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How to Cancel Twitch Prime Membership?

First of all, let me tell you what is twitch prime? It is a membership where the user can obtain free games, streaming video after 30 days subscription every month.

It also provides a space for discussion with strangers who play games, you can interact with them and become a friend through social media.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime?

cancel twitch prime

If you are bored with Premium Twitch and no longer want to use it then you can just cancel the membership without losing your Premium Twitch.

Well, your twitch account is connected to Amazon premium (I will explain how to link Amazon prime to twitch). You will need to sign out of Amazon Prime from your twitch account.


  • Firstly, you will need to log into the twitch account.
  • Click your profile in the right-hand corner of your screen.
  • You will see a configuration option and click it.
  • In a setting line, there will be a connection option; you need to click on it.
  • Disconnect the Amazon option.

This is how you cancel Amazon Prime without canceling Amazon’s premium membership itself. However, if your Twitch account is deleted, the Amazon Premium subscription will be automatically deleted. Best time to stream on Twitch in free of cost.

How to Link Amazon Account to Twitch?

Link Amazon Account to Twitch

  • If you already have an existing Premium account.
  • You can select your Twitch account.
  • Log in to your Amazon account, log in to your twitch account and click Submit.

How to use Twitch Prime Sub?

When you choose to subscribe to premium twitch, you will give about $4.99 for the subscription.

follow all subs

  • If you want to subscribe to a streamer, click on its profile and click the Subscribe button.
  • If this is your first time using the subscription, you will be requested to use it monthly or free of charge for one month.
  • Click Yes to subscribe to this streamer for a month, enjoy all the games and videos, and if you want to use it more, you may subscribe again.

Twitch lets you subscribe to any month or year you would like to subscribe to your streamer and you can disable the ads of Twitch also. For example, you may subscribe to a streamer for one year, and then you must subscribe again after one year.

If you like several streamers, you can subscribe to several streamers simultaneously.

Twitch lets you broadcast the game or any type of show as well and build your own multiple channels if you like.

The main benefit of subscribing is that allows you to help the streamer make really great content and it allows you to use emoji special channel.

Some streamers play with the subscription as well. Twitch chat is an incredible place to interact with people and enjoy content with other outsiders by canceling twitch prime membership.

  • It allows you to watch the same stream and interact with the streamer and others at the same time.
  • You can also gift on twitch.
  • You can send a gift subscription of any month or year you want to your friend or stranger.
  • For that, just click on the user profile, click on gift subscription and gift them subscription through your account.

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