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10 Facebook Messenger Scams

If you are on Facebook, look for scams using Messenger. In the past month, BBB Scam Tracker has received dozens of reports about the use of ear artists … BBB says it is a scam that is already working on some people.

It is very easy to fall prey to a scam nowadays, especially on social media websites. The scammers come up with such enticing and attractive offers, that no person can resist.

There are many Facebook scams, which have happened since its appearance on the internet. This article will discuss 10 scams so that readers get to know how scams work, and how they can stay away from them.

10 Facebook Messenger Scams

Account Violation

Account Violation

When Facebook users don’t adhere to the standards set by the social website, then users receive a message from Facebook on messenger, telling them that their account has violated the rules.

However, even though this is a legit message, scammers can capitalize on this.

Scammers make a fake Facebook account, which looks legit, and then they send users the same message.

There are different ways through which users can know if it is a scam or not. They will receive the message on an email address, which Facebook doesn’t have. Further, the profile message might not use professional language, like poor grammar fuck.

Scammers want to get the user’s password when they say they have violated the rules. If a person feels that the sender is not Facebook, then they should never give out their password.

Baby Sussex Scam

Baby Sussex Scam

When the royal baby was born, every person wanted to have a look. Scammers capitalized on this opportunity and send people dodgy links on Facebook messenger.

They promised to show the users, pictures of the Sussex baby, but when users went to these links, their computer was infected by a virus.

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The messages were sent to Facebook users, and the scammers were able to hack the personal data of users.

Romance Scams

Romance Scams

This is the most common Facebook messenger scam. This is one two accounts connect on Facebook, but one has a fake profile, and the other doesn’t know that.

The scammer tries to build a relationship with a person and lures them to share their personal information, like sensitive pictures with them.

To stay away from such scammers, users should always check the profile of the person, they don’t know outside their home or in the workplace. Such people have few posts and no information about their identification.

Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

These are also common scams on Facebook messenger, and most people fall for them. A user might suddenly receive a message from a Facebook account, about how they have won a lottery.

Even if the user hasn’t entered a lottery, they might fall into this trap.

When the user asks for their lottery money, the scammer asks them for a fee.  The person gladly deposits it.

If the person gives out their credit card information or bank account details, then scammers can use it. They can easily empty the user’s bank account.

Facebook is charging for its service

Facebook is charging for its service

Many users fall for this particular scam. They post a message that they see on other people’s pages, about how Facebook is going to charge for their services.

This is something that doesn’t harm anyone, because it is all about copy and paste, but it does spread misinformation. Users often share this information through Facebook messenger as well, with their friends and family.

Donation Scam

donation scam fb

People are always ready to donate to charities and good causes. It is very easy to convince people nowadays, that such and such person needs help.

For example, when a scammer wants donations, he posts pictures of little children, either hurt or in a war zone, asking people for money.

The scammers ask for money through Facebook messenger and emphasize that people can give as little and as much as they want. People believe such scammers and then donate in the name of charity. This is how the scammers earn money, and the people who have donated, never see their money being put to good use.

If someone pays through their credit card, then the scammer can easily hack their information.

Scammers and Inheritance

Scammers and Inheritance fb

There is no doubt that scammers before they steal money and information from people, do a little research. For example, if a user’s relative or a close family member has died, then scammers can easily find that out, before targeting them ever been trying to resolve this.

A scammer might contact a person, who has recently lost someone and tell them that he is an inheritance lawyer. Then the scammer will ask the person their social security number and bank details so that they can transfer money to them.

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Facebook users should remember that inheritance lawyers will never use Facebook messenger, to connect with their clients.

Loan Scammers

Loan Scammers

All scammers want is the personal information of a user, so that they can hack into their bank account or personal computer.

Some scammers offer people loans, with easy conditions. They contact Facebook users on the messenger and tell them about how they can use their loans for a better life not sure.

When users give out their personal information like social security number, and bank details, this is when the scammers steal their data. They hack into their bank account and steal all the money.

Video Scammers

Video Scammers fb

Scammers often impersonate a friend’s account, to lure users into opening dodgy links. For example, they might send a message to a user, using a clone account of their friend.

They will use Facebook messenger and tell the friend that they have spotted them in a YouTube video. The message will be followed by a link, and the user will click on it. He will be too tensed to check if it is their friend or not.

This is how scammers send viruses to hack computers.

Free Product Scams

Free Product Scams fb

Accounts might impersonate famous companies, who randomly message customers and offer them free products.

They might tell the customer how valuable they are for the company. Then they will ask for their address, and then somehow use that information for their good.

They can either sell this information to third parties or use it to hurt the user.

Can you send fake messenger messages?

You can chat and switch between fake WhatsApp chats and fake messenger. Type a message at the bottom of this screen to start a conversation. This message has been added to the conversation (below). For this conversation, drag and drop only the images you want to use.

Can I get a virus by opening a Facebook message?

Yes, you can As one of the most popular scams or viruses, the Messenger virus is considered one of the most vicious cyber attacks on Facebook. What this virus does is it sends the wrong link with deceptive messages to its Facebook friends via messenger.

Can you be hacked by opening a Facebook message?

If you have received a similar message through Facebook or MySpace and you have clicked on this link, you are at risk of a virus and your social site may be hacked. Other messages can read, “Your name” has sent you a message.

Can you be hacked by replying to a Facebook message?

If you reply to a message then you give them access to “friends” in your profile for a month. Nigerian scammers can then have identity theft or website accounts hacked using your personal information (mother’s first name, etc.).

Can a virus be sent via Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you can As one of the most popular scams or viruses, the Messenger virus is considered one of the most vicious cyber attacks on Facebook. What this virus does is it sends the wrong link with deceptive messages to its Facebook friends via messenger.


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