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How to Find my LinkedIn URL ( Cancel Premium Member )

LinkedIn is an incredible source of connecting professionals with colleagues, business acquaintances, and prospective employers.

On the whole, this website lets you make a publicly easy-to-get resume that highlights your finest work or give a summary of your credentials.


Moreover, LinkedIn helps in the expedition of job searching and career as prospective employers visit LinkedIn to be acquainted with your skills and qualifications, or even view the recommendations from your colleagues and clients.

Despite all this, it will also let all the professionals link with peers.

LinkedIn URL

To share your profile page with other users of LinkedIn or potential employers or even with those people on this site you are not connected with. It’s imperative to know the LinkedIn URL. Gratefully, LinkedIn enables its users to easily find out their distinctive profile URL.

So, you can share it with other persons, or you can embrace it with job applications, business cards, and email signatures, or for any other purpose, you might need it

As your genuine URL is inevitably assigned by LinkedIn and you can also customize your LinkedIn URL.

It will take only a few seconds to find your LinkedIn URL through your profile page and with the use of a couple of clicks.

Steps to figure out LinkedIn URL:

  • Firstly you need to go and Sign in with your username and password.
  • You can see the toolbar on the top of the LinkedIn home page screen, click on the Me icon which shows your profile picture, this will pop up a menu of options.
  • Scroll the menu and click “View Profile” to go to your profile page.
  • Once your profile page loads, click on Edit public profile & URL on the right bar.
  • Under this section, the Edit URL in the right bar, you can see your public profile URL.
  • It simply starts with www.linkedin.com/in. You can copy this link and share it with others.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

You can also change your original LinkedIn URL to stand apart from the crowd.

  • You need to click on the option of Edit Public Profile & URL.
  • This will lead to a new tab, click on the small pen icon for editing and writing the new URL you want for LinkedIn.
  • Then click Save to keep the changes.
  • After setting a new LinkedIn URL, you will get a message saying so. Follow here.

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Why is a Linked premium subscription worth paying?

As LinkedIn is a supporting free service for professional job aspirants and it persistently tries to upgrade your account to enjoy some benefits such as 5 InMail messages in a month, Applicant insight, additional job, and salary information, and resume builder, etc.

  • This upgrading is a premium subscription.

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How to cancel LinkedIn Premium?

If you want to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription, then you must be aware that you will lose all the premium features you are having with the premium account and you will return to your basic or free account.

It is important to note that you can only use a desktop or mobile browser to cancel your premium subscription.

Following are the steps you need to pursue.

  • Firstly, you need to click on the Me icon, with your photo at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Then from the dropdown menu select the Access My Premium option.
  • Go to the Manage Premium account option on the right bar.
  • By clicking on this, you will be redirected to subscription settings.
  • Under this Manage subscription tab, click on Cancel subscription.


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