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10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

Last Updated on December 23, 2020 by William John

Sims is a really popular game, with a very loyal fan base, compared to any other game franchise. Ever listen? Best sims 4 expansion packs 2021?

For two decades, players have been returning to the game, because each and every version of it, is unique in its own place.

Each and every Sims game offers the player to look at a stimulating life.

10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

There are so many options available for players, and they can choose the one that gives them a good experience.

If someone is new to this game, then they can consider the 10 best Sims games that are very overwhelming.

Island living

islandliving - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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The Island Living game is at the top of the Sims game and gives a natural insight into how people live on the island. There are no new mechanics or formula to the game, but a full island-like paradise, where the player can have an impact on.

There are many features and activities in this Sims game, from which players can benefit. The name of the island is Sulani, and it demonstrated the capacity of new terrain tools.

The unique feature of this island is the kind of things that people can create. For example, they can make mermaids, and meet them while they are playing the game. Moreover, this game allows the player to clean pollution and trash, and keep the island beautiful.

  • The players get access to a new island location

  • Players can create mermaids with it

  • The weather of the island, makes it look really unique

  • There are no new mechanics in the game, only new features


season - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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This expansion pack adds a really dynamic weather event to this game and spices it up. The seasons don’t end on winter and summer animations in this game.

There are many unique activities, and holidays in this game like New Year, Christmas, and even Love Day. The best part of this game is that the players get to create their own holidays.

Moreover, the players get to explore a new gardening skill, which is realistic because the plants grow only in the weather, they are supposed to grow. Thus, there are many new features in this game, and the players will definitely love it.

  • The players get to create their own holidays and can customize them any way they want to

  • There are new gardening skills accessible for the player

  • There are unique activities for players, which are relevant to the holidays celebrated in the game

  • It is a lack of new game mechanics, but there are still new features in it

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parenthood - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

This is a really fun Sims game, which is about developing parenting skills. The players get to make their parenting skills better so that they can satisfy their child’s needs and have an impact on their behavior.

The player gets to develop new abilities with the help of experience, and someone’s childhood. The decisions that one makes as a player, influence a child’s future, like their traits and personality.

The player can gather around their Sims family, and take part in interesting activities so that they can spend a good time with each other.

The new thing in this version is that the player gets to exercise parenting skills, engage in family-related activities, and shape their child’s future.

  • New character values are introduced, to make the process of raising a child, interesting

  • There are random encounters that enhance parenting skills and make them more dynamic

  • Parents have an influence on their child

  • The expansions are not very strong

City Living

citylivng - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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In this Sims game, the user is able to explore the city of San Myshuno. Moreover, the players are able to discover lively festivals, which represent culture.

The players can live in apartments, and interact with their neighbors. When they get bored with their apartment, then they can play to reach a penthouse.

Moreover, the user also gets to embark on a metropolitan career, based on their expertise.

  • The new location for the player to unlock; San Myshuno

  • There are new festivals in the game

  • New career options

  • Not much activity in this expansion package

Get Famous

getfamous - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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If you ever wanted to live a life of fame and fortune, then this is the best Sims game for you. You will be able to live your wildest dreams and get an amazing acting career.

The players would be able to explore a new world called Del Sol Valley, where there is a lot of glitz and glamour.

The players get access to a lavish lifestyle, where they get noticed at the places they go to. There are glamorous outfits that the player gets to see.

  • The acting career that the player gets is very detailed

  • The game has a very satirical aspect to it, which most players will enjoy

  • The player has their own bank vault, which is an exciting feature

  • This could be a heavy Sims game for some players

Cats & Dogs

cats and dons - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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In this game, the player gets to make his own cats and dogs, through the Sims creativity tool. They can bond with their pets, and experience the company pets give humans.

In fact, the player can actually become a vet and run a veterinary clinic. They will get to hire their own staff and become a promising vet in the town. In this game, the players get access to a new world called Brindle ton Bay, where pets and humans can live in joy.

  • The player can customize the look of their pets

  • There are several new activities for Sims and the pets

  • Pets can form relationships with Sims, and this creates strong play options

  • There are some bugs in this Sims game


vampire - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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The world of vampires is very interesting for human beings, because of the many vampire movies available. When the user gets access to this game, they get to create their own vampire and experience supernatural powers.

Imagine entering a Sims game, where you are able to escape from the Forgotten Hollow or live forever! When you are creating a vampire, you can choose skin tones, eyes, and fangs. The vampire powers are all available for you, and you can use the mind control feature as well.

  • There are many options for creating vampires and giving them powers

  • The player can explore many vampire powers

  • The player can turn Sims into a vampire

  • The items of the Forgotten Hollow, may not be too interesting for the player

Get to Work

gettowork - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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In this new Sims game, you can be anything that you want to become. You can be a doctor, a nurse, a detective, or a cop! If you want to become a scientist, then you even get your own science lab in this Sims 4 game.

There are so many detailed retail businesses, from which the player can choose. There are new career venues available in this game, making things more exciting for players.

  • New careers are introduced

  • The user can sell anything they want to, in the retail business

  • Photography and baking skills have been added in the game

  • Some actions may be repetitive, boring the player

Discover University

discover - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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This is a really interesting Sims game, as it gives players a chance to go back to school. They can settle into one, and open a new chapter of their life.

The player can find multiple classes of their interest in school, like biology, and art. Moreover, they get to meet and mingle with other people and embrace life. The player would be able to adopt a new campus-style, like decorating their room, which reflects their personality.

  • There are many items in this game

  • It provides a very realistic experience to the user, as they get scholarships and career choices

  • Sims can choose their course work, as in what they want to study

  • The traits available are the old

Get Together

gettotegher - 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs 2021

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Who doesn’t want to be part of a club, and get access to multiple interests, and personalities? The player would get to choose their own style, and set rules that go with their look.

The user gets to customize the places where they want to hang out and get together with other players to take part in group activities. They can enter a new and different world of Windenburg.

  • Clubs can add unique elements of companionship

  • The player can add more depth to clubs, and customize them

  • This Sims world has a very unique personality

  • The loading time is too long


There are so many Sims games that players have access to. They can experience different situations and worlds, and find the one that suits their interests. There are islands, and parenthood games for players; a Sims game for each and every one.


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