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10 Best Phone Under 600 Dollars 2024

Whether it is a phone that comes under the category of ‘best phones under 600 dollars’ or more, they all receive phone error messages at some point.

10 Best Phone Under 600 Dollars 2024

Mi Note 10 Pro

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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Mi Note 10 Pro’s expected release is December 2019. It is a very lightweight phone, called 208g, and 9.7mm in thickness.

The operating system of this phone is Android 9.0 and it comes with 256GB of storage.

The network technology of this phone is GSM/HSPA/LTE.

The dimensions of the screen of this phone are 157.8×74.2×9.7mm. The build of the phone is front/back glass, which is Gorilla Glass 5. It comes with an aluminum frame.

This is a dual SIM phone.

The display of this phone is AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 16M colors. The size of the display is 6.47 inches.

MI Note 10’s operating system is Android 9.0 (Pie). The chipset installed in the phone is Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G.

The GPU of the phone is Adreno 618. However, there is no card slot in this phone, and the internal storage is 256GB. The RAM is 8GB.

There are five camera lenses on this phone; 108MP, 12MP, 5MP, 20MP, and 2MP. The selfie camera is of 32MP, and it is HDR. You can easily make a video with 1080p.

The camera specifications show that those who love photography would find this phone very helpful. They can take videos and pictures, and the quality of those pictures will be very good.

It has a loudspeaker, with a 3.5mm Jack and Best Smartphones to Buy Under 40K INR.

Moreover, there is an active noise cancellation feature on this phone, with a dedicated mic. Most smartphones don’t have the active noise cancellation feature, which adds to the appeal of this phone.

It comes with 5.0 Bluetooth technology, GPS, NFC, and an Infrared port. If you want, you can also run FM radio on it. The phones come with 2.0 USB, Type-C, and a 1.0 reversible connector.


  • The Bluetooth technology of this phone is very efficient, and it can easily connect to any of the Bluetooth devices.
  • The best part of the phone is that there is a fingerprint sensor on it. You can lock and open the phone using the fingerprint sensor. Other sensors include gyro, compass, proximity, and accelerometer.
  • The phone comes with non-removable batteries and the mAh of the battery is 5260.
  • Most phones nowadays come with nonremovable batteries. The battery life of a smartphone matters a great deal because people want their smartphones to last longer.
  • The battery of the phone charges quickly, as a user can charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes and 100% in 65 minutes.
  • The price of this smartphone is $649. The colors available are green, glacier white, and midnight black. These colors are unique as most smartphones come in only black color.
  • This phone doesn’t come under the category of the best phone under 600 dollars.
  • However, it has some amazing features, and if you have to spend more on it, then it will be worth it.
  • The battery life of the phone is very long.

  • This phone comes with five camera lenses.

  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor, making it easier to secure your phone.

  • Most phones like Samsung S11, have ditched fingerprint sensors.

  • The batteries are nonremovable, and this can be an inconvenience for some people.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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The screen of the phone is 6.63-6.7 inches, but it is less curved than S10. The bezels appear to be smaller than before, and there is a camera block at the back, with 5 lenses.

There is a rumor that this phone will have two screens. This rumor is due to Samsung’s patent design.

The benefit of putting up two screens is that it removes the need for a selfie camera.

However, a second screen doesn’t need to be included in the phone, even though it has a patent.

The camera sensors of the phone are more likely to have 48MP and 64Mp camera sensors.

However, Samsung can go further with this phone, and introduce a camera with 108MP sensor.

There is a rumor that Samsung’s camera is named Hubble, which is the name of a space telescope.

This emphasizes that the zoom skills of this phone will be extraordinary and Longest Battery Life Smartphones.

Samsung will emphasize its low light technology. They have trademarked ‘Bright Night Sensor’, which sounds similar to low light mode.

In video recording, there is a rumor that Samsung videos will support 8K video recording. However, as the resolution of the camera is 108MP, it is less likely that this rumor is true.


The company has invested in creating a 12GB mobile DRAM. This technology lets the phone read memory at a very fast pace, and it would be perfect for S11.

  • It will be the first phone to have a tiny 5nm chipset, and this is something that Sina confirms.
  • Moreover, S11 will come with Snapdragon 865.
  • The S11 is less likely to have a headphone port and a Bixby button.
  • However, as the headphone port is freed up, then this can make Samsung possibly bigger, with a thin body.
  • The phone is more likely to be released with a 5,000mAh battery, which means that you can use it for a long time.
  • Another rumor suggests that the S11e will have a bigger battery, compared to 10e.
  • S11 will support 5G technology, and there are fewer chances of the phone having a fingerprint sensor.
  • The camera specifications of S11 are really good.

  • S11 comes with 5 camera sensors, which will surely improve the picture quality.

  • There is no annoying Bixby button.

  • The front-facing camera arrangement is different.

  • This phone has 5G connectivity, which is an improvement in smartphone technology.

  • Battery life is better.

  • S11 won’t come with a headphone jack, and this could be problematic for people who need it.

  • This phone doesn’t come under the best phone under 600 dollars.

Xiaomi Pocophone F3

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone company, that released Pocophone F2. After the success of F2, Xiaomi is set to launch F3, with better speed and extraordinary hardware.

The release date of the phone has not been officially announced, but it is expected at the end of the year 2019.

The expected price of the phone is $430. The LCD screen is about 6.7 inches, and it has HD resolution. In Pocophone F2, the display was about 6.3 inches, and it didn’t have an HD resolution.

This shows that F3 has multiple improvements for users. This phone comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and it has a very appealing look.

Most users look at the photography specification of a smartphone before they look at anything else. The Pocophone’s primary sensor is of 54MP, while the ultra-wide snapper is of 10MP.

At the rear of the smartphone, there is a depth sensor of 15MP. On the other side, there is a 25MP lens, which assures the user that the picture and video quality will be really good.


  • Taking selfies and video calling other people becomes easier with such camera lenses.
  • The RAM of the Xiaomi smartphone is 10GB, and the onboard storage is 256GB. 256GB is a lot for those smartphone users, who like to save videos and pictures and play games using their phone.
  • This gives them extra storage to download as many games and applications that they want to.
  • In F2, the RAM was 6GB, and the onboard capacity was 256GB. This shows that the company has improved the RAM, by giving the user 4GBs more.
  • The smartphone receives power from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. This makes the processor of the smartphone very strong, positively affecting the functions of the phone.
  • This is a Dual SIM phone, and the operating system is Android 9.0.
  • The phone, however, doesn’t support 5G connectivity, and only 4G LTE. The Bluetooth on the phone is 5.0, and it comes with the USB Type-C port.
  • Pocophone has a GPS and supports 3G network, GSM, and HSPA+.
  • Even though it is not confirmed, the phone is more likely to come with a fingerprint sensor. Moreover, users might also find the feature of Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, and compass on the phone.
  • This is a must buy the phone.
  • Gorilla Glass technology protects the screen from scratches.

  • There is enough onboard storage for the user.

  • The battery life is quite decent.

  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor, giving more security choices to the user.

  • The display screen is not big enough.

  • Battery capacity should be more.

Nokia 10

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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The most appealing feature of Nokia 10 is its stunning display. There is an edge to edge display, which users would like very much. The smartphone has a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, which response right away to the user’s prints.

If the user wants, then he can record more than one fingerprint.

The screen size of the phone is 6 inches, and it is a UHD Super AMOLED display. It is paired with outstanding viewing angles, which gives the user a different and unique visual experience.

Gamers would love the Nokia 10, because of the bright and vivid display. They can experience gaming on their phone, like never before.  Gorilla Glass 5 protects the screen of the phone. This means, that the user doesn’t have to worry about any minor scratches.

This phone comes with a 2.4GHz octa-core Snapdragon 835 chipset.

The RAM of the phone is 6GB. The phone has a 540 Adreno graphics card installed, which assists its processor. This smartphone is perfect for multitasking and gaming because the processor has good speed.

Users will appreciate the imaging capability of the phone. There are two rear cameras; one is 16MP and the other is 8MP. At the front of the smartphone, there is a 13 MP camera, that can be used for selfies and making video calls.

Source: HotHardware

There is a two-color LED flash on the back of the smartphone, which can help users take excellent photos and capture videos. They can make memories, even in a low light condition.


  • The battery of the Nokia 10 can’t be removed, and it is a Li-lon 4,000mAh battery. This offers a good working time for the user, where they don’t have to charge their phones right away.
  • Users can charge their phones real quick, using Quick Charge 4.0.
  • The storage capacity of the phone is 128GB. This is a good enough space for many users, who like to save videos and pictures on their phone, and don’t want to delete any.
  • If users want more space, then they can always boost space by inserting a microSD card of 256GB.
  • The users have to use the Hybrid SIM slot to expand the memory because there is no other slot for expanding it.
  • The smartphone offer users 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and USB. It is a dual SIM phone, making it a really good choice for users.
  • The phone is waterproof and its operating system of the phone can be upgraded to Android P OS. However, don’t take it for a swim.
  • Moreover, if someone doesn’t want to use the wire charging feature, then they can charge the phone wireless.
  • The internal storage of the Nokia 10 is 128GB, which is very good.

  • This smartphone has good battery life.

  • The resolution of the camera is 2160×3840 pixels.

  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 provides great protection to the phone’s screen.

  • Nokia 10 doesn’t have a separate option for memory expansion.

  • The battery is irremovable.

Apple iPhone XII

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

Only the company can tell what they are going to call the new iPhone, but for reference sake, we will call it iPhone 12.

There are certain expectations that users have with this phone.

They want a premium, waterproof design, with a matte glass finish. Many current users of the iPhone want to reduce the notch, or have no notch at all.

Moreover, users want The USB Type-C feature, along with reverse charging capabilities that they have seen in Huawei phones.

When it comes to making improvements in the iPhone, everyone wants the company to improve its battery. Moreover, users also demand a low light camera, along with 5G connectivity, that is appearing in more phones day by day.

As for the rumors about the phone, the iPhone 21 is going to come with a unique design. Some renders show that the phone will have square edges, as compared to the round edges they have seen in iPhone 6.

The company is planning to reduce the notch of the phone or keep no notch at all.


  • Apple is going to improve its camera and its output quality.  Nowadays, smartphones are putting much of their focus on the quality of their cameras.
  • The company will also include a ToF sensor.
  • Apple is going to introduce the 5G connectivity for its iPhone 12. However, it is not clear whether it will be only for pro models or for iPhone 12 as well.
  • The company is going to include an A14 chip under iPhone.
  • Perhaps, the most exciting feature that Apple is going to include in its next phone is the in-screen fingerprint scanner.
  • The current iPhones don’t have a fingerprint scanner, and it might even replace the Face ID sensor.
  • The one thing that most users want from Apple, is to make their battery better.
  • The current model has a refresh rate of 60Hz, so this will be a major improvement.

  • The screen will be bigger and better.

  • iPhone 12 will introduce 5G connectivity.

  • The phone will have a Laser-powered 3D camera.

  • The battery is most likely to remain the same.

  • The price will be extremely high, making the phone less affordable.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

This smartphone will have a front camera of 24MP, along with a battery of 4500mAh. The processor of the phone is going to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Users will be happy with the screen of OnePlus 8 Pro because it is going to be 6.65 inches. The RAM of the phone is 8Gb, which means that the phone is going to run smoothly.

There are three rear cameras; 48MP, 16MP, and 12MP. They are going to widely improve the picture and video quality.

OnePlus 8 Pro will come with five sensors, which is quite special for users.

The sensors include 1)light sensor, 2)proximity sensor, 3)accelerometer, 4)compass, and 5)gyroscope.

The fingerprint’s sensor position is going to be on-screen. The fingerprint sensor can be really helpful for those, who want to protect their data, and feel more comfortable when it is through a fingerprint sensor.

The operating system of OnePlus 8 is Android v10 (Q). It comes with a charger, that can charge the phone real quick.

However, the 5G network is not available on this phone. Users can benefit from 4G, 3G, and 2G networks.

Source: ZDNet


There is an audio jack in OnePlus 8 Pro, i.e. USB Type-C.

  • Its RAM in the phone is 8GB, and the height of the phone is 165.3mm.
  • The display screen of OnePlus 8 Pro is made of Fluid AMOLED, and it has a punch-hole display. The pixel density of the screen is 514 PPI, and for protection, the manufacturers have added Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • The resolution of the screen is 1440×3100 pixels, and it offers a clear display for the user.
  • It comes with a multitouch screen, which facilitates the user in many ways.
  • The internal memory is 128 GB, and it can be sufficient for users. However, the phone doesn’t facilitate expandable memory and this could be annoying for some users.
  • The camera of OnePlus8 Pro has all the necessary features like digital zoom, auto flash, and touch to focus.
  • Users can use the camera for high dynamic range mode and continuous shooting. The front camera of the phone is 24MP and it has optical image stabilization as well. There is an LED flash included in the phone, along with exposure compensation and ISO control.
  • Users can’t replace the battery of the phone. The capacity of the battery 4,500 mAh and it comes with wireless and quick charging features. OnePlus 8 Pro carries a Li-ion type of battery.
  • In terms of network connectivity, the smartphone supports mobile hotspot, USB connectivity, GPS, Dual-SIM features, and Bluetooth.
  • When inserting the SIM on the smartphone, you should make sure that it is a nano-SIM. The colors in which this phone is available are silver and blue.
  • The phone offers active noise cancellation, along with a dedicated mic.

  • OnePlus 8 Pro’s sound quality is really good, as it offers Dolby Atmos sound.

  • The fingerprint sensors in the phone will help protect sensitive data batter.

  • There is no way to expand the memory of the phone.

  • It doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack.

  • There is no radio.

Apple iPhone X Fold

Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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There is no doubt that the smartphone foldable trend has taken over the market. There is a rumor that Apple is bringing its foldable phone called iPhone X Fold. However, the company has not revealed how the phone would look like.

iPhone X Fold will support the LTE band, and its speed will be 5.76Mbps. The weight of the phone is 226g, which is quite lightweight. Who doesn’t like a lightweight phone, that they can carry around without any hassle?

The front and the back of the phone will be made of glass, and it will have a stainless steel frame. iPhone might come with a single SIM or dual SIM, but the dual SIM is most likely for China. It will be dust resistant and is expected to have IP68, which means it can be in 4m water, for 30 minutes.

You can easily use Apple Pay on this phone, along with other credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Often, many smartphones don’t have the proper purchase options for their phones, and it is difficult for the user to buy something.

The super retina is the display feature of the iPhone, along with XDR OLED capacitive touch screen. It will have 16M colors, and the resolution of the screen will be 1242×2688 pixels.

iPhone X Fold comes with great screen protection, which will prevent scratches affecting the glass. The phone has an oleophobic coating.

The OS of the phone in iOS 14, which can be later upgraded to 14.6. The chipset of the phone is Apple A14 Bionic, and the CPU is Hexa-Core. Moreover, the GPU comes with 4-core graphics, which will help in processing graphics and making the phone smoother to use.

There is no card slot, and there are different memory options available for users.

You can choose from 12GB RAM or 64GB internal storage, or 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. You can also buy 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage, but it will become a costly option for you.

The primary camera of the phone is 12MP, and it comes with a Quad-LED dual-tone flash. You can take photos in the panorama mode, with HDR activated, and it will make the photos more appealing. The secondary camera of the phone is 12 MP, with an SL 3D camera.


  • You can also shoot HRD videos, in 2160p and 1080p.
  • It doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, but it has active noise cancellation, along with the dedicated mic.
  • The phone supports NFC, GPS, USB 2.0, and a proprietary reversible connector.
  • You can benefit from Face ID, gyro sensors, compass, Siri natural language command, and accelerometer.
  • The battery of the iPhone X Fold is 5000mAh. It has a fast battery charger, that can charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes.
  • The smartphone is available in space grey, silver, midnight green, and even gold.
    • The battery life is good, as it can last about 102 hours.

    • The camera quality and specifications are really good, as compared to other phones.

    • s]

    • There is no 3.5mm jack.

    • The phone doesn’t have a radio.

    • [/i2cons]

    Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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    This Android phone has a very flexible body, along with hidden piezoelectric, and ultrasonic proximity sensors.

    You can easily fold this phone, and the screen to body ratio will remain 95%.

    This is a Dual SIM phone, perfect for those who have one SIM for personal and another SIM for professional purposes.

    The size of Xiaomi’s screen is 6.2 inches, and it has an HD primary display. The pixel support for the phone is 1440×2560, and it has a 3-inch secondary display.

    The processor of the phone is 64-bit Octa-Core, and it comes with Snapdragon 855 SOC.

    Xiaomi’s RAM is 6 GB, and its internal memory storage is 64GB.

    There are triple rear cameras on the phone, which gives good quality photos and videos to the user. The cameras are 20MP, 16MP, and 8MP respectively.

    The secondary camera of the phone has a pop camera design, which is of 25 megapixels. One unique feature of the camera is its beautification mode. The camera is powered by Al and provides users with different camera effects. The video also supports 4K video recording, and the beautification mode of the phone has the perfect soft light to it.


    • The best part of this smartphone is that its internal memory can be expanded to 128GB.
    • There are multiple sensors in this phone, from which users can benefit. These sensors include a fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and magnetometer.
    • The SIM 1 of the phone supports GSM, 4G, LTE & CDMA. SIM 2 of the phone doesn’t support CDMA.
    • The phone is available in black, white, and silver colors.
    • Xiaomi’s operating system is Android 9.0, and it will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. This chipset fast tracks the processor of the phone, and when the operating system is fast, then the phone runs smoother.
    • The battery of the phone is 4,200 mAh.

    These camera effects are quite common in other smartphones and include beauty mode, blacklight, and group selfie. Xiaomi offers digital avatars and slow-motion mode to the user.

    Capturing videos in slow motion mode has its unique value, especially at parties or on special occasions. It captures every detail in perfection and doesn’t let the user down.

    • The best thing about this phone is its gorgeous build. Users will love the shape of the phone.

    • Users will get a free leather case with the phone. Finding cases for phones is not very easy, so if a smartphone is giving a leather case, then it can be one of the factors why users would buy this phone.

    • Xiaomi’s performance is top-notch, and users will enjoy this phone a great deal.

    • Outside of China, users can enjoy LTE connectivity on the phone.

    • The battery life of the phone is incredible.

    • Xiaomi’s screen appealing because of its edgeless display.

    • The phone is heavy, and some users might not like this factor at all.

    • This phone is so far available in China only and is sold in limited quantities as well.

    • Those who have used the camera of the phone, feel that it doesn’t live up to its reputation.

    • Taking selfies from this phone’s camera can be a little awkward.

    Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy Note 10+

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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    Galaxy Note 10’s display screen is of 6.3 inches, along with the Dynamic AMOLED feature.

    It has the same screen, but it is 6.8 inches. Both phones have an Infinity-O display, but the Note 10’s resolution is 2280×1080 and Note 10+’s resolution is 3040×1440.

    Both phones are HDR10+ certified. TUV Rheinland is a globally recognized institute, and it gave both phones a certificate of ‘eye comfort’.

    Both phones come with an S Pen, which is enabled by Bluetooth. The pressure level of the S pen is 4096, and its diameter is 0.7mm. The pen has a lithium titanate battery, which has a standby time of 10 hours.

    The phones can stand up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for 30 minutes and have an IP rating of 68. However, the warranty for both phones doesn’t cover water damage.

    The S Pen supports air actions, live messages, Samsung notes, text export, the screen of the memo, and smart select. It also supports screen write, translates, magnifies, coloring, and AR doodle.

    In Galaxy Note 10, there is a 10MP selfie camera, with dual pixels. This camera provides the user with a live focus and lives focus video.

    The Galaxy Note 10+ has a 10MP selfie and it has the same features as Galaxy Note 10.

    While the Galaxy Note 10 has a triple camera, the other phone has a quad camera.


    Galaxy Note 10 has a dual optical image stabilization feature, with 0.5xout and 2x in optical zoom. The digital zoom is up to 10x, and it supports HDR10+ recording. It can be used for Tracking AF. The three-camera are 16MP, 12MP, and 12MP respectively.

    • The Galaxy Note 10+ has the same features. The four cameras are 16MP, 12Mp, 12MP, and a depth vision camera.
    • Both phones come with intelligent features like scene optimizer, shot suggestions, and flaw detection. These two phones are perfect for those who are interested in professional photography but can’t buy an expensive lens.
    • The camera modes on both phones are the same. Some prominent modes are night, panorama, pro, live focus, and super slow-motion.
    • You can easily record videos in 4K UHD, 1080p FHD, and 720p HD resolutions. The shooting speeds available on both phones are super slow motion, slow motion, and hyperlapse.
    • The battery of Galaxy Note 10 is 3500mAh, and the battery of Galaxy Note 10+ is 4300mAh.
    • Both phones come with super-fast chargers, and they support fast wireless charging 2.0 as well.
    • These phones support 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

    Note 10’s RAM is 8GB and the internal storage is 256GB. Note 10+’s has a RAM of 12GB and internal memory of 256GB. Both have single and Dual SIM models. The Operating System of both phones is Android 9.

    • The battery of Note+ is really good, and long-lasting.

    • The internal storage of both phones is sufficient for users.

    • Both phones support 5G connectivity.

    • There are multiple video playback formats available.

    • Users can put up video as the wallpaper on both phones.

    • They might not be as water-resistant, as the user suspects them to be.

    • The warranty for both phones doesn’t cover water damage.

    Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

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    Google Pixel 4a is already available in the market and many users have bought it. The phone costs $799 and the storage capacity of the phone is 64G.

    The operating system of the phone is Android v10 (Q).

    5.7 inches is the size of the display screen, and it comes with Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It has a camera of 12.2 MP and another of 8MP. The 8MP is the front camera, and users can use it for selfies and video calling.

    The battery of the phone is 3300 mAh, and it comes with fast charging. Google Pixel 4a supports wireless charging and is waterproof.

    This is a Dual SIM phone, and it supports eSIM and VoLTE. Both SIM slots support 4G and 3G.

    It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 Octa-core processor, and a 6GB RAM.

    The internal storage of the phone is 64GB, but users can’t expand the memory.

    Users can benefit from the fingerprint sensor and face unlock technology. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack present, which is absent in most phones.

    The phone is available in both black and white.

    Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL’s battery life should be extended because it looks very weak. Moreover, the storage capacity should be increased, and an SD card slot should be introduced on the phone.

    In October 2019, Google Pixel 4a XL was released. It supports LTE & GSM technology but doesn’t support 5G connectivity.

    The screen size of the phone is 6.3 inches, and the resolution of the phone is 1440×3040.

    The camera quality of the phone is quite good, as it comes with 16MP.

    It comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection and has an always-on display. The phone supports HDR, has a P-OLED capacitive touchscreen, along with Dual SIM technology.

    The operating system of the phone is Android 10, and the chipset is Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855. Google Pixel 4a XL’s GPU is Adreno 640 and the CPU is Octa-core.

    The internal memory of the phone is 64GB, and the RAM is 6GB. However, there is no card slot for expanding memory.

    There is a selfie camera on the phone, with 8MP, and users can make videos up to 1080p resolution.

    3700 mAh is the battery capacity of the phone, which is too less considering the needs of the users in today’s world.

    • It is a water-resistant phone.

    • The resolution of the phone is 1080×2160 pixels, which is quite good.

    • It comes with a fast charger.

    • The camera resolution is quite good.

    • It has a fast processor.

    • This phone comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, protecting the phone from scratches.

    • For 30 minutes, you can put the phone into 1.5m of water.

    • The internal storage capacity is too low.

    • You can’t expand the internal memory storage of the phone.

    • The battery life is too short.

    • Google Pixel 4a XL

    • The battery life of the phone is very weak.

    • Google Pixel 4a XL’s internal storage memory is quite low.

    • The internal storage can’t be expanded, and this could be a disappointing factor for gamers.

    Phone Error Message

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    Some phone errors are more common than others. The first error everyone experiences is their slow user interface.

    If your user interfaces freezes all the time, then you should delete unused apps and photos.

    When the storage of a phone is at its full capacity, then the phone starts to act up. The operating system of a phone slows down.

    For this, you should delete the cache data of your apps, with the help of Clean Master or App Cache Cleaner.

    The next error message that most phones get is the connectivity issue. Sometimes, you face problems with connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even your cellular network.

    • For this error message, you should restart all your devices, and your phone again.
    • At times, just toggling a specific connection can also solve the problem.

    Does your phone overheat sometimes? Don’t worry, because this is a common problem. When your phone overheats, then this means you are charging it for too long.

    This can also mean that you are running high CPU-sucking apps like Pokemon Go.

    If you don’t have high-power apps running on your phone, and it still becomes hot, then you should get it checked by an expert. This could very well be a manufacturing defect.

    Another problem that you might have faced at some point, is that your data refuses to sync with your Google Drive or Dropbox.

    First, check your internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is working, and it still won’t sync, then you can explore other options.

    You can sign in to your Google Drive or Dropbox account again. Maybe, you changed the Dropbox password on your laptop, and forgot to change it on your phone?

    Certain apps keep on crashing and give you the error message, that the app has stopped responding.

    • Even if you try to run it multiple times, the app still won’t run. In such a case, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it. If the problem persists, then force stop it from settings, and then enable it again.
    • There is the best phone under 600 dollars that doesn’t have a good screen. The screen sometimes becomes unresponsive, and all you want to do is throw it against the wall.

    However, before getting rough with it, you should press the power button, and turn your phone off. When you turn it back on, it is most likely that the screen will start responding.

    However, if the screen still doesn’t respond, and keeps giving you an error message, then you have to rake it for repairing.

    Sometimes when you are downloading apps on your phone, they refuse to budge. For this, you need to clear Google Play’s cache.

    • If that doesn’t work, then you should wipe Google Play’s history.

    There is most likely corrupt cache on your phone, and all you need to download apps is, clear it.

    Mobile Phone Error 1035

    A 1035 mobile phone error usually comes on an iPhone or iTunes. It is a voicemail-related error, which you will experience when you update the settings of your voicemail greetings.

    When this error appears, then this means you can’t use the voicemail option on your iPhone.

    If this error appears on your iTunes app, then this is related to the mobile carrier.

    The iTunes error 1035 will be different, depending on the mobile carrier you are using.

    There are four solutions to this mobile error 1035.

    Even if your phone is among the best phone under 600 Dollars, you can still face this problem.

    The first solution is to reset the voicemail iPhone and then set it up again. You will face the 1035 error issue when your voicemail is not set properly, or the existing one has issues.

    For this, the first thing you need to do is turn off your Wi-Fi connection.

    Then, you need to tap on the phone icon on your iPhone and hold the 1 key. Enter the password of the voicemail and then tap on the ‘*’ key. To access the greeting menu, you have to tap 3.

    You need to set up the greeting message again for voicemail, enter the password and then restart your phone.

    There is no doubt that this solution won’t solve the problem.

    If this solution doesn’t work, then you should download the iSkysoft toolbox, which leads to iOS System Recovery.

    This is one of the top tools that even those people use, who have one of the best phones under 600 Dollars.

    You can easily resolve the issue of voicemail not working when you download the tool. It will give you proper instructions about how easily you can remove the 1035 error.

    If you don’t want to download a tool, then the next step is to reset network settings.

    If you have updated your iPhone, and the voicemail is not working, then this is because of the update. Go to settings, then tap on ‘General’ and then ‘Reset’.

    When you tap on Reset Network Settings, the 1035 issue will be fixed.

    If you want to access the voicemail feature, then you can easily do so.

    If you want a simpler solution, then you should fix the airplane mode. At times, the airplane mode can solve the 1035 error message.

    When you turn on the Airplane mode, the iPhone gets disconnected from the networks it was connected to.

    This disrupts the cellular connection as well.

    When you are not able to make calls, you will know that the Airplane mode has successfully launched.

    After waiting for 25 seconds, you can switch off the Airplane mode.

    When you open your voicemail, it will start working.

    For some, the voicemail feature is very important. You might find this feature important as well if you are not able to take calls now and then.

    Whether your phone is one of the best phones under 600 dollars or over $600, you can apply the same steps to them. These steps will surely resolve the voicemail issue.

    Phone With HDMI Input

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    Even if your phone has a big screen, you might still want to stream shows on a bigger size screen.

    It is now common for Android devices to have an HDMI port. However, they aren’t full-size ports, like the ones you might have seen on TV and laptops.

    These are more mini HDMI ports. If you have an older phone and still want the HDMI feature, then you can buy a cable online.

    HDMI input is when you ply your phone with an HDMI cable.

    The HDMI output is when the other end of the cable is plugged into a device, like your TV.

    The result of this HDMI cable is that you can see your favorite TV shows on a big screen, without any hassle.

    The reason why you would prefer this wired way of connecting to your TV is that it is the cheapest way.

    When using an HDMI cable, you don’t have to face any hassles. The HDMI cable simplifies the setup of the TV and delivers the most reliable connection. There is no buffering and the screen doesn’t freeze up.

    However, if you are watching Hulu, then it doesn’t offer HDMI output support for Android users.

    If you are watching Amazon Prime and Netflix, then they do offer playback controls. Your phone then turns into a remote control.

    An HDMI cable has a small connector on one end, and a large connector on the other end.

    You can plug your HDMI’s larger end to your HDTV’s HDMI port, and even if you have the best phone under 600 dollars, it will still detect the HDMI cable.

    Phone With HDMI Output

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    The output for this feature doesn’t require a device driver.

    However, not all Android phones have an HDMI output. If your phone doesn’t come with an HDMI port, then you cannot add it.

    If you try to add an HDMI port, then this can damage your phone. In case you want a micro HDMI cable, then it is sold separately from Android phones. It doesn’t come with USB cables or even AC power adapters.

    Many phones have HDMI cables. Some of them are the best phone for under 600 dollars.

    The phones include the HTC Butterfly, LG Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    To determine if your phone has HDMI cable support or not, you should always look at the features of the phone.

    Usually, when companies advertise their phones on the internet, they do tell if it has an HDMI port or not.

    If your phone doesn’t come with an HDMI port, you can still watch your TV shows and movies on TV.

    The best way to do this is by getting wireless methods. This includes Chromecast and Smart View, which are available on most Samsung devices.

    However, the performance that HDMI cable gives, these two doesn’t. They delay showing thee output on TV, and this could be irritating for users.

    If your phone doesn’t have an HDMI cable port, then you can always connect it with your laptop.

    Free Reverse Phone Lookup

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    Is someone calling you, and you don’t know who it is? Then you can always do a reverse phone lookup. You can do this one the best phone under 600 dollars because this service is free and easy to use.

    There are white pages records on the internet that you can use, to look up a phone number. The search will reveal the person’s name and address, so you can identify whether you know the person calling you or not.

    When you are confused about a number and feel like you shouldn’t pick it up, then you should do a reverse phone lookup.

    If it is a spam call and you have been getting these calls all the time, then it is best to search for the number.

    To do a reverse phone lookup, you need to enter a number, along with the area code. Then, you press the search icon.

    There are many websites on the internet, like www.whitepages.com, which offer this service for free.

    The number you look for will immediately appear in search engine results.

    You can easily link the identification of the person, with their number.

    When you have found the phone number in the database, the amount of information that you get will be different.

    If you have input on a landline number, then you can get the owner’s name, address, and even their business associate’s name for free.

    If you have input on a cell phone number, then you won’t get much information for free.

    You might find the city or state from where they are calling. However, you might not find the name of the owner of the phone number, and their location.

    Cell phone data require extensive processing. This is why there are fewer websites and services out there, which offer the whole data for free.

    If they have made this information public, then you can easily see their name and Facebook account.

    Phone Lookup is another website, which is similar to Google phone lookup pages.

    All you have to do is enter the number you want information for, and click on Lookup. The user interface of this website is quite friendly.

    This website can identify, who is behind the phone number. They can announce the information, which is not published yet.

    However, no website on the internet will offer you full contact information, of the owner of the phone number.

    This is because, not everyone likes to put up their cell phone number, along with their information, on the internet.

    Websites can only grab that data for you, which is readily available on the internet.

    The reverse phone lookup can work if the phone number is a landline number. If it isn’t, then you either have to pay for it or keep on looking on the internet.

    You might find something on social media websites, but it is a long road to the journey.

    How To Clean Phone Storage?

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    It mostly happens on the best phone under 600 dollars, that they run out of storage space quite easily.

    You take seven pictures, and your device starts showing that you have run out of space. However, you don’t have to worry, as you can easily free up storage on your phone.  The first thing you need to do is to find out the apps that you downloaded and installed, but you don’t use them anymore.

    Even you know that this happens a lot. We download all these unnecessary apps on our phones and forget that they are even there.

    For example, you download a game on your phone, play it once, and don’t like it. However, you don’t delete it right away. This takes up most of your phone storage.

    To find out which apps are eating storage of your phone, you should go to Settings and then the Storage option. There, you will get to see the total storage that you have used, and which app is using the storage system, the most.

    If you have downloaded movies, tv shows, and other videos on your phone, then you should transfer them to your laptop.

    Videos take much space in the storage of a phone, and the best way to free some storage is by deleting them.

    There is an app that you can download from the Android Play Store, which cleans up junk files, temporary files, and cache from your phone.

    Download such an app, and it will free up a significant amount of space on your phone.

    You should head to the Application Manager on your phone, and see which app you last used. There must be several apps that you haven’t touched for years, but you are just keeping them for ‘someday I’ll use it’.

    The other storage-eating culprit on your phone and is the music that you have downloaded.

    • There are many songs that you download on a whim, and then don’t listen to for years.
    • If you go through your music list and find several of such songs, then you can easily free up space.
    • Next, sometimes, you wouldn’t want to delete important data from your phone. Then there is another way.
    • You can upload data to Google Drive or Mega, whichever suits you. There is a lot of space available on Dropbox for such data as well.

    When you upload data on these platforms, then you can free a lot of storage space.

    The best phone under 600 dollars don’t usually come with a microSD card. However, if you can find such a phone, then that would be a good way to extend your storage space.

    You can easily buy a microSD from any shop, insert it in your phone, and then save whatever you want.

    Often, people don’t delete their WhatsApp conversations, even though they take up a lot of space on their phones. In such a case, make sure that you delete conversations, you no longer need.

    These are mostly old conversations, that you can afford to get rid of.

    Why Won’t My Phone Backup To iCloud

    Best Phone Under 600 Dollars

    If you think that you don’t have to back up your data to iCloud, because you have one of the best phones under 600 dollars, then you are wrong.

    Regardless of the phone you have, you need to backup your data. Imagine, you take really good pictures of yourself and your friend, don’t back up those pictures, and then they disappear. What will happen? It will surely be a disaster!

    Usually, pictures and data disappear because of viruses. When you visit a new website, believing that it will not harm your smartphone, it usually does.

    The first reason why your phone won’t backup to iCloud is that your phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. The only way to create a backup is to send data through Wi-Fi, to another platform.

    Some  Wi-Fi networks are pretty weak, and they take a lot of time backing up data to iCloud. If the network speed is too bad, then the data stops uploading.

    The second reason for no backup is insufficient iCloud storage.

    Even if you backup data on iCloud, how often do you visit your iCloud account to check the storage space that is left? The reality is that the pictures and videos that we send to iCloud, we don’t go through them often.

    If the storage space is insufficient, then surely, the data won’t upload on iCloud. This could be a reality for the best phones under 600 dollars as well.

    To get more space, you have to upgrade your account. You might have to pay to get more space, but if your data is important, then this purchase is worth it.

    The third solution for this problem is to sign out of your account.

    First, go to the settings app, and tap on Account & passwords. There, at the bottom of your screen, you can tap on Sign Out.

    The setting will be erased and you will be signed out of the iCloud page.

    Then, to sign back in, you have to enter your username and password.

    Once you are back in, try creating a backup of your data to iCloud, and it will work.

    If nothing else works, then there is the last solution to this problem.


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