and customizable.

Steel Series ARCTIC 5 (2019 Edition)

Headphones for PS4

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Do you need the best MIC in gaming? That is the thing that this ps4 headset gives you. It is broadly touted as the clearest, generally groundbreaking, and responsive MIC in gaming.

It will sound like you have real military innovation when you are talking with individuals during games play.

The ARCTIC sound is grant winning. This is extraordinary compared to other sounding ps4 headsets you can get. The sound is truly itemized and responsive.

You will have the option to hear the heckler in the group shouting at the folks in your group no issue.

DTS 2.0 surround sound places you in the action and the sound where it’s expected to be.

The ear cushions are agreeable, however, they are cowhide. Calfskin can in some cases get a tad sweat-soaked.

That might be a commendable penance with regards to having the best MIC in gaming. The ps4 headset accompanies a conveying case for whenever you have to take the headphones on the go.

  • 0 Surround Sound

  • Crystal clear MIC

  • Detailed sound

  • RGB Illuminated ear cups

  • Soft ear cushions

  • It is not for kids.

Why We Like It – The microphone stands out on this headset. It is elusive a MIC that will coordinate the clearness of the ACTIS Steel Series.

In case you’re in a game with high communication. This will probably be the best headphones for ps4 call of duty.

OneODIO Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

best Headphones for PS4

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This is another remote ps4 headset. The quality is tantamount to the AVANTREE Wireless headset a well.

The sound on the MIC causes it to appear as though you are conversing with someone in a similar room as you.

The CVC 6.0 unidirectional MIC keeps the sound originating from directly in front of your month.

Clamor reduction innovation ensures only the sound that you need to come out does.

The Bluetooth connection is version 4.1 and is entirely steady and dependable. You can tune in the wired mode if you need/need to, or you get 30 hours of playback time with the remote connectivity.

Neodymium magnets and 50mm drivers offer a balanced and precise sound from the headphones.

The memory protein ear cups are intended for the greatest solace and long-enduring wear.

At the point when you have to get them together, the headphones are foldable and fit pleasantly in the conveying case.

  • Clear MIC

  • 30 – hour battery life

  • Hi-fi sound

  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight

  • It has no cons.

Why We Liked It – This is an extraordinary all-around ps4 headset. The solace, Microsoft, sound, cost, and connectivity are actually what you need.

You can tune in with bliss for a considerable length of time without expecting to enjoy a reprieve.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

best Headphones for PS4

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Fabulous sound will impact through this gaming headset. An amazing and great surround sound ability is offered with the 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The casing is very tough and lightweight. They have made it out of aluminum to eliminate any uneasiness you may experience on your head or neck. 53mm drivers ooze a monstrous sound that is both huge and exact.

You’ll hear each recurrence comprehensible with these headphones. The inline sound card will give your microphone clamor dropping innovation.

No all the more getting of sounds that are not important to the gaming network.

They are improved for the best headphones for ps4 UK and are incredible for expert gamers just as beginners.

  • Superior solace

  • 1 virtual surround sound

  • Durable, lightweight edge

  • 53mm drivers

  • Noise – dropping MIC

  • Having some problems.

Why We Liked It – All the bases are secured. Great sound, comfort, top-notch MIC, solidness. You won’t be missing anything with this ps4 headset.

You will cherish the uproarious and responsive sound that gets through the speakers. It will have you truly inundated and alive during your gameplay.


Headphones for PS4

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SENNHEISER is known for its astounding sound quality from the music world. They have planned this ps4 headset to be one of the better quality headsets you can purchase.

The GAME One headset is known well and adored by genius gamers around that world. The German-built headset offers astounding sound, incredible solace, and an unmistakable MIC.

The headset is lightweight and permits wind stream to get through the headphones for most extreme solace.

You will feel the beats, the music, and the surge of the game as opposed to being awkward. The excellent MIC gives you completely clear communication.

The controls can be discovered right outwardly of the correct ear cup to improve your reaction time. No bobbling around with the controls on the link during high – pressure game situation.

  • Pro Gaming Technology

  • German – designed

  • Lightweight

  • Amazing sound

  • Clear MIC

  • Only Mic clear, not sound.

Why We Liked It – This is one of the headsets that has been intended to be separate from the group. The detail and innovation on this headset are exceptional.

It very well may be worn for any measure of time and offers probably the most professional-sounding sound in a gaming headset you can discover.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

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This is an extremely lightweight headset. Probably the most concerning issues with gamers are back torment and poor stance.

A lightweight gaming headset lets you play for a considerable length of time without those distresses. 90 – degree pivoting ear cups permit you to tune in to particular ear cups one after another.

This is significant in the event and satisfying when it comes out of the 50 mm drivers.

The flexible steel slider and adjustable foam ear cups make this one of the more open to gaming headsets on our rundown.

You can quiet the reasonable microphone by basically swiveling it off the beaten path. You don’t have to press any buttons or wreckage around with controls.

  • Rotating ear cups

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • High – quality sound

  • Swivel to quiet MIC

Why We Liked It – No issue what sort of game you’re playing, this headset possesses all the necessary qualities.

You can likewise tune in to music, digital recordings, and watch films with a similar degree of sound quality.

The solace level is straight up there where it should be too.

ONIKUMA Pro Stereo

ONIKUMA Pro Stereo

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OKUMA truly obliterates their headphones and tests to ensure they are of the best quality.

These headphones have been tried by more than 3 million individuals.

One of the greatest drivers and neodymium magnets. This is one of the most generally perfect headsets accessible also.

They are incredible for the PS4, Xbox, Game cube, Super Nintendo, PC Gaming, and more.

The headset is intended to keep going for a long time with its predominant quality and solidness. USB quiet and button control is what enables you to control what’s going on within.

Everything is delicately cushioned, customizable, and ergonomically intended for the most elevated level of solace.

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • USB Mute control

  • 60mm Drivers

  • 1 surround sound

  • It has a mic issue.

Why We Liked It – it’s simply evident that this headset has been tried by millions of individuals.

They have aced the specialty of making a lot of headphones that are incredibly agreeable and gives extraordinary sound all the while.

AVANTREE ANC032 Active Noise Cancelling


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Dynamic noise – cancellation will assist you in concentrating on what makes a difference.

At the point when you can hear everything that is going on around you, it tends to be somewhat difficult to disregard those distractions.

Dynamic noise – cancellation implies that the earphones imply that the earphones work to retain outside sound, expel it, and keep the correct sound in where it should be.

Profoundly precise 40mm drivers send the sound directly to your spirit.

The CSR chipset gives you an even yet groundbreaking sound experience.

They are overly lightweight and as agreeable as any pair of headphones you will discover for gaming.

The low – inactivity Bluetooth transmitter will keep the sound on the high alarm and offer it up in the precise manner you need it to.

You won’t experience any slack, and the sound will come out precisely as it was planned to, leaving you in a profitable position.

  • Active noise – cancellation

  • Highly agreeable

  • Low Latency response

  • Precise sound

  • It has an error of a mic.

  • Not all things are clear.

Why We Liked It – The noise – cancellation innovation is the thing that sets this ps4 headset separated.

Some of the time you overlook that there is a world going on around you when this headset drenches you in the virtual one you are centered around.

Headphones for PS4 Buyers Guide

What to search for in a ps4 Headset?

Getting the correct headset can make the greatest distinction in your gaming experiences.

It sits at the center of what truly maneuvers you into a game. At the point when the sound isn’t right, the game isn’t right.

However, how would you locate the correct one for you? Here is a portion of the purchasing factors you should give some consideration to.


The sound innovation being delivered these days is astounding. They are discovering approaches to make things sound precise as they ought to, in actuality, with the goal that you don’t need to forfeit experience in any capacity.

More current innovations of surround sound will enable you to hear everything that goes on around you. It will be greatly improved for FPS games to have a decent quality surround sound on your headset.

If you are missing out on the sounds being put where they should be, you may wind up getting snuck up on without seeing it. You likewise need to have a low – dormancy response.

If the sound up on without seeing it. You likewise need to have a low – dormancy response. In the vent that the sound slacks and doesn’t stay aware of the game going on around you, it very well may be baffling.

An exact and precise response will bring you directly into the action and make you disregard every one of your issues.

More visit: AmazeInvent


Just if you get somewhat emotional during gameplay, you might need to get something with somewhat more quality. Headphones can be dropped, stepped on, tossed, dissolved, and so forth.

You need to make sure that your headphones are made of a material that won’t disintegrate even with misfortune.

Steel or aluminum is strong yet lightweight materials that won’t separate even with misfortune.

Steel or aluminum is strong yet lightweight materials that won’t separate too rapidly.

The kind of material on the ear cups and headband can make a distinction too.

Leather is somewhat less resistant to moisture and can split after some time, making them increasingly awkward. best headphones for pubg mobile perspiration destroying your headset.


You’ll need to stay away from the back and neck issues that can accompany heavier or bulkier headsets.

You need to stay away from the back and neck issues that can accompany heavier or bulkier headsets. You’re messing around to get away from your issues, not make more.

Finding a lightweight headset will make all the distinction in the solace level of your headset. Aluminum is lighter than steel and you’ll barely feel it on your head.

The ear cups ought to be delicate and made of a moisture-resistant material so you don’t perspire excessively.

Then you’ll have the option to wear them for quite a long time without taking them off.


One of the most irritating things that could transpire is to have your headphones appear and they are not perfect with your console.

Not all headphones are perfect with all others. In case you’re utilizing a PS4, Xbox, PC, Apple, or Android, you may need to check to make sure that your new headset will work with the console that you are utilizing.

Twofold checking this will assist you with avoiding being disappointed when your headphones appear and they don’t work.


Gaming headphones are gigantic in addition to these days. The sound quality that more established games accompanied was horrifying and below average.

Be that as it may, presently you can experience the game how it is expected to.

With planes thundering by, the explosion of a projectile, shots, and shouts, and the group going wild after a wiped outplay, you need to hear everything.


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