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How To Disable Cortana Completely?

The easiest way to disable Cortana completely some aspects of Cortana’s privacy is to use third-party tools, such as O&O software free shut-up 10. Cortana in shut-up 10.

It prompts the user to ask her anything, and when you click on the space for the first time, the assistant asks your name. Cortana will then repeat the name you have told her, and ask you if she has pronounced it right. Sound interesting, doesn’t it?

It is like communicating with a robot, who will find any information you ask of her. You want her to find an application, and she will find it for you.

How To Disable Cortana Completely?

There are so many questions that people can ask Cortana. For example, using your microphone, you can ask her about the weather, and she will reply verbally, side by side putting some details on her window.

When you are speaking, you will see Cortana putting up the words that you are speaking, so that you can see if she is getting them right or not. She is fast and accurate, and her pronunciation is pretty good as well.

Even though Cortana shows the answers for most of the questions on the screen, there are some questions which she passes onto Bing.

This is fine in circumstances when the user needs more information, but in other circumstances, this can become annoying. If the user has to look for information and the right web page on Bing, then why would he use Cortana?

Accessing Cortana

Accessing Coratan is pretty easy. In settings, you can select turn on the ‘Hey Cortana’ settings.

Whenever you say the two words using your microphone, Cortana will appear and will start working as your assistant. This is a pretty cool feature but might not work on everyone’s computer. AmazeInvent


Cortana can set reminders for you on your PC. For example, if you want Cortana to remind you of a conference, then she will. If you want her to provide you with daily news, then she will do that too.

To Switch Off Cortana

If someone doesn’t want to use Cortana or feel very irritated by her presence, then they can simply switch the application off completely. Follow the steps given below, to switch it off:

  • Press Win+R and it will open a run dialog box
  • Type Gpedit.msc in the dialog box, press enter or OK and then open Local Group Policy Editor
  • Go to Local Computer Policy
  • Click on Computer configuration
  • Go to Administrative Templates, Windows Components and then click on Search
  • In the right panel, click on the Allow Cortana option
  • Select the disable button
  • Restart the PC

Cortana and Bing Search services are now disabled.

If this doesn’t work for users, then there is another method they can use:

  • First, press ctrl+alt+delete, which will open the task manager
  • Click on the option of ‘More Details’ and then right-click on Cortana
  • Select the option of ‘Open File Location
  • Find the Cortana folder and then right-click on it
  • Choose the rename option
  • Add .bak to the end of the folder name, so that you can find it easily
  • When you try to rename it, then an error will show telling you that the file is already in use
  • Return to task manager and then click on the End Task option (to find this you have to right-click on Cortana)
  • When the task ends, switch the folder to ‘Folder in Use’ window, and then click Try Again

The folder is renamed and you have gotten rid of Cortana.

Down Side of Cortana

The reason why most people don’t like to use Cortana is that they don’t like the limited features that it offers.

They expected more from Cortana, like helping them do basic functions that no other assistant helps them do.

Cortana can launch applications, look for files, or change any settings. Even when someone asks Coratan to launch Notepad, she just passes this request to the Bing search engine.

Before Cortana came to Windows 10, it was a built-in feature in Windows Phone, 8.1.

It was integrated with the operating system and performed internet searches on behalf of the user. If a user, for example, asks Cortana to find a highly rated Italian restaurant at walking distance, then Cortana performs the following functions:

  • It finds out the current location of the user
  • Establish what a walking distance must be for the user
  • Find Mexican restaurants on a map, by sending the query to Bing
  • Finds ratings on Yelp for the Mexican restaurants that it found
  • This way, Cortana finds out the answer to a query. Even though it has to do so much, it still delivers quick results to the user.

There are several other alternatives in the market for Cortana. Users can buy Alexa or Google Assistant, but since Cortana is a built-in feature in Windows 10, they don’t have to buy anything. This is the major advantage of using Cortana as an assistant.

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If Windows 10 wants to make Cortana more competitive, then it has to make it more independent from Bing.

Cortana keeps sending Bing queries, and that means the user still has to tap on several webpages, to find the answer to his query. If Cortana can help users open applications and find files within their PC, then that would increase customer satisfaction.

Windows 10 should focus on developing Cortana because that would help them become more competitive in the voice search assistant industry. Right now, Alexa and Google Assistant are dominating the market, but Windows can make use of the competitive edge they have.

They provide this feature for free, but it doesn’t do much for users. If it starts to help them do basic tasks, then people are less likely to buy Alexa or even Google Assistant.

How can I disable Cortana permanently in Windows 10?

  • To turn off Cortana completely on Windows 10 Pro, press the “Start” button and find and open “Edit Group Policy“.
  • Next, go to “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search” and find and open “Allow Cortana“. Click “Disable“, and press “OK“.

Can I stop Cortana from running?

Disabling Cortana is very straightforward there are two ways to do it.

  • The first option is to launch Cortana from the search bar on the taskbar.
  • Then, click the Settings button from the left pane, and under “Cortana” (first option) and slide the tablet switch to the off position.

Can I turn off Cortana in Task Manager?

You can disable the Cortana task, but doing so will unfortunately also disable the Windows Start Menu Search feature (File Explorer Search still works).

To permanently disable the Cortana task, go to C: \ Windows \ System Apps. Rename folder Microsoft.

What happens if you disable Cortana?

Cortana is firmly integrated into Windows 10 and Windows Search.

So if you disable Cortana, you’ll lose some of the functionality of Windows: personalized news, reminders, and natural language searches through your files. But a standard file search will work just fine.

Should I remove Cortana?

Cortana is embedded software

With that in mind, disabling or removing Cortana from your computer will stop performing important functions, one of which is the built-in search feature in Windows.

In other words, you won’t be able to open the Start menu and search for an app or document on your computer.

Why is Cortana coming?

According to users, this issue may be due to your lock screen settings, and to prevent Cortana from appearing all the time, you need to do the following: Windows + to open the Settings app Press I.

In the right pane, use Cortana until my device is turned off and disabled.


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