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How To Download Skype For Mac Step By Step

If your Mac requires Skype for admin credentials when installing or upgrading, follow these steps. download Skype for Mac.

Skype is widely used for communicating with business partners, employees, friends, and family. Skype For Mac is a popular method to communicate with more than one person.

With the help of Skype For Mac application, users can work and communicate with a person at the same time. They can even show others what they are doing, by sharing their screen with them.

It allows text messages, voice calling, video calling, and screen reading features. These features are available on Windows, Mac, and smartphones.

The reason why people prefer Skype for communication is that Skype For Mac is easier to use. The user interface is really friendly, and people can easily choose what they want to do with the application.

How To Download Skype For Mac

Step #1

Download Skype For Mac

Go to skype, and from the drop-down menu of download Skype for Windows, choose one.

Step #2

Download Skype For Mac

The screen will shift to another page, where a save option for a while will pop up.

Step #3

Download Skype For Mac

Save the installation files in a folder of your choice.

Step #4

Download Skype For Mac

Open the destination folder of the files, and then double click on Skype for Mac. The user has to drag the Skype logo to the folder.

The installation process will start.

Step #5

Download Skype For Mac

The download will become complete when the installation process is done. A finder window will open, making the user add the Skype app to the Applications folder on their Mac.

Launch Skype with the help of Launchpad on Mac.

Step #6

Download Skype For Mac

The Skype application will open up on the screen. If the user doesn’t have an id, then he can easily make up, following the instructions on the page.

If the user has an ID, then he can easily log in, and then start using Skype.

Step #7

Download Skype For Mac

There are several settings, which the user has to handle. For example, he has to set his account & profile, audio and video, add contacts to Skype, and set notifications for each feature.

Skype is extremely helpful, because it not only lets people interact with each other, face to face, it also helps them share files and photos.

If someone has forgotten their files on their home laptop, then they can easily share files through Skype.

Chatting has never been easier, than it is, with the help of instant messages option on Skype. Users can easily see if the other person is online, and start chatting with them.

Users can participate in group video calls, and Skype For Mac feature is particularly helpful in an office setting.

If two branch managers want to talk to each other, along with their team, then they can have a Skype conference.

Skype For Mac feature reduces the need for people to travel from place to place. It saves their time and money and makes it possible for quick interaction, in times of need and emergency.

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Skype offers an option for its users to call landline and mobile devices, but there is a low cost attached to it. However, it is still a very useful feature, if someone doesn’t have access to their landline or mobile phone.

Skype For Mac application on Mac, helps users send messages to other mobile devices.

It is very easy to set Skype on the home page of the Mac user.

Skype For Mac way, as soon as the person opens their Mac, they would be automatically connected to the app, or won’t have to look any further for it.

It is a perfect application for those who want to talk to their loved ones, through video chatting. They can easily talk through the video call option, and it would feel like they are sitting across from each other.

Skype has very realistic and practical features. It allows users to make communication an easy and quick process. Everyone can install Skype on their smartphones or laptops, regardless of the software they have.

For those who are deaf, Skype can be really helpful. It allows people to communicate with each other through video calls and makes signing easier.

Another feature that is available for users on Skype, is the Screen Reader option. If someone visually impaired, is using the Screen Reader option, then he would find it very easy to know what other people are saying to him.

Skype requirements for Mac

Before downloading Skype, users should check if Mac meets the requirements for the application.

To run Skype on Mac, it should be a Mac OS X/macOS 10.9. Skype also supports Mac versions higher than 10.9.

The Mac client should have an Intel processor of 1GHz. It should have a RAM of 1 GB.

Skype needs the latest version of Quick Time to run on Mac, a microphone, a webcam, and a good broadband connection. The speed of the broadband connection should be 100 Kbps.

A screen reader reads the text on the screen for the visually impaired so that they know what the other person is saying. There aren’t many communication apps, which allow users that are blind or deaf, to communicate properly.

Skype is a blessing in disguise for them.

When someone calls another user on Skype, they can easily record that call. That call can be video or audio, both. Moreover, if someone has trouble keeping up with a language that the other person is speaking, then they can turn on subtitles as well.

However, to avoid any legal objects, a person should always seek the consent of the other, before recording a video or audio call.

The application offers people to keep their conversation private. They can enable, end to end encryption. If a conversation is very sensitive, then Skype is the best place to have it.


If two people want to share ideas, like what they are drawing on their Mac, or want to share what they are searching for, then screen sharing is the best option.

People can see in real-time what the other person is doing. Skype For Mac can be helpful in an office presentation. Users should feel happy using Skype, with all the emojis that they can use.

Why can’t I get Skype on my Mac?

The most common reason is that your system does not meet the minimum requirements for the latest version of Skype.

For Mac users, you should also make sure that your version of Skype is up-to-date by using the Skype Update and installing the latest version at any time.

Is there a Skype app for MacBook?

In addition to being a free download, the Skype app is also available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices.

Skype is also compatible with some Xbox and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

Is there a free version of Skype?

Skype to Skype calls is free anywhere in the world. You can use Skype on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet *.

If you’re both using Skype, the call is completely free. Users only have to pay when they use premium features like voicemail, SMS texts, or calling on a phone from a landline, call, or Skype.

Is Skype off?

Microsoft has announced that it is retiring from the Skype for Business online service, allowing users to continue using it until the end of July 2021 (via ZDNet).

After this date, the online version of Skype for Business will no longer be available to users.

What happened to Skype?

Microsoft, which bought Skype for .5 8.5 billion in 2011, has failed to adapt the platform to the mobile demands of today’s users, focusing all its energies on teams.

Does Skype work on Apple?

Skype is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Skype does not offer file-sharing or screen sharing for mobile operating systems. Anyone can download Skype and use it after making Skype username free.


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