10 Best NAS for Mac 2022: Top Network Attached Storage for the Home and Office

It’s easy to save all your saved files and data. It may appear to be hard looking for the best NAS for Mac 2022.

Before making a plunge directly into the rundown, possibly we ought to go over what precisely a NAS is.

NAS represents arranged joined capacity and is basic for those utilizing a system rather than a solitary PC. Think about a NAS gadget as an outer hard drive for your whole system.

10 Best NAS for Mac 2022

Since NAS drives are connected to your system, information put away there is open from any gadget on the system.

The best nas for mac and windows frequently make it one stride further and permit remote access, incredible for computerized migrants, and anybody needing to telecommute for the afternoon.

Likewise, these are stage freethinkers so it doesn’t make a difference what OS is on your gadget. You’ll despite everything have the option to obtain entrance with whatever you have close by.

What amount of capacity do you need? While a large portion of the gadget we’ve gathered together accompanied a decent arrangement of capacity, you’ll need to look forward at the amount you’ll require, presently as well as in a year.

It ought to have the option to store your reinforcement if anything happens to your documents.

Rather, they hold numerous hard drives that you need to purchase independently. While a bit progressively convoluted, you gain adaptability away from space and hard drive speed.

You’ll need to consider your reinforcement and repetition needs while scanning. Many can hold more than one hard drive and can reflect than a hard drive if there should be an occurrence of disappointment.

So on the off chance that one hard drive goes, you don’t need to stress. It’s sponsored upon another.

Additionally, the best NAS drives permit you to utilize an outside drive as a reinforcement.

Regardless of whether this is an additional safety measure or because you need to take the information with you, it’s a helpful element.

Investigate our picks for the best NAS drives for your necessities. What’s more, on the off chance that you as of now have a NAS gadget and need to help its stockpiling, investigate our decisions for the best nas for mac home use.

WD My Cloud Personal NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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WD has achieved very critical accomplishment with its unashamed buyer benevolent My Cloud items, which can stream to any DLNA – agreeable gadget and be gotten to utilizing portable applications for IOS and Android. Image source: here

Promoted as an ‘individual cloud,’ this WD is perhaps the best nas for mac video editing by some other name and starts at 2TB of capacity (you can likewise get it in 3 or 4TB).

Since it’s s one – sound unit, it can’t back itself up since there’s just one drive. Be that as it may, it can back up to an outer hard drive on account of a USB port on the back.

I utilize an HDD which I have apportioned 1 section for Time Machine on Mac, 1 section as a standard stockpiling gadget for films/music, and so forth. Will WD recreate this?

I don’t accept along these lines, even though it’s an immense limit circle, except if you evacuate it the main access is utilizing the WD programming, and there is no office to the segment.

The main way you could do this I think, expels the HDD from its packaging and that would nullify the point.

  • Simple to set up

  • Great cost

  • The Arrangement can be fiddly

  • Applications not incredible

  • Straight forward, yet quick: (WD My Cloud Personal NAS drive)

WD Smart Ware Pro reinforcement programming has adaptable alternatives for PCs and the My Cloud drive is good with Apple time machine for Mac buyers

The My Cloud portable application with programmed reinforcement to your own distributed storage will help dependably store your basic photographs and recordings, so you can let loose space on your tablet or cell phone

Seagate Personal Cloud – Bay NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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Proceeding with the ‘individual cloud’ subject, this unit from Seagate takes its lead from My Cloud, while offering far bigger limits, alongside double narrows for two hard drives.

This permits the Seagate Personal Cloud 2 p- Bay NAS gadget to reflect the documents from one hard drive to a subsequent one, making sure about your records if one of those drives comes up short.

We additionally value the simple appearance of this unit, which means it fits effectively under a switch or on a rack.

Besides, it can work with cloud accounts – like Dropbox and Google Drive – and you can likewise utilize an application to share substance to streamers, for example, Chrome cast, and ROKU.

Can I get to records utilizing the USB port?

Answer: I proposed taking a gander at the specs on Seagate.com. I purchased the drive to both to use as a media server just as to back up my PC, however, I never moved beyond battling with the reinforcement issues.

Like, I stated, you ought to confirm at the Seagate site, yet I think Windows just considers it to be a system drive (joined to the modem – switch with given link) although I associated it additionally with a USB link.

From my short perusing of the included guidelines, it shows up the USB is there with the goal that you can connect outer devices and back legitimately to the media server.

The unit works with Apples additionally, however, I have no involvement in that.

  • Simple to utilize

  • Gorgeous

  • Not unreasonably quick

  • Not unreasonably adaptable

  • Helpful system stockpiling: (Seagate Personal Cloud 2 – Bay NAS drive)

Your protected spot to store and access the entirety of your photographs, recordings, and reports – with no common cloud expenses (up to $120/ year reverse funds)

Effectively share your documents and envelopes with loved ones with secure URL joins

Back up all the PCs and cell phones in your home – PC, Mac, IOS, and Android

The 2 – 2-straight model consequently stores documents twice, once on each drive, for twofold assurance.

QNAP TS – 251A NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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The QNAP TS – 251A is an exceptional NAS gadget that has a greater number of highlights than you can shake a stick – or the included remote control – at.

It incorporates double Ethernet ports, an HDMI out for associating it to a TV, and decent equipment like the double center 1.6GHz Intel Celeron CPU, and 4GB of RAM for equipment transcoding media records.

The QTS OS likewise lets you easily introduce an assortment of applications, from the PLEX Media Server and record sharing applications to, shockingly, a karaoke application, just as running UBUNTU Linux for included adaptability.

Long story, short: this is a mind-bogging NAS gadget, regardless of whether you do need to buy the hard drives independently. Simply figure that to the general expense.

How does it proceed as a PLEX server?

t performs alright. Since it just has the double center Celeron, it doesn’t generally have the guts to do transcoding for anything over 1 stream, 720p, possibly 1080p.

Be that as it may, I use it as a PLEX server and simply be expected and it has been working fine for me.

  • Groundbreaking equipment

  • Heaps of highlights

  • Doesn’t accompany hard drives introduced

  • Highlight stuffed media NAS: (QNAP TS – 251A NAS drive)

Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core 1.6ghz (up to 2.48GHz), 4GB DDR3L RAM (max 8GB), 2 * GBE LAN, USB Quick Access, equipment trans-coding, encryption motor, max 1 UX – 800P/ UX – 500P extension unit. 

Brilliant framework execution, perfect for incorporated administration, document sharing, and reinforcement, USB Quick Access port for getting to records without requiring a system association

Wild ox Link Station LS220D NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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As probably the best drives out there, this 2TB double inlet unit (additionally accessible in 4, 6, and 8TB limits) comes kindness of Buffalo, the organization that likewise creates the TeraStation line of cutting-edge NAS units.

The key selling purpose of this model is that it can incorporate straightforwardly with Bit Torrent, which implies that it can download records for you in any event, when your PC isn’t on.

You won’t have to stress as a lot over your downloads getting intruded. It’s a foundation freethinker, and you can utilize it as an iTunes server.

This item is just accessible in the US in the UK at the hour of this composition. Australian PERUSERS: look at a fine option in the Seagate Personal Cloud 2 – Bay

Is the gadget clam? Does it have any flickering lights?

It’s noisy. During the day it doesn’t matter, during the night it’s irritating. It doesn’t bolster HDD spin down, they run day in and day out, which is a major disappointment for me.

  • Great security highlights

  • Cell phone applications for simple Configurational

  • ACKS some propelled highlights

  • A nice double straight NAS with worked in Bit Torrent: (Buffalo Link Station LS220D NAS drive)
  • Powerful reinforcement Nova BACK UP
  • Worked in Bit Torrent
  • The Speedy and simple arrangement
  • Web Access – Free Apps
  • Gigabit Ethernet port 10/ 100/ 1000. CPU Speed: 800 MHz

SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1817 NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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Occasionally, an item goes along that challenges the shows of their item classification. The DS1817 is one such item.

Most NAS gadgets that possess the ‘esteem’ space will, in general, be underpowered and have a nest to zero space for extension.

The DS1817 breaks the standards by letting clients fill the included eight drive inlets with whatever they want, so you can get so a lot (or as meager) stockpiling as you need.

On this huge expandability, which helps rank it as perhaps the best drive accessible, the 10GBELAN.

I’m new to assault arrangements. Would I be able, begin with, 2 drives and assault them for one reflected drive, and afterward include extra ones for increasingly reflected drives later?

No, if you have a mirror (RAID 1) and you need to include another drive, you should “break the mirror” as it’s been said and make another RAID setup (losing all information on the drives all the while) with at least 3 drives (RAID 5) you can’t simply add another drive to a current RALD arrangement, particularly going from a RAID1 to a RAID5.

  • Execution over 10GbE

  • Expandable

  • Insufficient USB 3.0 ports

  • Outer drives use ESATA

  • A novice NAS with space for extension: (SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1817 NAS drive)

Scalable quad-center 8 – cove stockpiling arrangement with upgradable memory of up to 8GB

Exceptional throughput at more than 1,577 MB/s perusing and 739 MB/s composing and working temperature is 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit)

WD My Cloud Mirror NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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This two-sound unit can create a reflected reinforcement of your information, copying your documents on the two drives, utilizing the RAID setup.

That is a serious propelled include for a buyer unit. Simply remember that you wind up paying a considerable amount for that capacity and WD’s easy-to-understand introduction, including a simple to – ace, program-based control screen.

This is a 4TB unit, however, 6. 8 and 16TB units are additionally accessible.

For additional true serenity, you can likewise back up the substance to Dropbox.

Does My Cloud Mirror incorporate the hard drives when bought?

Yeah, I got bulldozed, as well. I thought I was getting 2x 4TB drives – and it is TB, btw… not GB (which is 100x less). I thought that it was just 2x 2TB drives.

I trust you can change the Raid to 0, though… which will stripe information across the two and you’ll get about 4TB of capacity.

The main drawback to this is on the off chance that one falls flat, you lose the information on both.

Make it increasingly fun then … and add a second one to the system and have them back one another up =)

  • Simple and secure reinforcement

  • Strike 1 help to secure against information misfortune

  • Costly

  • A unit back that backs itself up: (WD My Cloud Mirror NAS drive)

Files are naturally spared twice with Mirror Mode (RAID 1), once on each drive.

Naturally, backup records from all your PC and Mac PCs.

Stream to your DLNA / UPNP – confirmed associated TVs, media players, and gaming comforts.

SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1517 NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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Anybody taking a gander at absolutely specialized specs will in a split second become hopelessly enamored with the SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1517.

On account of its quad-center CPU and up to 8GB of RAM, this NAS can arrive at successive rates of 111.4 MB/s compose and 110.3 MB/s read with no difficulty.

Joining that crude execution with the DS1517’s expandability, and you have an equation for a NAS gadget that has verifiably earned its spot among the best nas for mac users.

Simply realize that the DS1517 isn’t modest, and except if you’re an imaginative expert, or you’re searching for a NAS for a private company, it may be a lot.

I’m new to assault arrangements. Would I be able, to begin with, 2 drives and assault them for one reflected drive, and afterward include extra ones for progressively reflected drivers later?

No, if you have a mirror (RAID 1) and you need to include another drive, you should “break the mirror” as is commonly said and make another RAID setup (losing all information on the drives all the while) with at least 3 drives (RAID 5) you can’t simply add another drive to a current RAID design, particularly going from a RAID to a RAID 5.

  • PCI-E opening overhauls

  • Top of the execution

  • Extra cards are costly

  • Default 2GB RAM somewhat under SPECCED

  • Costly, however, sneak up all of a sudden: (SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1517 NAS drive)

Scalable quad-center 8 – inlet stockpiling arrangement with upgradable memory of up to 8GB

Remarkable throughput at more than 1,577 MB/s perusing and 730 MB/s composing and working temperature is 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit)

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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Highlighting RAID capacities found in pricier and progressively mind-boggling NAS gadgets, just as offering Microsoft Active Directory support, this crate is intended for private venture use.

That is without referencing that it can likewise go about as a document server, FTP server, reinforcement server, and P2P download server.

Furthermore, WD’s EX arrangement is accessible in diskless variations, however this cost for the 4TB form. 8TB, 12TB, and 16TB units are likewise accessible to buy.

On the off chance that you needn’t bother with any of this additional stuff, at that point go with the My Cloud Mirror.

Please explain if each drive is 16GB or 8GB?

8TB drive * 2 PCS it’s essentially 2 cove hard contains 2TB each 8TB inside.

  • Double center CPU

  • Double straight for RAID arrangements

  • To Working framework is oversimplified

  • ABSENCE of application support

  • Independent venture adaptation: (WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS drive)

Centralized system stockpiling: Organize your whole media assortment, photographs, and documents in a single focal, arrange the area.

Spare, access, and stream your substance anyplace you have an Internet association with the My Cloud versatile application.

Hearty information assurance: Multiple RAID and reinforcement choices to help secure all your significant media, photographs, and significant documents. AmazeInvent

Western Digital DL4100 NAS drive

best nas for mac and pc

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In case you’re searching for probably the best device to help deal with your reinforcement needs, the DL4100 may merit a look.

Perhaps the coolest component of this gadget is its web dashboard, which gives clients alternatives to sponsorship up to cloud components of this gadget is its web dashboard, which gives clients alternatives to sponsorship up to cloud administrations, for example, Dropbox and Box.

Furthermore, it can set up SMS and email alarms on the off chance that the framework falls flat out of the blue.

To the extent stockpiling alternatives go, the D4100 is furnished with four drive coves and accompanies your decision of four setups.

Regardless of some irritating issues with remote exchanges, we found that the DL4100’s 1.7GHz double center Atom processor and 2GB of RAM (configurable up to 6GB) perform splendidly.

Consolidate this with a straightforward arrangement and cloud-associated web application, and you have a fascinating reinforcement gadget on your hands.

Can I utilize the machine without the NAS drives and keep utilizing my outside HDD then?

I have never attempted this. My perception would be that there would be no real way to utilize the knowledge in the NAS for a drive (s) not introduced in the NAS.

The NAS needs to arrange the drives and introduce some products before it very well may be utilized. That is my supposition.

  • Little and semi – convenient

  • Simplicity of arrangement

  • No PC too – NAS association using USB

  • Troublesome web interface

  • For a wide assortment of clients: (Western Digital DL4100 NAS drive)

Centralized capacity, remote access, and sharing. Coordinated Intel Atom C2350 double center processor 1 GB DDR3 memory expandable to 5 GB Versatile capacity to 12 TB and past utilizing volume virtualization.

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