What Are The Brave Frontier Tier List

Since its release in 2013, Brave Frontier has always been about maximizing the potential of your party to become the best summoner you can be with the Brave Frontier tier list you may get more ideas..

With thousands of various units to call, layers of the procedure to build on, and deep lore, it’s hard not to feel overpowered particularly if you’re a new player.

The good news is that there’s still a running meta for Brave Frontier, as with all other competitive games.

Indeed with a huge summon pool, it’s possible to rank the units as per their component, utility, party compatibility, and end-game potential.

What is Brave Frontier?

From our point of view, Brave Frontier is an ideal game to cover a few hours of leisure since it is a classic combat title in turn-based rounds where we should arrange a team of heroes that allow us to overcome each adversary.

Likewise, the story of Brave Frontier depends on the investigation of a continent to gather however many diamonds as could reasonably be expected and thus free up a good amount of resources that give us the chance to establish our base of operations.

For this, we will have a great variety of characters and jobs that will be vital in this plot and that create a good amount of combinations and, therefore, different play styles. Because of this variety, we will have the option to figure to overcome any Brave Frontier game mode.

Tier List

  • Tier S
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
  • Tier D
  • Tier E

Tier S

Ken Kaneki, Peter, Ptah, Avyn, Hakuzo

Sero-Anya, Present, Karna Masta, Kelsa, Allanon, Fionna, Chloe, Aurelia, Vanilla

Osiris, Yasna Armaiti, Alphie, Sasha, Nicholas, Hypatia

Tier A

Odin, Joshua, Kyria, Juno Seto, Lukroar, Ceulfan, Alan, Gabriela, Solos, Lucius, Linasera, Regil, Lilith, Emile, Lauda, Krantz, Maxwell, SefiaKielazar, Kraus, Saskya, Xenon, Noel, Lico, Kielezar, Keres, Ensa-Taya, Save, R&R, Semira, Ciardha, Alza Masta, Nyami, Lancelot, Theodor

Sheriff, Kassia, Tevarius, Fennia, Mikael, Chryssa, Nan Wang Mu, Zeus, Cerise, Bonnie, Zelion, Claria, Long, Khepratum, Silvie

Charlie, Faelan, Sennie, Serin, Rene, Utheria, Tridon, Vail & Vidron, Kawab, Haile, Sae, Kahiki, Vikki, Galea, Winter

Tier B

Nia, Avani, Nyala, Mordlim, Faelan, Ophiucus, Hisui, Fei & Fang, Libera, Dion, Edea, Eriana, Honoka & Hisa, Hetepheres

Korzan, Baelfyr, Michele, Agnia, Afla Dillith, Adel, al-Akqat, Barion, Glenn, Lava

Viviane & Orah, May, Medina, Elimo, Lofia, Rickel, Lasswell, Ilm, Signas, Isniel, Tsovinar

Galtier, Katerin, Cards, Merlin, Neferet, Zephyr, Gardens, Yuura, Illucen & Illumina, Neviro, Ebony & Enid, Feora

Tier C

Zero, Shida, Lunaris, Yggdrasil, Zekuu, Zenia, Ragina, Elza, Dirk Rezo, Feeva, Toki,

Velma, Mifune, Zalvard, Lilly Matah, Johan

Florence, Auberi, Vaisal, Savia, Selena, Lumis, Holia, Mariela

Tier D

Celeste, Camilla, Stein, Arson, Melford, Zalts, Hugh, Azalea, Kitsu, Tazer, Auto, Kula Diamond, Belfura, Garrett, Colt, Astrid

Elphelt, Athena Asamiya, Diastima, Logi

Kikuri, Xie’Jing, Kafka, Haido, Sonia, Mizo Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Kalon, Magress, Ramlethal

Tier E

Luna, Gregor, Mard Geer, Iori, Ihsir

Daze, Nimune, Ragzbyul, Serge, Lance

Viktor, Zora, Ky, Rayla, Draegar

Verne, Amu Yunos, Azami, Iris, Charlotte, Cotton

What is the best unit in the brave frontier?

  • Burny. The sexiest slime.
  • Mattress. That lance tho.
  • Azami. Hello.
  • Rize.
  • Camilla.
  • Sirius.
  • Elimo.

Is Brave Frontier Dead 2021?

From the Closing Date on, Brave Frontier RPG will be forever closed. The workers won’t be kept in an “offline” version of the game.

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Why is brave frontier not working?

Restarting the application, simply make certain to completely close the game and it is not running in the background. (May take several tries) If restarting the app does not work, kindly try to restart the device itself in an attempt to see if a certain problem is fixable in this way since restarting the device will refresh the system.

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